Faith No More - Evidence Lyrics

If you want to open the hole
Just put your head down and go
Step beside the piece of the circumstance
Got to wash away the taste of evidence

Wash it away (evidence)

I didn't feel a thing
It didn't mean a thing
Look in the eye and testify:
I didn't feel a thing

Anything you say, we know you're guilty
Hands above your head, you won't even feel me

You won't feel me (evidence)

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  1. Marcela Salinas de castro


  2. Doris Hari

    So easy, so coooool

  3. tr we

    Introductory for smooth butt sex

  4. Esteban Andres Villanueva

    🙏🖤🎵 .... Nothing like it man, 👊🎵🎵😏

  5. ru niga

    это Совершенство

  6. Ed Drummerhands

    LOVE! this song. what happened to the bridge???????????????????????????????Ladies.. gota let your guy be him!!!!!

  7. Liah Ortiz

    Great Mike Patton... i Love you. The voice!

  8. Halen Mahia

    Does everyone just feel the same and melt when he sings

    jjwp 1988

    2:11 did it for me

  9. Amanda Stefanie

    Não sabia q o Matrix tmb era vocalista do faith no more 😍

  10. Laura Marie

    I felt everything 😏🤤

    jjwp 1988

    Us straight men did, too.

  11. Sofia Alvarez

    F*ck me forever Mike

  12. Brad Jewell

    Is that Mark Boone Jr? @3:36

  13. ThE-UnKO-LeMa

    This voice is underrated.

    It’s Mike isn’t it?

  14. Bella Bear

    The bass and drums in this song is pure sex. The guitar and piano and violin plus mikes voice. Perfect.

  15. Andre VDJ MIKELI

    Eu não sinto nada ! heheheee 2020 !

  16. jjwp 1988

    It's illegal to be this cool, Mike.

    Humphrey Smiggens

    Well that would make JJ Cale look like El Chapo

  17. Dude D haha Dinkli

    Of what

  18. Jose Rios

    The NEO sunglasses , crack !.

  19. Nicolas Buschmann

    Almost day by day

  20. marcin rychlewski

    official !

  21. marcin rychlewski

    carte vierge !

  22. carlos frith

    I believe its a song about he having a blowjob and some kind of numbness in his dick couldn´t feel a thing while he was being blown. So like he didn´t care shit cause he´s like selfish and don´t enjoy sex and relationship and like he´s like egocentric man telling to hide the evidence his sperm.

    Steven Stifler

    What? 😳😳😳😳😳

  23. Sandra Bianchi

    Su di lui erano belli persino i pantaloni con le pence😎

  24. Geago

    Back on tour in 2020 😋🍹

  25. kostas konstantakis

    You can be cool, but you can't be cooler than Patton sipping his drink here...

  26. Esteban Carballo

    I love that jazzy sound

  27. Gabriela Ojeda


  28. Leman Albert


  29. Ron S

    Bloody perfect and incredibly versatile voice. Not far from Bowie

  30. Johnny Oliveira

    Mike Patton looks like neo with those sunglasses hahaha

  31. Taryn Gesmundo

    Doesn't matter how tense I am or how much of a shit day I've had, this video never fails to relax me and put me in a really good mood.

  32. Arodal Oivle


  33. Elżbieta Stojecka

    Perfect gestures👍👌

  34. PostMitotic

    Cet album est fantastique...

  35. Yogi Destruct

    I wish I could just have faith no more as constant background music in my life, it lives in my head anyway

  36. Джон Смит

    Против дегенератов, наши ребята.

  37. Marcelo D'Angelo

    Fuckin' yessssssss a thousand times!!!!

  38. Saul Gusmão

    Evidência, evidência, evidência
    Tem o gosto de evidência , Evidente que sangue tenha gosto . OCULTISMO ? Antropologo !!

  39. lucky grisin

    Mí abuela con problemas de cadera se mueve más que Patton

  40. Rep Salt

    I'm a guy but i think I'm pregnant after watching this

    Rep Salt

    @Elżbieta Stojecka thanks i can confirm that i am pregnant

    shim diru

    Total understandable... I mean look at him and hearing him..... damn...

    Nix Moretta

    Oh my, what a guy lol 😂

    Rene Brown

    Holy shit..that's hilarious 🤣 That's the power of Patton...

    Nix Moretta

    @Rep Salt I think we are all having his babies lol 😂

  41. Conor Nolan

    Death to advertising

  42. randall scott burress

    This song goes real good while i'm drinking don't stop the dance brian ferry

  43. Bruno Sena


  44. M Giovanni

    I like FNM but I like Mr. Bungle better (is not for everybody you know what I mean)

  45. U. Adam

    geile Sound,- immer wieder...

  46. James Stewart

    Wash it away.👌

  47. N DK

    Why is no one talking about Puffy... kick ass drummer! And yes, I have been listening for 25 years

  48. Kokica Langarec

    Im pretty sure this video has some of the best comments.on youtube

  49. Aleksandra Płażewska-Tabor

    Years pass, songs come and go, and it still is one of my top 10 songs ever.

  50. jaroslav surmik

    DEDO O.K

  51. melissa wright

    coolest band EVER.
    end of story.

  52. dexm2010

    This is a cool song and knew Faith No More had their fans but I didn't think this video would get over 10 million views....damn!

  53. Magda D

    Awesome 👌😘

  54. Joseph G.


  55. luananaine 9

    My friend's interpretation of the song. I found it totally consistent.

    [1/11 13:01] Eduardo: "I didn't feel nothing"
    I didn't feel or feel nothing for the other person (relationship)
    I am not guilty or may even be I don't feel guilty.

    That meant nothing.
    It doesn't mean that I like you / we had a relationship.
    It doesn't mean anything, it's not proof enough to incriminate me.
    (police interrogating him and finding out about the crime)

    look in the eye and testify, someone testifying against him or the police himself, then he says look in the eyes and say that I am guilty.
    or him talking to the person, look me in the eye and say he doesn't like me.

    And the last one there is I'm not guilty, I don't feel guilty / I didn't feel anything for you.

    Anything you say, we know you're guilty
    Hands above your head and you won't even feel me

    Whatever you say, we know you are guilty.
    hands on your head or above your head and you won't even feel me.

    Whatever you say could be used against you, you are guilty and we know each other.
    Whatever you say, you like me and I know.

    Hands on your head and you won't even feel me.
    hmm in this part I think it's kind of literal hands on the head you won't even feel me.

    you won't feel me
    you will not feel me

    good was my interpretation, I couldn't tell if it was from a past relationship or one that
    I was starting in all cases I put both interpretations.
    [1/11 13:03] Eduardo: There was the part of the hole that would bury the body and head in something.

    To wash away this would be to hide feelings and to wash away blood and dirt from the police.

    ~Sorry for my English~
    [Portuguese to English]

  56. Flavio Candido

    hey mr. guitar player, what time is it?

  57. Jean Gaiard

    Faith no more es grande.. ahora mas grande por el apoyo al pueblo chileno!!! idolos!!!

  58. Иван Серов

    Было время...Ух.

  59. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Mike is a fucking genius. Always outside the box. His taste for music and style has no limits. You can't even place the guy in just one gener. He does it all.

  60. Adriano Antenor rodrigues

    E bom po

  61. SeT SeriouS

    Дядь Миша форева!

  62. Daniel Betancourt

    This sounds like if George Michael would end up in a band, very nice.

  63. Pvrali


  64. Sebastian U

    amazing bass guitar - it makes me feel really relaxed.

  65. Christopher Larson

    1.6 thousand don't know what a thumbs down means..


    French boy , my lovely rat.....where are you? I fooookin' miss you

  67. yeah love it hell yeah

    This song speaks a thousand words and 2019

  68. Борис троль

    охуеная музыка

  69. rully kurniawan


  70. tobias rydberg

    This is so so so good. And also look at him at 3,50 ;) real fighter.

  71. Akki

    Awesome 😝😝

  72. marisel vildosola

    Mike Patton, riiiiiico

  73. Dan Stoner

    Does anyone else think that Mike Patton looks like Gary Oldman in LEON at the the end of this video?? at exactly 3:38 (click there to see)

  74. Shashwat Srivastava

    This is the most chilled out song I've heard to this day.

  75. Sébastien G

    I find this single just perfect, it is just like I want when I listen to music

  76. S W

    greatest voice in Rock,mike is very ironic

  77. christopher mora chasco

    Una excelente banda...🙌🏼 Saludos

  78. Frederico Keyser

    Faith no more defy definition and flirt with pure musical genius on a regular basis that combined with the switchblade moves and persona of Mr. Patton makes for a sound and style unique in a sublime way..

  79. pietrogaap

    I wish I could be handsome and charming like Mike Patton.

  80. kenny198807

    What---Is----This---the real thing? This band is well versed!

  81. Тыщ Вдыщ

    Ты меня подвиг !

  82. Mr Maws

    I have a man crush on Patton.

  83. jason branson

    Your girlfriend and I are sleeping together.

  84. yeah love it hell yeah

    Still a smooth song

  85. Алексей Изотов

    Песня на в е чременя

  86. sr omar

    Puta banda bosta no pau

  87. sub karpaty

    szanowni państwo kochani moi to jest muzyka to chciałem powiedzieć


    God, I love this band. Tons of great songs but this one is probably my favorite..

  89. The Riff Writer

    I love Mike Patton but smooth jazz is the only form of music I don't like and no, I'm not leaving out any obscured tribal stuff or anything.

  90. Anthursan 5150

    This band sounds like Sade.......jazzy sound

  91. Adrian Asura

    Ugh....20+ people talking about how hot Mike Patton is, and only 2-3 talking about the quality of the music.

    You are the reason glam rock got so popular in the 80s.

  92. Birgit Mayfurth

    Love this song, the Sound, the Bass and Mike P, he looks so hot

  93. livy HHell

    My fucken fave

  94. Melissa May

    Think I just had an orgasm watching this haha 😂👅