Faith Hill - The Lucky One Lyrics

So hot outside all i can wear
Is these cut off overalls
And these sandals on my feet
But i emptied my pockets for a bus ticket
So i could sit there on a broken seat
I got no place i should go
I got no worries you know
Second or seventh street
It doesn't matter to me

'cause you're mine
That's all i need to know
The sunshine's everywhere we go
It's so right cause i've got you to hold
Every night yeah
I'm the lucky one
I'm the lucky one

Well i pulled back down to my upstreet apartment
And the air never works in that old place
Twenty-seven and i thought i'd be further along
Than just this rented space
I got no papers to read
I got no cable tv
And i got no places to be
I got no people to meet


I'm on a roll
When i'm with you
Don't stop me now
I just can't lose


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Faith Hill The Lucky One Comments
  1. KowboyM

    Sets the setting of spring and summer, just joy all around! Way to go Faith😃

  2. Shirley Morales

    faith Hill can I ask you to be my godmother and Tim Mcgraw can be my godfather I want to meet you in person I can sing country music I want to be a country singer I can sing with you on stage aunt faith love your hopefully goddaughter Shirley morales 🎤🎶🎶

  3. roochuckyroo


  4. Matthew George

    Amen love faith and tim mcgraw

  5. bluecollar60423

    Great song!!

  6. Shirley Morales

    faith hill can I ask you to be my godmother and tim Mcgraw can be my godfather I can sing country music i want to meet you in person I want to be a country singer i can sing with you on stage aunt faith love your hopefully goddaughter shirley morales 🎤 🎶 🎶

  7. Richard Kruk


  8. Matthew George

    Great song , Great Lady

  9. Gilles Mathieu

    great ...very good

  10. Richard Kruk

    Nothing Wrong with having a Nice Bum.

  11. Charlene Nixon

    faith hill is my favorite female artist. love her positive energy and her love songs she's amazing...her lyrics always have been my favorite...

  12. Charlene Nixon

    faith hill is my favorite female artist. love her positive energy and her love songs she's amazing...

  13. Alexis Zareck

    I am your big fan faith hill 😊😍😍😍🤥😍

  14. Richard Kruk

    Were very Lucky!

  15. Alisa

    One of the happiest songs I have ever listened to x

  16. Scott Burnia

    love this song

  17. Playboy Casanova

    The Lucky One is one of Faith Hill's most underrated songs ever. Solid tune.

  18. Bird

    Is it me or does she look anorexic.

  19. Courtney Puzzo

    this was the third single from Fireflies released January 17th 2006 days after the album was certified double platinum It peaked at #5 on the chart dated May 6th 2006 the next single sunshine and summertime peaked at #7 on the chart dated September 2nd 2006 the albums last single Stealing Kisses peaked at #36 on the chart dated December 2nd 2006 making 5 top 40 singles at country for the album in a year and a half from release of first single Mississippi Girl to peak of last single Stealing Kisses where as her self titled 1998 album Spawned 5 top 15 singles 2 #1's a #3 a #4 and a #12 those peaks were May 16th 1998 August 22nd 1998 December 12th 1998 April 17th 1999 and September 18th 1999 she's pregnant with her and Tim's second daughter Maggie in the first two videos This Kiss and Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me a duet with Tim

  20. ToyManFlyer1100

    TIM McGRAW -YOU ARE A LUCKY SOMMABITCH!!!!! IF you EEEEVVVEEERRRR get tired of this super sexy hottee, I'll be more than happy to take her off your hands. Yeeaahhh, you are the lucky one!!!!!

  21. xman870096

    Faith Hill a beauty for the ages.....

  22. zagi60


  23. Lexi Laios

    faith. hill. rocks.

  24. BevAnn

    favorite song and love the Feel Good of this song, always puts me in a great mood!!! Faith is great!!! 🍀 😁

    Lexi Laios

    +BevG181 it's a good favorite song of hers to have. mine is this kiss.

  25. John Viveiros909


  26. Dave Wollenberg

    Born Audrey Faith Perry. Faithy, you sang like a Britisher, when you dropped your r's, after the vowel sounds. You're NOT British, you're a Mississippi girl!

    Motherhood Adventures

    @Dave Wollenberg It doesn't matter. I'm not British and sometimes I sound British when I sing. It's not like she's trying to, just like I don't try to. It's something that just happens.

    Dave Wollenberg

    @P.J Halliwell  I guess. I'd rather enunciate my r's, after the vowel sounds.

    Motherhood Adventures

    Yeah that makes sense.

    Dave Wollenberg

    @***** They do! They think to sing with diction, they HAVE to sound British!

  27. emiillyy13

    Queen come back to us

    Rajaysh Paal

    I am TUSHAR

  28. FiNtOlGaNo MeSo

    ~*Beautiful voice and,...lovely beat and lyrics... Fine job, Faith...;-)))~

  29. Darryl Planck


  30. Larry Crook

    The most beautiful female artist inside and out! 

  31. jwc2374

    true artist at work........................

  32. vjmlhds

    He is one lucky son of a...that's for sure.

  33. Kris Fuerst

    In my Eyes Faith is Queen of Country!!

    Elaine Miguel

    Tim McGraw yes you're the Lucky one stay handsome and Faith Hill good work and and stay beautiful and successful in the Best of Country Music Videos legend of women in Country Music

  34. TheSofieox

    This song coincides with Taylor Swift's The Lucky One really well, because she's saying she's got no duties of work etc, which is part of what Taylor's song is about.

  35. Светлана Мальцева

    Фэйт супер!!! Обожаю её ***

  36. Dont Bother

    I love this song, it's been six years since I said I do. I'm the lucky one.

  37. vitalyziggy1982

    The best song on Fireflies.

  38. Ken Grills

    WOW... song ain't bad either !!!

  39. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #20 song of '06. God bless you, sister Faithy!

  40. Darryl Planck

    Faith is # 1

  41. Lu H

    great feel-good, summer song

  42. renee franks

    i love faith she absolutely amazing !

  43. Cyrus Carlson

    yeah cuz kidz bop ruins everything!

  44. Game2DNofTime

    OMG been searching for who sing thihs sone forever!

  45. Shirley Lockridge

    ya gotta have faith,my biggest fan

  46. priscilla chaffin

    i wish i was as pretty at faith hill

    SweetPea 4EVER!

    priscilla chaffin but you Already are prettier than FaithHill!

  47. Harley Marie

    Been listening to Faith since i was little!! :) More likely in the single digits, now that i'm in the double digits, i'm still listening to her!! I LOVE HER!!!! <3

  48. Donald L. Marshall

    The unique character of her voice is well projected in this recording.

  49. Juliet Basalan

    ur the best faith hill,,,i love all ur songs,yah your ryt ur the lucky one.

  50. spange

    @pradosgirl14 Yes, yes they do. They sing wrong lyrics and take out parts!
    I hate them. (Bursts into flames)

  51. Kitty

    @tazira1 kidz bop ruins everything.

  52. Anna Dunham


  53. Dave Wollenberg

    Audrey Faith hit #5 in '06. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

  54. leonard matthews

    wow she is defintely one of the greatest country singers ever

  55. FrekeOne

    @skyrules177 Alison Krauss:

  56. Thepurplemonkey131

    @skyrules177 try Taylor Swift's songs :)

  57. Maliha Hansen

    She is SO beautiful and what a voice :D

  58. aeonjoey

    she's simply beautiful

  59. jorge alberto

    I love this girl and her voice

  60. mmfalls

    Tim McGraw is the LUCKY ONE!

  61. mmfalls

    Tim McGraw is the LUCK ONE!!

  62. mrbucket75

    Amazing progression on the chorus.

  63. Antonio Polo

    yeah ...!! .. love this song ... I´m the lucky one .... thank´s for country music

  64. Jordan Harbour

    she's beautiful...

  65. kwpbmore

    I like how in some of the casual clips her slight overbite is visible. Makes her so real and normal

  66. Brandi Shelton

    she is beautiful from the inside out

  67. Pachachii

    No offense to anyone who likes Kidz Bop...
    Kidz Bop ruins every song they sing..

    I loove this song ♥ Faith Hill is one of my favorite singers :)

  68. SuperAmp18

    @tazira1 They ruin all the good songs!

  69. leonard matthews

    wow she truly have the voice of an beautiful angel when she sing so wonderful that I could listen to her sing all day

  70. azna surna

    I love very much this song

  71. Angel Tyler

    Perfect song for such a sunny day. And I feel all the words! :) Love you, Faith....

  72. leonard matthews

    wow you truly have the voice of a beautiful angel .

  73. spange

    wow, i luv this song! when kidz bop sung, i think they ruined it.