Faith No More - Collision Lyrics

My mission

When the dawn breaks
With a handshake
Relaxed and feelin' great

Screeching...head on
I'm needing a head on

All the day's plans
All the shaking hands
Beepers and suntans

Screeching...head on
I'm needing a head on

My mission

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Faith No More Collision Comments
  1. Daz Lilley

    still here in 2019....November

    Mr Bungle

    January 2020 bro👍😎

  2. tom c

    2:59 when you catch your pinky toe on the coffee table.......

  3. Sonic Therapy

    One of the greatest opening tracks ever. First listen to AOTY punches your soul like a blow from Patton’s pipes themselves.

  4. Booker Pound

    The bassline in the verses

  5. Felipe sepulveda sepulveda

    ....GREAT. ...DESDE EL 66. SIGO A .ESTOS PRO. G.F.U......

  6. steven milstead

    I believe the notion of this song is the same as the movie Fightclub.

  7. Nikita Lane

    lot of the really cool sounds in this song that sound like guitar are
    actually keyboard string sounds running through a [Tech 21] SansAmp. You
    can really mangle keyboard sounds with a SansAmp; you can get some
    amazing dark, ugly textures.""The
    odd rhythmic element in the verses. was written by our new guitar
    player. The verses are built around a 4+6/10 riff, and the choruses are a
    straight 4/4. The Spanish-speaking voices you hear later in the song
    are from a short-wave radio. That was Patton's idea. He has a short-wave
    he takes on tour. I've got one too, and you can get some really cool,
    eerie stuff. I noticed on the Nine inch Nails record they used a little
    bit of that too." - Bill Gould 1997


    Nikita Lane Awesome!! Thank you for sharing this!!

  8. Alexander Sarmiento Alache


  9. Anne Patton


  10. Tim Balch

    apply directly to forehead


    omg why

  11. Ken Smith

    Collision. Head up. Beepers & Suntans.

  12. melissa wright

    seen this tour in a club in stl. fukin awesome.....

  13. Michael Colby

    The real thing

  14. Den Wol

    They need to make one more record.

    Rod GS

    They already did.


    and now one more (pls)

  15. downvan77

    Awesome tune! Saw them on this tour in 97' Killer show!

  16. chris whittle

    why isnt this the most watched video this is the first and best song of this cd! maybe i lied maybe its not the best but damn good!!!

  17. George McDaniels

    what is being said in the background during the interlude?
    I can only make out hello little pig

  18. 8Zeitgeist

    i could use a head on

  19. mc55117

    one of the most underrated albums ever

    Derek White

    All their stuff was over looked, 99.7 the blitz won't even play Faith No More for Metal Shop for the masses.

    Brian Loher

    The blitz ,huh?.
    Is there a significant reason you mentioned the Blitz.
    I don't know what it is but if it doesn't play Faith No More it's not even worthy of mentioning