Faith Evans - Can't Believe Lyrics

I always dreamed that everything would be okay with me and you,
I was wrong
When I looked into your eyes I didn't see all the things I used to, what's
going on
You gave me reasons to believe that we were always meant to be
but now I see
You were wrong
You can't keep running back to me with all those baby baby pleases no more
no more

Never imagined you would be a faded picture I'm emotional (I'm emotional)
It's so believing your deceiving it's official I'm emotional, (I'm emotional)

I can't forget last night I saw you in the corner wrapped up tight
You were warm ooh
Slow dancing on the floor while I was watching from the door so hurt
There you were
You gave me reasons to believe that we were always meant to be
but now I see
You were wrong
You can't keep running back to me with all those baby baby pleases no more
no more


You had your chance
But you threw it all away
Thought you had my love always (oh baby)
I don't understand (I just don't understand)
How you think that we could stay
In total unhappiness


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Faith Evans Can't Believe Comments

    They just don't make music like this anymore/ it's a shame

  2. Deacouvin Brown Francia Franco - Mathis

    Yea F943505534N.

  3. Slim Gutta

    Who still bumpin this real shit? #2020&Beyond



  5. mwhyte23

    John Legend was not the first "Swagger jacker".... Mr. Carl Thomas style-style and voice back is the True Legend !!!

  6. Jason Kornegay

    i am in 2020 straight classic

  7. grumpz bihhh

    "U gave me reason to believe we were always meant to be , but now I see u were wrong"
    I was so emotional at one point that now I'm emotionless.. and this was on u

  8. StayGold PonyBoy

    Ill be listening to this in the year 2057

  9. iam free

    Who listening febuary 2020???i will download this song and what ever happen to carl thomas🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️

  10. Molo Brice

    A master piece

  11. Layah monroe


  12. Kareem Adolphus

    The Firm Phone Tap Sample.

  13. Mz DoingMe Butterfield

    You made it seem like we were meant to be you where wroooooooong

  14. Quinn Felipe

    This SLAPS 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Dulce Lucciani

    Perfect duet... 2020

  16. Moisés Mata

    Brasil aqui em 2020 que obra de arte isso é uma ópera pra mim kkkk

  17. bangbang kill

    Man I use to just go riding in the whip bumping this good songs!! Damn I miss this 407 O Town 2020!!


    Dope song. The remix with Shyne is really good as well. ✊✊

  19. Empress Libra923


  20. Call JG Wentworth 877 Cash Now

    this beat sound like it should be a Mobb Deep song

  21. Kim A

    My favorite song when I was in 5th grade. ❤❤❤

  22. Jovan Radulovic


  23. Adore Ivette

    Keep waiting for shyne to jump

  24. Kwaze Mbutabe

    Faith still sexy as hell...

  25. Allie Newson

    Love this song. Reminds me of somebody from a few yrs ago

  26. Honey S.

    #timeless #music I stay with this on repeat, it's perfect #TGIF though

  27. San Dee

    Noooo morrreeee!!!!

  28. Toriano Webb

    Fire 2020 Grown folks music

  29. cyril thevenet

    Phone tap was better though

  30. N A

    They dont make this kind of music anymore.. .

  31. Aliyah Patterson

    2020? This was my mama favorite song upto this day she sings it to my dad like he do her wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣



  32. Fish Tropic

    Yuuuuppppp 2020 is just this !!!!!

  33. Robert Martinez


  34. Malik Avrette



    Hell Yeah....

  36. BliggaDonn Cutz

    So Soulful!! Wouldn't you agree??

  37. tj Tanner

    haven't heard this song in years!

  38. Success Snacks

    This is my jam!!!!!💙💙💙

  39. Dawn Thompson

    2020 baby!

  40. PersonaG34

    She actually sounds better singing this now, its like her voice is more seasoned n raspy lol

    Honey S.

    Seen her at #Foxwoods in #Connecticut at a combination show it was sooooooooo fun. Went with a bunch of people too much fun 🎉😁 teethy time


    @Honey S. that was actually my first casino lol my parents took me lol

    Honey S.

    @PersonaG34 same! I also went there for other concerts, comedy shows and a few games the venues are real nice. And the ushers are very hospitable. Good customer service very organized 👍

  41. Donzaleigh Anderson

    From the first time i heard this song in 9th grade til now in 2020 is still a banger

  42. Murderous Ann

    The scenery in the video alone is just beautiful. 😍😍😍.The song is so well harmonized and soft. Love it.

  43. Andre Hunter-Woodard

    Summer 2001

    Ruthie Max

  44. Pat Kasere

    Player play on need to come back .I've got no emotions to waste

  45. Insane baby Sky insane

    This is the shit right here ❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️

  46. BROOKLYN143

    This joint is from the beginning of 2000!!!! And if you play it today, it sounds like it just came out!!👍🏻 You can never go wrong with a bit of Faith!!!!💙😊


    My shit

  48. Big Meat


  49. cetem maduro

    Puffy that fucker lol badboy tune forcreal lol

  50. cetem maduro

    Ridddims 2020

  51. Margaret Evans

    I went to 6 concerts in the early 2000's and on 4 of the bills Carl Thomas was opening for other acts that cancelled.  I was annoyed but never disappointed.  He always did a great set.  I wish people would show him the same love today.  Still holds up in 2020!

  52. Jojo Barrera

    Such a underrated song

  53. Andre Thompson

    Old School But Real Music...

  54. Jenelle Nivet

    This song is one of my favorite 😍 with so many others ❤️💕

  55. ssgraygirl

    My All time favorite!!!! Still bump this 2020!!!!

  56. Keith Bolar

    Still banging this cut

  57. Ny Jax

    Carl Thomas & Avant kinda look alike

  58. Hugo der Boss

    Both Voices are 💣💣💣💣

  59. Martin Kadet


  60. Supremely Soigné

    One of my faves from them BOTH! LOVE THIS SH** RIGHT HERE! 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️ This song is VERY underrated!

  61. just chryss

    Perfection musical

  62. Brooke LarissaLacey

    Wish I could go back to when. Miss them older days

  63. Sab Sab

    This song gets me in my feelings in about 0.1 secs.... damn it was a great time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


    Loveeeeeee this song

  65. Raving Junk Removal Entrepreneur

    Faith Evans from Tampabay.

  66. Whatucee iswhatuget


  67. Susy One


  68. Tynia Cooke

    They sample this beat from Nas and AZ!🔥♥️

  69. Wear Montgomery

    [email protected]
    @hellokitty ^¥,tohavefaith!!!!!!!!applaused

  70. Ablaye Ndiaye


  71. Jackie Ayy

    No masks of make up, fake eyelashes or nothing! Beautiful faith! ❤️

  72. Indi Shanea

    “Never imagined you would be a faded picture, I’m emotional.” Boy, I sang this 10000x after my ex and I broke up. This is real music

  73. Mychael Corinthos

    Faith went tf off

  74. Mychael Corinthos


    Ruthie Max

  75. Fulani Queen Debbo Poulo

    Anyone in 2020???
    I can’t get enough of this song

    Getts Write

    The baseline alone gets me trippin

    Netta Reed

    Still playing it

    Antrena Gardner

    Here. 2020.

    Calik Brown

    Fulani Queen Debbo Poulo I’m telling yu I listen to it everyday lol

    iam free

    Fulani Queen Debbo Poulo me🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️

  76. Lynn T

    Go Faith go!!!!!

  77. Tudy Conscious Queen

    Carl Thomas is another very talented artist that is truly slept on..

    Honey S.

    Well we listening here and now soooooo 🎶

  78. DestinyMia Malave

    Good days when music was about love not sex only

  79. a-6_grindtime


  80. Phoenicia Simmons

    2020. STILL BUMPS 👍🏾🔥🔥🔥


    bumps lol

  81. Sheldon Cooper

    2:24 Am can't sleep and this sound just cane to my mind...

  82. Armin Sharifi

    Listen in 2020👌🏼💨

  83. Bobby Higgins Jr

    This beat is sick!!!!

  84. Gabriel Music

    Who else wish they could go back to this era?

  85. Gabriel Music

    That intro tho🔥

  86. Miss Legal

    Real Music!

  87. Jen’s World & Intuitive Tarot

    Isn’t this the background song from BIg Bois Luther Luffeigh? Lmao

  88. RYAHTV

    2020 still a classic

  89. Portia Guillory

    Make up is beautiful

  90. killnlikecracra a

    2020 and still a classic 😍 #bringthatoldswaggback

  91. Troy Coney

    classic still damn smh

  92. naseem rahman

    Kinky love making song some kissing and caressing glass tonic water bottle sliding through the clit climaxing for hours moaning and groaning squirting @ 2.34 reverse cowgirl finishing right I'm out back to fucking sideways viewers discretion peace signing out

  93. Valerie Boynton

    2 O 2 O📀💿 -
    HOME TO:🇺🇸