Faith No More - Got That Feeling Lyrics

Got that feeling
Luck is just a little of it
Got that feeling
I can't stop winning

A to Z
Look what you're missing, as we speak
Your number's rising, take a peak
There's just enough to go around, get a piece
Your own little piece of hell

Got that feeling
Loving every minute of it
Got that feeling
I can't stop winning

Have a drink
A pot of coffee, cannot think
Too many friends here, just an inch
Between striking out and striking rich, just a risk
One I'll take and take again...

Got that feeling
Gotta bet a little of it
Got that feeling
I can't stop winning..
And start living

You can't borrow tomorrow

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Faith No More Got That Feeling Comments
  1. Bryan Dummett


  2. Justin Widle

    Faith No More +Black Flag x Messuggah = The Dillinger Escape Plan

  3. Timothy Derkson

    The album of the year is an autobiography so suck it....a through z

  4. Rusty Kuntz

    20 + years later sounds like this could have been a Dead Cross song (Patton & Dave Lombardo's project).

  5. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Fuck this is a gem!!

  6. Hugo Goulão

    the beginning looks like THE CRAMPS

  7. casey leedham

    what time sig is the verse?

  8. classic7890


  9. Adrian Veidt

    jazz metal

  10. nacho libre

    This song always pumps me up big time. Love it. Love Faith no More.

    Timothy Derkson

    nacho libre why

  11. pablo15-5

    drugs droga

  12. Theodorus Rex


  13. Fernanda Cortes


  14. 1RDP1

    Charlie Sheen ain't got shit on Faith No More.

  15. Zap Rowsdower

    No, this is NOT Charlie Sheen's song - because it's not overrated, it's not pissing me off and I don't want it to die!!!

  16. Alejandro Rivera Valdivia

    este es un gran disco , no entendido por todos , es un gran disco de faith no more

    Angry Talent

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo!!

    Javier Ramirez

    este es un disco entendidísimo por mí, y me alimenta hace dos décadas , mejor un almuerzo

    Javier Ramirez

    mejor QUE un almuerzo

    Everyday Deckienson

    Si, es un gran disco, pero al comparación con los otros con Mike Patton de vocalista, es mi último favorito.
    1. Angel Dust
    2. King For A Day
    3. The Real Thing
    4. Album Of The Year
    (No incluí el Sol Invictus porque en esa época no existía)

  17. hierba73

    stop the noisy fucking adverts that pop up
    love fnm wtf is going on youtube?

  18. SnoopyBunting

    Blah blah blah blah blah ! The end.

    Timothy Derkson

    SnoopyBunting shallow

  19. Diego Zamora

    I love 0:41

    Sound like this

    me too!!!!!!

  20. boogiechillen123

    @martiriobaby What 80's metal bands did FNM steal from???

    My Bloody Valentine never sold well so they are underated, considering the bands they influenced sold wayyyy more than them.

    The La's were a one hit wonder band.

  21. boogiechillen123

    @martiriobaby When people say FNM is underated its because they bands they influenced sold tons of records based on basically stealing what FNM was doing in the mid-nineties. Bands like Papa Roach and Korn sold huge numbers, while Album of the Year sold about 200k copies in the states.

  22. Tanya MacKenzie

    This is Charlie Sheens song.....WINNING!!!!!!

  23. LxPxRxPunk

    @martiriobaby youre right, but at the same time, that feeling of unappreciation(?) I guess comes from growing up and everyone being into GnR, Metallica and such, and not having the patience this band demands (and everyone just being familiar with Epic which would put them in the same level as sweet child o mine). But at the same time I began to enjoy being more elitist. long live Fantomas!!!

    Kris Michael

    LxPxRxPunk Ironically the first time I saw FNM they were opening for Metallica and GnR in '92 and I absolutely was there to see FNM over anyone else and there's saying a lot 🤘🖤🤘

  24. Rony Varas Barrera

    Preparandose pa´ mañana conchemimare!!!!

  25. Cioara8

    goddatfeelin' !!! :)

  26. Nane anilau

    they are, but lucky for us, we still have them and back on tour!!!! november 1st Argentina!!! Yeah baby!!!! FNM rules!!!!