Faith Hill - Let's Go To Vegas Lyrics

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Kiss the single life good-bye
Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Bet on love and let it ride

Lyin' on the bank of the river
Stars are dancin', Lord it's hot
Holdin' you is what I live for
I just had a crazy thought

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Kiss the single life good-bye
Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Bet on love and let it ride

We'll find a little wedding chapel
A pair of rings and a preacher too
Underneath the neon steeple
We'll take a gamble and say "I do"

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Kiss the single life good-bye
Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Bet on love and let it ride

Viva Las Vegas, sparklin' lights
Dangerous livin', tumblin' dice
You're my ace in the hole now honey
And I'm your lady luck
Pack a few things and a little money
And put 'em in the truck

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Kiss the single life good-bye
Hey baby, let's go to Vegas
Bet on love and let it ride

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Faith Hill Let's Go To Vegas Comments
  1. Nathan Donnelly

    I love the opening rhythm of this song. It's hard not to line dance to this song.

    Dave Richardson

    Faith Hill looked hot in this video man , her pants are quite shiny

    Nathan Donnelly

    Dave Richardson Oh I've noticed, her pants...that's sort of a weakness.If you like women in Leather Pants, you should watch Lee Ann Womack's video for Ashes by Now and one of Jo Dee Messina's music videos. I forgot which video it is but dang...

    Dave Richardson

    @Nathan Donnelly Shania Twain wore leather pants in her You Win My Love video , Jo Dee Messina I'm Alright, the question is , who wore them the best Nathan ?

    Nathan Donnelly

    I'm going to say Lee Ann Womack

  2. Tanya Hanna

    Hey Baby let's go to Vegas I am plotting to kill you on my vacation it's a standard killing spot for women my great grandmother killed my grand daddy in Vegas he fell for it so will Tim... I got the poor fool where I want him.. women interpretation of song!

  3. Kristal Price

    90!!s country was the best😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👧😊😊jan 22..2020 friday

  4. Raul Maldonado

    Who still listen to this 2020

  5. William Putnam

    This is country!

    Dave Richardson

    She looked good in this video, her pants distract me lol

  6. Christopher Lordon

    Still remember this video when it first came out. Love this song. It's what made me a Faith Hill fan😍💐.

    Dave Richardson

    I agree with u man , and yeah I tell u what , faith hill was hot as hell in this video , them shiny pants shes got on ! Omg !

    Christopher Lordon

    @Dave Richardson
    Know exactly what you're talking about😍.

  7. Cynthia Corcoran

    Royal air at seven years old Soprano Cynthia Corcoran. Alamater at eleven years old

  8. Cynthia Corcoran

    My recorded SOUND cloud streaming this century and silver lining.

  9. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Sopranio Ordained Minister Royal air at seven years old Cynthia Corcoran UN. Child star actor.

  10. Blanca Rojas

    Listening in 2019

  11. Terry Mize

    Love this song! That backup singer is fantastic!

  12. Laura Mac Lean Gray

    💋 xoxo

    Dave Richardson

    She looked hot in this vid

  13. jetclntn

    Great song and video I love Faith Hill

    Dave Richardson

    She looked hot in this vid

    Dave Richardson

    Them pants of hers are so distracting 😊😋 !

  14. Juanita Buron


    Dave Richardson

    Her pants distract me

  15. Michael Kilgore

    The Ho just got finer with age.

    Dave Richardson

    Her pants in this video have always distracted me

  16. Ben Shavers

    Country music needed a barbie doll so... Faith Hill

    Dave Richardson

    She looked so hot in this video man

    Dave Richardson

    Her pants distract me

    Ben Shavers

    @Dave Richardson
    Yeah she looked completely flawless and hot

  17. Cory Nielsen

    If Elvis Presley was alive I think he would love this song.

    Dave Richardson

    I thought faith looked so hot in this video

  18. greg moering

    Is that Scott Grove on lead guitar?

    Dave Richardson

    Idk but dude I thought that Faith looked hot as hell in this video

    greg moering

    Dave Richardson, can’t argue with you on that! Smokin’ HOT!!

    Dave Richardson

    @greg moering those shiny pants still distract me to this day ever since I first saw the video in the 90s lol , leather pants look hot on women I think, very hot ! U agree ??

  19. Nicole Hughes

    Love these songs!!!!!!

    Dave Richardson

    Me 2 , I've always loved this song it's so catchy and the video is cool , faith hills pants are so shiny in this video lol , she looks sexy

    Dave Richardson

    What u think of Faith's pants ?

    Dave Richardson

    Faith's pants are quite shiny

  20. Shari Crocker

    Hmmm, you're my ace in the hole, and I'm your lady luck.

    Dave Richardson

    What u think of faiths shiny pants ? I cant stop staring at them Haha!

  21. Jennifer Pryor

    Happened she move I want you

  22. Mika Rissanen

    I love this song. Can you anybody explain why her song " life is too short" has been so down with some thumbs up. I was shocked when I tracked her song and found it only two with so low numbers like 1 and 3 . Is this song banned? I absolutely loved this song " life is too short" What happened with this song? Even herer in Finland many friends liked that song. Something must be wrong that this song has only one follower.

  23. Joseph Clasen

    Was this still back in the days she went as Audry Perry?

    Dave Richardson

    No by the time this song came out she was known has Faith Hill and yeah I tell ya what this is one of my favorite songs and videos of hers cause it's such a catchy tune and may I also say that her pants are quite shiny in this vid! 1.41

  24. Christopher Quan

    When did this song come out??? This is old school. I like it.

    Dave Richardson

    Christopher Quan 1995 man , and yeah I can't stop staring at her pants in this vid lol

    Christopher Quan

    Dave Richardson I know those are some nice pants, lol. Sexy looking no doubt.

  25. Mika Rissanen

    This catchy song drives me grazy after I played this song after 7 yrs. So catchy "hey baby lets go to Vegas"

    Dave Richardson

    Mika Rissanen. I can't stop staring at her pants in this vid

  26. Lauren Wyrick

    This song and Piece Of My Heart are my two favorite songs but the very beginning of this was cut off I'd prefer the entire song if you don't mind

    Dave Richardson

    Lauren Wyrick. I like all of faiths videos and songs , and what I like about this video is her outfit here

  27. Craig Pierson

    Sounds like Chattahootchee.

    Dave Richardson

    Craig Pierson. It kinda does yeah ! Lol yeah it does , but it is still a good song and it is also a good video, I like that outfit she wore in the video

  28. Brooke B

    When i was 6 i sang my annoying voice out to this song on karaoke with my grandma

  29. Best Price

    Freedom say yes!!!

    Dave Richardson

    Best Price. Ive always loved this song and video , man she was so hot back in the day ! Those pants on her man

  30. Leanne Gray

    I've always loved you

  31. Leanne Gray

    Please Baby

    Dave Richardson

    Leanne Gray. I've always loved this song an video , and i must say that those pants faith has on are quite shiny!

  32. Isabel Nelson

    ive always loved this video it's so colorful and looked fun 2 make and i always loved faiths shiny black pants in the vid !

  33. Nick Seibert

    i can't stop staring at her shiny pants

  34. Lucho Quintana

    Chief Lumpkin Joseph I want you come see me if you ever get time to come see me I'll be happy to see you by yourself

  35. Jimmy K

    I was 5 years old in my parents old car on the way to day care. I fell in love with Faith Hill.

    Stephen Nicholas

    James Kelly. i love faith hill too man , i like those shiny pants shes wearing in this vid, i thought she looked hot in em

  36. Charles Reed

    I was in 5th grade when this came out, remember my dad playing this song riding in a 92’ Ford F-150 driving up to the country to go fishing.

    Nick Seibert

    Charles Reed man that sounds cool but yeah whemever i see this video on tv or on here i cant stop staring at her shiny black pants in this vid lol

  37. Tim Turner

    This song is amazing I love this song Faith hill does a good job on this song

    Nick Seibert

    Tim Turner whenever i watch this video or when it comes on tv i couldn't stop looking at her shiny black pants lol

  38. Chris Cornelius

    The band is good. Faith Hill was hot.

    Stephen Nicholas

    Chris Cornelius i always liked seeing her in those shiny pants when this vid came on back in the day

    Dave Richardson

    I've always liked how she looked in this video

    Dave Richardson

    Those pants are so distracting

  39. randy jones song is is really good stuff..nash.gave up on her too fast..I like her stuff..talented.rj

    Stephen Nicholas

    randy jones the thing I like about this video is the outfit she has on !


    randy jones Meh. She gave on on Nashville when she and Tim went Hollywood.

  40. Devina Bharat

    Lovely song hope i can sing it

  41. mixgup

    Mccarren Airport put me on

  42. Chelsie Pierson

    I wish I could go to Las Vegas

    Joseph Ellsworth

    Chelsie Pierson i live hear

  43. Léo de paulo


    Stephen Nicholas

    Léo de paulo. them pants are quite shiny on her 💘

  44. Stormy Davis

    All time favorite Faith Hill song!!!
    LONG past time that she release a DVD of her music videos!

    Stephen Nicholas

    Stormy Davis those pants she's wearing sure are shiny , their is 2 another videos with better picture quality

  45. Matt Kole

    What a song eh ?

  46. The Man

    Baby lets go to vegas and get shot and killed by enjoying country concert!

  47. Jeffrey Hopper

    Love her

    Leanne Gray

    Jeffrey Hopper do you love me

  48. Martin West

    Still a douchebag...

  49. Robin Brickner

    I love to sing this song at karkoe

  50. Stephen R

    I remember back in August 1995 we had a severe thunderstorm one afternoon and we went with my mom to the grocery store (for whatever reason she still decided to go in that storm) and this song was playing as we were pulling in the parking lot, and it was a wind driven downpour lol. Heard it on the radio today and it brought me back to that day. =P

    tiffany rue

    Ryan who firmly fynd

  51. Tessa Dunn

    GREAT now i want to go to Las vegas

  52. Jenna Daniel

    I like the shiny pants she is wearing

  53. Jenna Daniel

    I love her and her music and I love those vinyl pants she is wearing 😁😁👍👍

  54. Ciara Buck

    This is my all time favorite song

  55. Stephen Nicholas

    love those pants

  56. doug robinson

    now theres an idea. im coming. love this song.



    Stephen Nicholas

    STEVE LATARTE. yeah and I tell ya man I thought she looked hot in this vid , those pants make the video I think

    Leanne Gray

    STEVE LATARTE yes I know


    didn't use to like country but after listening to cash do now

  59. Kenny Wiley

    I miss this country

  60. Louisette Paradis

    Good countrygirl

    Dave Richardson

    Louisette Paradis. Hey what u think of Faiths pants ?

  61. xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure


  62. Andres rodriguez andrades

    nunca he conocido una mujer tan guapa

  63. The Extreme Diamond

    I don' t like this song.

  64. knapper2000

    The female guitar player looks pretty hot.


    Looks like Stewart's mom from MadTV :D


    Karen Staley is the hot female guitar player. Looks hot as Faith!


    She wrote this song.

  65. Wendy Joy Ford

    Is it just me, or is she channeling Dolly Parton here?

    DJ Pho3nix

    rofl i was just thinking that, like what's dolly parton doing in this? Awesome song, grew up with it

    Joseph Clasen

    I think she was still going as Audry Perry at this time.

    Ben Shavers

    Yeah and she sings this song great. 5 years later though pure shit.

    tiffany rue

    Wendy my mom son dance song for years and years and years

    tiffany rue

    love ti. Mom and Johnson

  66. Tubes12AX7k

    Love the two-stepping feel to this song and definitely miss country songs like these.

    Cody B

    I'm with you there

  67. xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure


  68. johnny thunder23

    I love faiths outfit for this video an I love this song as well I member being 4 watching this in 1996 when cmt was good

  69. Lynne Pohler

    Im 24 so i guess that means i was probably 3-4 1st time i saw this video on the livingroom tv 😍💓💕💞

  70. SilverStar_Gaming

    I personally didn't mind it.

    johnny thunder23

    she looks good in those Shiny PVC Pants dam!

    johnny thunder23

    yea I don't mind this song either but I'd rather listen to it in Vegas lol

  71. SilverStar_Gaming

    My mom HATED this song! Haha... she said it was too old country .. she was a Waylon Jennings fan. Passed in 2010, loved her some Waylon though.

  72. blind poet38

    she looked her best in that video....

    blind poet38

    @Nick Seibert
    Well, you can't argue with facts..;)

    Dave Richardson

    blind poet38. I totally agree with u man , whenever i watch this video , i cant take my eyes off them pants she's wearing

  73. Lynne Pohler

    One of my few favorites of faith hill I absolutely love everything about this video i loved the black leather pants with the white and black leather pants outfit she was wearing she looks amazingly beautiful in this video too and i love this song i play it all the time on my phone and grew up watchin this video and listenin to the song. 💓💕💞

    johnny thunder23

    love this song as well as you this is 1995 and I was only 3 that year an I'm 23 now

    ciara buck

    this is my favorite song she did..... it makes me smile every time i hear it.

  74. Robyn Howell

    The only real country song she ever sang.

    Krista Morris

    +Alexandra “Lexi” Laios hi love this song too I love it too

    Lexi Laios

    from the nineties country has always been pop with a twaing. so taylor swift is definitely country. even songs off 1989 lean towards it. country is part pop these days. I mean if you've ever listened to her songs they are obviously county music

    Krista Morris

    Hi my name is krista I love you too

    Krista Morris

    Do you like me too I will alwys love you too

  75. communistjesus

    01:38   !!!DANGGGGGGG!!!  Country girl was hot...

    Krista Morris

    ha I know she sings good I love he song to babe

    Daryl Smithfield

    +Krista Morris hey what u think of faiths shiny pants in this vid ? yeah she is a great singer

  76. DubleDeuce

    WHY do I like the Elvis character? A bit over the top but was the King.

    Keyth Danielsen

    DubleDeuce Marty Allen was a nice addition, too. I always thought he was so funny.

  77. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #82 song of '95survey year. Born Audrey Faith Perry. She hit #5 in Billboard, 10-21-95. God bless you, Faithy! Bless you, countryback, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

    Dave Wollenberg

    @Nick Seibert Eh. could be!

  78. xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure

    Luv this

  79. spicy.chick23

    When faith hill was good used to love listening to her

    Ben Shavers

    Yeah she was damn good but she's terrible now

    Evelyn Wilhelmson

    @Ben Shavers Why, you mean her voice is no good?

  80. northrockboy

    anytime your free Faith I'm in  forget McGraw he don't score goals lol


    all right
     I GET IT lol!

    Nick Seibert

    Faith turns me on in the video for let's go to vegas cause of those pvc pants she is wearing she looks fantastic in them .what u think ?

    Daryl Smithfield

    I miss seein faith do the football intro on nbc , her last intro for the Sunday night games was the 2013-2014 nfl season

    Daryl Smithfield

    I love her shiny pants in this

    Stephen Nicholas

    I would have loved to see up close in that outfit man ! I couldn't stop staring at them pants she wore lol

  81. lisa wilson

    love this song


    @lisa wilson love this song <<< Wait, what?? huh.. WTH.. What the Heck?? a walkin talkin HUSKEY .. !!!DANG!!! Huskies like old Faith Hill songs... Call me shocked XO).. In all seriousness, Faith was great in this video..

    xxxblasted77 aka Sonic Pressure

    me 2 it's #sogood

  82. Donna Inkin

    great song

  83. George M

    Hello Dere!  it is so good to see Marty Allen appear in this video.  Very good work!

  84. nictasia

    Lord, I love this video!

    Daryl Smithfield

    hey me 2 man and hey what u think of faith in those shiny pants ?

  85. boildpeanuts


  86. boildpeanuts

    80's (well, late 80's/early 90's) style country totally rocked!

  87. cronin098

    When I was younger, I thought it was "Hey, baby, let's suck on my penis." It took me a while to realize it doesn't even make any sense.

    Stephen Nicholas

    cronin098. oh yeah man I know what u mean , yeah whenever I watch this video I can't get my eyes off them pants she has on here 💘

  88. Lorraine Dalu

    A nice upbeat song by Faith.

  89. dustyinthevalley

    Love this song! My favourite gambling song ;)

  90. BMfan4eva

    lol me too. 90s country and early faith hill songs rock

  91. BMfan4eva

    21k views?!?! wtf ppl SHARE AWAY classic Faith

  92. Saxon Webb

    DId she do a video for Someone Else's Dream?

  93. Stacie Meyer

    I grew up to this song. I use to dance around the house to this song with my mom. I really miss it.

  94. AeroNevin

    This song is such a legend! Makes your heart so happy!! FAITH U RULE!!!

  95. Anthony0441

    I love the shiny pants that Faith is wearing this video.

    Stephen Nicholas

    Chevy SS 4 Fan. I know man me 2 , I couldn't stop looking at them man

    Stephen Nicholas

    I wish I could have seen her in person in that outfit , I would've have a hard on

    Stephen Nicholas

    Chevy SS 4 Fan. i couldnt stop staring at them man , man them pants look so tight on her don't they ?

  96. Arthur Throckmorton

    Ironic that Faith Hill is now coming to Las Vegas for 40 shows with husband Tim McGraw starting December 7, 2012 thru April 2013. I'm guessing this will be on the play list.

  97. FaithHillFANatic

    Faith would only have to ask me once. I would be there with bells on. lol!

    Stephen Nicholas

    FaithHillFANatic. i couldnt take my eyes off her shiny pants in this video man

  98. Susan Hengesbach

    Hey baby I'm going to Vegas and ready for fun for a long weekend with the girls!

    Love Faith Hill!!

  99. Vegas Tips and Tricks

    The first time I ever went to Las Vegas, I rented a car, pulled out of the lot, turned on the radio and this is what I heard! Fate, luck, karma? Who knows? But I've been back over 20 times since then. Love Faith Hill!

  100. shihtzu81

    Love my Faith Hil.