Faith No More - Digging The Grave Lyrics

It would be wrong to ask you why
Because I know what goes inside
Is only half of what comes out
Isn't that what it's about?
It's about
To remind us we're alive
To remind us we're not blind
In that big, black hole

Digging the grave, I got it made

Let something in, or throw something out
You left the door open wide

I know you have a reason why
That knot is better left untied
I just went and undid mine
It takes some time
And the shadows so big
It takes the sun out of the day
And the feeling goes away
When you close the door

Digging the grave, I got it made

Let something in, or throw something out
You left the door open wide

Digging the grave, I got it made

Digging the grave, I got it made

Let something in, or throw something out?
You left the door open wide

And it's out of this world

Out of this world
Out of this world
Out of this world

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Faith No More Digging The Grave Comments
  1. Sam B

    Great film clip. sick song. nuff said. shut UP!

  2. Daniel ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    Winning eleven 11 😍

  3. Jari Liitola

    As chili clears your insides, this one does the same to your soul.

  4. Bruno Gomez

    Aqui, Argentina 🇦🇷.

  5. the woosp

    Most under rated drummer in rock

  6. Alice Hamphur

    Everithing turns Black.

  7. Faraz Korasani

    Swh in the blurriest part of my brain, I had stored a few foggy images of this music video from my childhood... took me some police work to find it. Maaan...

  8. shadowzone69

    And metalcore was no longer an underground sound.

  9. Monster Mike

    How many people thought that was Jim Martin But it's Dean Menta.

  10. J.R Duran

    Sim embrionário do que seria o nu metal de 98/00 , não a toa maioria das bandas desse estilo dizem que o faith no more seria o pai, principalmente por epic, mas essa do álbum de 1995 se aprofundou mais nesse estilo , nessa época o Korn já lançava A.D.I.D.A.S , e é uma das bandas que falam sobre o faith.

  11. chrisxdeboy

    What is this song about exactly? Like I kinda have some vague idea, but nothing I can put into words.

  12. Денис Панихин

    И что?

  13. David Gadea

    Thanks For All Faithnomorers !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!

  14. José Carlos Junior

    MTX Mototrax

  15. Eduardo Penedo

    Easily on Titãs Titanomaquia!

  16. Gary Thompson

    i did do and will really love faith no more

  17. Santiago Rodriguez

    Im here from winning eleven 11, I heard this song when I was 10-11 years old and now I'm 22 the years gone..

  18. Anne Patton

    Sir Patton at his best.

  19. Jack Brown

    This is my favorite Faith No More song

  20. David Bray

    No shit this is one of the most underrated bands I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. Even into the late 90's they still held it together, and made their best work, except for epic, which is epic as f obviously.

  21. Peter Sutherland

    Out of the world
    Covered in blood

  22. am3ient

    Ahhh this is still one of my favourite FNM albums. The sound of my late teens right here! 2019 and this song still sounds epic

  23. kakaistheman2007

    I remember this song was very famous at that time

  24. ary haryoko

    2019 still ditinggal \m/

  25. Ваха Ермаков


  26. Tomi Leppänen


  27. fer Palomovich

    Fome xd

  28. DeathmetalSe7en

    This song gets me.

  29. Diego A Secas

    this song sounds Lille 97th could've been composed 5 years ago yet it'll soon be 25 fucking years old

  30. lormendi

    Loved this song for years and I have zero goddamned idea what the lyrics are about.

  31. Евгений Должненко

    My love's song #1 in world rock bands!

  32. Misheard Lyrics

    0:33 digging the grave
    I got a face

  33. Lazy Holl0W

    Am I the only one who's getting strong Foo Fighters vibes from this song?

  34. tnightwolf

    One of their most underappreciated musics ever.

  35. CALH

    Alan Smithee

  36. Julius Holm

    Is this the one Beavis and Butt-Head didn't like?

  37. No to ukrainian fascism

    all respect from Russia to FNM! second grunge band of 90th after "Nirvana" imao ofcourse )

  38. bumpy macaroon

    Back in the day I never noticed Roddy was on guitar duty for this track

  39. djdj1204

    Wow don't remember it being so heavy

  40. Aga Muzy

    Oooooooooooo oo oo oooooooooo oooo 🤘🖤

  41. Thiago Luís Coutinho

    The voice of this guy is out this world! I love him! And this tune is really badass! A very underrated album and band...

  42. Pearly

    Their music makes me feel soooo grateful I lived through such an awesome era in music. Fortunate to have seen them perform live. I was in awe of such genius performances. Love this band, then... and now. Sheer underrated brilliance!! 🙌🏽💟💦

  43. Dardo Paz

    Me gusta

  44. Lord Louis III

    Such an underrated Band

  45. inphanta

    This song needed Roddy's keys. Without them, it really sounds like something important is missing.

  46. jake flake

    Try playing this on the drums!

    Dennis Van den Broeck

    This is the first song I tried to play on the drums when I was a beginner...digging the grave, I got it made :-)

    jake flake

    not true

  47. Jorge A. Herbozo

    when I think in suicides, this song comes to my mind :(

  48. ninjapower

    вот на ком учились System Of A Down

  49. Fred Neumayer

    Pattton... what a guy



  51. Густаво Эльхе


  52. Sandokan marijana

    2:05 thats the way i like it!!

  53. Андрей Д.

    I listen today

  54. Андрей Д.

    over drive!

  55. wálter Açosta.ç,ha

    Gran cancion de las pocas buenas de faith no more

  56. Elisa Zapata

    Pes 2012

  57. leo alfaro

    Chileno por acá

  58. Karen Kosciuch

    Why are there 2 guitarist in this video? Is it Trey and Dean? So confused.

  59. Mito CoDoo

    high school musical 1997

  60. Anne Patton

    Any doubts Patton has the best set of vocals out there yet?

    jake flake

    No the best and underated.

  61. randall scott burress


  62. mantinicca1

  63. Someone Passing By

    Mike Patton never gets Pattoff.

  64. Black fyre

    Mike is a damn genius!! Fantomas, Mr bungle...... Bloody brilliant!!!

  65. cathybelle81

    I was OBSESSED with this song and video when it came out! I so wanted to get the same pants but we never had any $ 🙄

  66. Rafael Tavares

    What a voice!

  67. James Mac Oisdealbhaigh

    One of their heaviest and best songs by far..

  68. Matthew Rawlings

    Why has this freakin awesome anthem only got 1.4M views??? Beggars belief man! Should be 24M!!! I remember buying this album on cassette back in the day, and this track just blew me away man! Come on peeps more views!

  69. Charlie Phelps

    Winning Eleven 11

  70. Mark Arandjus

    Wait they made a video for this?? SWEET FIND!

  71. Rex Sexson

    I love this song! I use to have this CD.

  72. Amanda Pach

    Mi favorita de FNM

  73. Élune S

    It's good ^^

  74. Joseph Mondelli's Mad, Mad, Music World

    I feel Trey Spruance doesn't get the recognition he deserves. His guitar parts worked perfect on this album. Such a phenomenal player.


    Joseph Mondelli's Mad, Mad, Music World Any Bungle fan would appreciate the shit out of him 😉👍

    Chris McCarthy

    This. One of my fave albums and a shame he didn't even tour this record.


    Chills Still

  76. chop peon


  77. Zubba Zubba

    Sumkindashit. Should ya boyz Listen boys to Corrosion of Metal

  78. hatchet rachet

    i wish all there songs were like this.

    Cynthia Jones

    Would not be FNM if that were true, would just be like any other band which is not what FNM is about.

  79. N. Kolev

    Belongs in a Pro Skater Soundtrack.

  80. jan vanderlief

    Beavis & Butthead clowned them so good on this video

  81. wellby5000

    Greatest vocalist ever ......period

  82. doug pinnick 37

    Quelle putain d'énergie whaou !!!!

  83. beguncic77


  84. Alexandria Band

    Hi Guys, I’m a big fan of FNM and this kind of metal. I’d like to invite you to my channel to listen first demo truck of my band. I hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

  85. Marco Galaviz

    Beavis and Butthead anyone?😂

    Jesse Ling

    "They've got a new look. And a new sound"

  86. martinloud77

    Sentenced Version is nearly better !!! \\m// ^^....

  87. KEN the BLOWDOLL

    MIKE PATTON FOR MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE PLIZ ! we have enough of queer kings and other corrupted jokes !

  88. Gladiador Andrade !!

    1995 !!

  89. Geoffroy Sorine D'Aillaud de Caseneuve

    just for fun, create a new song call : Digging Your Grave MotherKiller and FuckYourself, SHUT UP and WALK, maybe it's too long but in this time of choosen ignorance we must to be EXACT, to give sense to your next song of my boring day :EVIDENCE, take this message as one

  90. Geoffroy Sorine D'Aillaud de Caseneuve

    i'm fed up to dig other's grave, each one his/her dying hole please......sign the death scarecrow lover!

  91. LIL WILL

    lo mejor de winning eleven

  92. kollegatto superstar

    damn ragigin' 90s!

  93. Ezidio Alves

    Bons tempos,quando um jovem sujo e cabeludo ficava o dia inteiro na frente da MTV vendo essas obras primas!