Faith Hill - It Matters To Me Lyrics

Baby tell me where'd you ever learn
To fight without sayin' a word
Then waltz back into my life
Like it's all gonna be alright
Don't you know how much it hurts

When we don't talk
When we don't touch
When it doesn't feel like we're even in love
It matters to me
When I don't know what to say
Don't know what to do
Don't know if it really even matters to you
How can I make you see
It matters to me

Maybe I still don't understand
The distance between a woman and a man
So tell me how far it is
And how you can love like this
'Cause I'm not sure I can

When we don't talk
When we don't touch
When it doesn't feel like we're even in love
It matters to me
When I don't know what to say
Don't know what to do
Don't know if it really even matters to you
How can I make you see
It matters to me

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Faith Hill It Matters To Me Comments
  1. Bri Eicks

    She never mattered to you did she bo

  2. Kent Törnlind

    You are lovly

  3. Ferrari Red

    Imagine how great she sounds at home in the shower. 😌🎶

  4. brandon rogers

    my granny loves this song she would clean houses and I could hear her singing it while I was watching cartoons oh the memories i'm just thankful I still have her .

  5. Chad Bridges

    Just classy

  6. mike wellman

    When country was great

  7. Mary Ketih

    Well that was how you don't know that person to you close that door behind

  8. Kirsten Mccormick


  9. Tanya Hanna

    Faith I am fake I act nothing hurts me I enjoy watching your suffering there is a distance that I am going to teach to Tim I enjoy every moment you suffer it matters to me because I enjoy it so much I am all about myself... Yip! 🦊

  10. Michael Alexander

    january 2020...AND!!!

  11. Wayne Edward

    This one made her!!I liked her a little better bsfor she went commerical.Great song

  12. Candice Machella

    I feel the same way. About this type of music.

  13. alesandrei urpiano

    10 years ago and is still a very great song

  14. SuperColonel91

    Back when Faith Hill was true country

  15. Tanya McLaurin

    I have always loved this song💖

  16. Sue Leblanc

    Love this song

  17. Lu Lu

    Love this song

  18. L Lambert

    this is an iconic country woman's anthem

  19. Tim Winters

    This lady here has touched my heart and soul . Since I heard her Wild One . I could relate in so many ways .When I had ran from everything I loved at 15 ..

  20. Silvano Ananias

    I"d Love her before she met Tim MC

  21. Joseph Galarneau

    Amen Lacie.So right.Women should hug their man especially coming directly home from work.

  22. rebecca Booth

    JoJo no no

  23. Adam Majkowski

    She is wearing all buh lack, and singing sad songs. I hope what's his name is not being mean to her.

  24. Paul Bedard

    If I could knit a shawl for you out of the Stars that oversee you sleep,
    I would do so by saying that I Love to watch you keep your Heart
    so true;
    and that between the far and few there is you.
    The shorelines that you’ve strolled would even want to know
    each footsteps passing through brand new to the day at hand,
    and if I were your man how much I’d care for happiness everywhere
    You go
    Returning from whatever place you’d left only to become yourself anew
    Between the many and the few.
    Faith is such a powerful calmer of the intangible interHuman.
    So curative to the Soul that strays or stays well put.
    The roots whereof only dawn and each dawn’s following twilight do define.
    Instantaneously kind to wandering Soul aching so to know. For Faith Hill and for Womanhood Herself from Paul Bedard.

  25. Vanessa barbosa dos santos

    Amooooooo ❤️

  26. Jack Mathis

    She can make such simple lyrics so deep and amazing

  27. Black Magic

    My coworker & I loved this song ❤️

  28. Heather Short

    I miss u bae

  29. Vivian Steenhard

    Exactly what I'm facing right now

    Amy Nusbaum

    Keep your head up i was there five months ago sending you prayers !!

  30. Stephanie Valerio

    This song my daddy loved it rest in peace leroy romero 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Matt Blackwell

    So sorry for your loss!

  31. Johnny Griffith

    I love you Faith you're one of the best

  32. t mac and apple watch their own life 3

    Hurley mccreery and the rest of My life

  33. Courtney Fadis

    Reminds me of "Breath" , also by Faith Hill

  34. Paul Carlozzi

    Awsome bet her hubby loves her more than anything !

  35. TheRoadDawg

    Truly brilliant lyrics to this song. I would liked a few more verses, but still a beautiful song and rendition of it by Faith.

  36. Worngamla Mashangva

    Themmathuk longleng gpee laa hi nganalo mathalak ina

  37. Safu Haonao

    Worngamla Mashangva😍😍

  38. Cory Nielsen

    How is Faith Hill still so gosh darn pretty? She still looks half her age.

  39. Margie Ann Gutierrez

    I always used 2 sing that song 2 mu husband crying out for him 2 help me save our marriage ..he just wasnt listening he was 2 busy chasing women ..

  40. Lisa J Bryant

    I miss country music like this the 90 and 80 country music we really appreciate music like this we need this kinda music back 💜❤️💙💖 everyone else has there own opinion this music is better than the Pop country music


    And this is not the best. The 50s through the early 70s are better than this.

  41. Shawna Shaw

    She is so pretty. I think it's so sad to see how country music is turning into it's not country music anymore from their hair down to their shoes. They are adding electric guitars to other instruments that don't belong in country music.

  42. Jeff Griffin

    My female crush in country music in 92

  43. Eva Majok

    Beautiful voice ❤️❤️

  44. solo solid

    "It matters to me "strong song" love it truly,

  45. Phoebe Fugate

    It matter to me yeah here love this song ,Faith Hill

  46. Kim Loriault

    communication being best friends major important

  47. Jennifer Levy

    I am still listening to this song. It's 2019!!!

  48. T Hernandez

    Sadie it.matters to me when we don't talk love you my friend

  49. Cecilia Jara


  50. Tanya Bruce

    makes me happy to be brought up in the 90s era great music

  51. Michael Walker

    Love is the hardest thing to hold onto!It's bigger than words and anything for that matter!

  52. Cristy Banar

    It matters too me

  53. Pam Rosenbauer

    My mom and dad alway’s say Country Music today isn’t country. I sang Reba’s I’ll Keep on loving You at my son,and daughter in-law’s wedding. I love to sing with true feeling’s!

  54. Camille Livingston

    WOW!...I just fell in love with the song....beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice, & beautiful soul.

  55. jan mark calamcam

    Who also here in 2019??

    Christopher Riley

    Best believe I'm here scrolling old school music


    Hell yes. This is beautiful.

    alex dark

    from Austria i love country songs thanks Faith sending love to u

  56. Zoya Spencer

    Her best song.

  57. Laura Mac Lean Gray


  58. Ashton Emmons

    Guess it didnt matter to her. Hope you grow up one day

  59. Ladonna Dowdy

    Fight without saying a word

  60. josephine vince

    I love the lyrics... connected wt somebody out there

  61. Luke Dalton

    Such a gorgeous woman and singer! Love her early stuff

  62. Ronnie Burnett

    This song came out years ago and it still is one of my favorites! Great meaning and such a beautiful woman with a wonderful voice! ❤

  63. Melissa Denton

    Number one song that I always fell back on..... It's always matters to me and forever will.

  64. TexasMadeKD


  65. Cris Bagares

    my ever.

  66. Elizabeth Van De Vanter

    I just wished that the
    Man that I love see that am so dammm in love with him

    Shari Morris

    Elizabeth Van De Vanter I’m right there with you💔

  67. Carl Balgaard

    You must have earned a few money type" :) things with this song faith" this is your, best"est"SONG,.2"me anyways.

  68. Shirley Morales

    faith Hill can I ask you to be my godmother and Tim Mcgraw can be my godfather I want to meet you in person I can sing country music I want to be a country singer I can sing with you on stage aunt faith love your hopefully goddaughter Shirley morales 🎤🎶🎶

  69. Victoria Vaughan

    Its Matt er to me

  70. derrick steans

    Was always a classy sexyness about her.

  71. Veritas Aequitas

    It matters..sometimes..too many hearts in the line..

  72. Lena bush


  73. American Patriot

    Faith needs more subs. I'll sub Her only if it's truly Her channel under Her control. Faith this You for real? Yes-No?

  74. Amanda Land

    Currently going through a really hard ass Time with the guy I’ve loved for years now and we just got together. This song really hits home too.

  75. Tyler Smallwood

    Growning up to fast it's sad

  76. M M

    Tell me how far it is and how you can love like this...cause I'm not sure I repeat

  77. yatta yatta

    It matters more than you realize

  78. Brian Scott

    Great song. The message I hear is life is too short to waste on the wrong person or trying to make someone love you. Great song from an era long gone but far up from forgotten. Great music does that.

  79. Kirsten Poole

    2019??! Still puts me in the feels. My husband left within 5 months of being married :( now he’s in jail and will be for a while 😭

  80. Sensei Juan

    Over 3K people have no idea what great country music is. None of today's female singers can compare to Faith Hill. She is beautiful, elegant and actually sang country music.

  81. Stevie Thom

    2019 still here

  82. Steven Dudley

    Has anyone noticed that the melodies of this song's chorus and Faith's hit "Breathe" are similar?

  83. Charlene Hurst

    Oh I love the 70s 80s 90s music bring it bk so glad I was born in 81.. The 80s I grew up ruff but I survived alot and music got me threw it music country music and rock

  84. Billie Duff

    Faith is so beautiful with the voice that goes it

  85. Jinxie Mitchell

    Faith, I am scheduled for an Amputation today. I am in room 6411 Ft. Thomas St. Elizabeth hospital. Does it matter to you?

  86. Sandy Fitzwater

    Roger Lee Robertson Jr aka Ducky Birdman Babyboy etc... Here we are 8 18 2019. I love you more now then I did yesterday and I know I will love you even more tomorrow. Yours only Babygirl

  87. Steve Thibodeaux

    can't be in love without God and sinners will never have that love they belong to the devil with his fake love you have made the wrong choice God will destroy all evil sin is evil and sinners will be destroyed with sin

    Dave Richardson

    Faith Hill is evil ? What?

  88. Crystal Rich

    This describes the last 16 almost 17 years of my life

    Elias Mercado

    I feel you. I want to encourage not to give up.

    Crystal Rich

    @Elias Mercado on him or my life

  89. Michael Crampton

    Don't know what to say don't know what to do don't know if it even really matters to you how can I make you see how it matters to me

  90. CarrieShellie M Warner

    Yup; Story of my life😒: this song has gotten me through sme rough times "How can I make u see, it matters 2 Me" ugggghhhh😭😒😞😩 such a heartbreakin lyric😭😞... ...

  91. Shirley Morales

    faith hill can I ask you to be my godmother and tim Mcgraw can be my godfather I want to meet you in person I can sing country music i want to be a country singer i can sing with you on stage aunt faith love your hopefully goddaughter shirley morales 🎤 🎶 🎶