Fairport Convention - Autopsy Lyrics

You must philosophize
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours in tears

Come lend your time to me
And you will know that you are free
And when you look at me
Don't think you're owning what you see
For remember that you're free
And that's what you want to be
So just lend your time to me

You must philosophize
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours in to ears

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Fairport Convention Autopsy Comments
  1. Paul Blakey


  2. Paul Blakey

    Genius absolute

  3. Caroline

    The best female singer of the time, RIP Sandy

  4. sabrinasjourney

    The time signature changes, though!

  5. No sé

    love that 5/4

  6. Home One

    Sampled by Groove Armada in their tune "Remember". Great taste.

  7. Vittorio Bianchi

    Voce, melodia, ritmo, gusto: tutto al massimo livello! Voice, melody, rhythm, musical taste: everything at top level!

  8. Jorge Martín

    When drums bass guitar and voices were recorded as real as the real life....


    ok boomer


    i love boomers myself

  9. Ronnie

    Amazing! How did they come up with these great songs and performances? To quote an exchange at one of Neil Young's rehearsals, "He's a professional".

  10. John Brown

    Crying the hours into years.

  11. Emmo Hernández

    I'm new to Fairport Convention and this is the first song I listen from them. I think I am hooked already.

    Derek Gibbons

    Try Sandy's band Fotheringay as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LiH8_h-1SM

  12. Trou Noir

    I love travels...
    I'm going to Electroma
    I hear Jackson C.Frank
    I see Sandy Denny
    I arrive at Fairport Convention
    I love travels.

  13. pietro meloni

    capolavoro assoluto

  14. Мария Прэда

    You must philosophise 
    But why must you bore me to tears? 
    You're red around the eyes 
    You tell me things no one else hears 
    You spend all your time crying 
    Crying the hours in tears 
    Crying the hours in tears 
    Come lend your time to me 
    And you will know that you are free 
    And when you look at me 
    Don't think you're owning what you see 
    For remember that you're free 
    And that's what you want to be 
    So just lend your time to me 
    You must philosophise 
    But why must you bore me to tears? 
    You're red around the eyes 
    You tell me things no one else hears 
    You spend all your time crying 
    Crying the hours in tears 
    Crying the hours in to ears

    Richard Delwiche

    Maria, I hear:
    Crying the hours into years

  15. Spurs Gog

    Oh Sandy, why have you gone?

  16. toulds

    Love all the hexagons and pentangles Richard writes with his guitar on this track.

  17. Miriam Harvey

    only discovered Sandy Denny recently ....she's now on my daily play list ...what beautiful soul

    John Brown

    And me. Didn't know what I was missing.

    Giulio Grifi

    Miriam Harvey...You have to be young, Miriam...my humble advice is to dig in the musical archives of the '50s, '60s and '70s...the best decades of the XX° century !

  18. Germano Colla

    what does the first sentence of the song refer to? ("you must philosophy/but why must you born me to tears").Thanks


    You must philosophise
    But why must you bore me to tears?


    philosophise - speculate or theorize about fundamental or serious issues, especially in a tedious or pompous way.
    she is bored with the subject

    Germano Colla

    Thank you londonjack

  19. Eli Malaga

    I wish a woman would talk like that to me...:-(

  20. Gabriel Ueta

    The sound of the late 1969s is melancholy.

    a a

    Absolutelly. Melancholly and rage...

  21. andreaneilcmc

    The opening line is brutal.

  22. Deborah Robertson

    Incomparable voice.

  23. Vanessa Valentim da Cruz

    A good trip..

  24. Cycle Green

    Sandy's voice just glues this song together, you can hear the gel during the intro.

  25. kostas papaioannou

    Sandy Denny , an angel voice from the planet "Heaven"...

  26. pentangle4444

    the most introspective of Sandy's songs! and thinking of Martin Lamble as well.. horrible crash in 1969! and Sandy did not survive past 30..

  27. Harris Michailidis

    69000 views instead of 69m

  28. Hayim Kobi

    The story behind the album: Unhalfbricking, by Fairport Convention

  29. Keith Keller

    "Induct Fairport Convention into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" is on Facebook. Thanks

  30. mizuki todoroki


  31. Paul Maney

    I have about 120 album covers on the walls of my office in the history department of a major university and this is the one directly behind my chair.  You'll live on forever in our hearts Sandy!

    Giulio Grifi

    Paul Maney...WOW !!!...Wonderful job !

  32. noguide


  33. Alex Moreno

    me too lol

  34. Carlos Olivo

    Big pun brought me here

    Mitchell Seymour

    I’ve wanted to know the sample since 2006 thank youuuuuuuu

    ꧁ shakerson ꧂

    Wait, what. I've loved them both for years and had no clue he sampled Sandy Denny.


    Wtf?! Lol!

  35. Tony Harris

    Just  beautiful!

  36. Gilles van Eeden

    Colin Hugh Abbott: that's a drum stick hitting a snare.

  37. John V

    Colin Hugh Abbott: Yes there is a bum note at 1:22. God, you've got a good ear!

  38. Boviss1

    @MrMerlin87 Most likely. Him and Richard Thompson were big mates - and John Martyn whose song 'Solid Air' was also for Drake. Three of the most accomplished and original artists of all time,in a genre of music they more-or-less invented (especially R.T.)

  39. A N Other

    Superb, another triumph for Sandy and Fairport Convention.

  40. gildasderhuys

    @mensamoo The couple in the foreground are Sandy Denny’s parents. The band are having tea in the garden behind. The story goes that they drove all round South London with photographer Eric Hayes looking for a photo op until Sandy suggested dropping in on her parents in Wimbledon.

    Allan Briggs

    Thanks for that. I wondered if it was Sandy's parents.

  41. Roger

    Sandy Denny is my favourite vocalist. She has a very emotive voice, yet she is never overdoing it. It really is such a pity she passed away so young as I am sure she had some much more to give.

  42. Tony Harris

    I cry tears of joy when i hear this song and Sandy Denny voice!

  43. mensamoo

    so whats the story behind the album cover?

  44. hugh smith

    beautiful english folk music =) cleanses my soul.
    i do believe this was inspired by/written about the legendary nick drake.

  45. Michael Fury

    My fave Fairport track.

  46. Michael Fox

    Sandy was so superb, whether she played with Fairport, Fotherengay, Strawbs...the voice always gets to me....and the fact that she was also a great songwriter, nice guitar and piano player....she seemed surreal, an angel.

  47. Nagy Ciprian Mihai Nagy

    timeless music

  48. Sargon of Assyria

    love this song

  49. thatcomeswithfries

    1:22 - divine.

  50. chris a

    Listen to that...... such laid back elegance, effortless and groovy, love it!

  51. pbrick6301

    great song

  52. gorgf

    I think it is Stratford On Avon,

  53. gildasderhuys

    Sandy was the author. She almost certainly wrote it on guitar as there is a demo with 12-string on the Sandy boxset "Boxful of Treasures". Unusually for her the demo is somewhat different from the final version - I've seen suggestions that Richard T may have had a hand in the band arrangement. As to the meaning, who knows? Check out "sandydenny" on "blogspot" for one view.

  54. Humberto Poubel

    ia... Deus... que song ... cry .... the best

  55. specialtramplover


    St. Mary's Church, Wimbledon. South London.

  56. Colin Hugh Abbott

    What church (or cathedral?) is that in the background?

  57. specialtramplover

    Absolutely not. That 'flat' note is completely intentional.

  58. Colin Hugh Abbott

    I love Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny ... but ... did I hear someone hit a "Bum " note at 1:22?

  59. Dimitris Sklavounos

    I wish I could hear a song like this nowadays... I would be realy optimistic about the musical inspiration...

  60. Boviss1

    Yeah, theres still good musicians and good new music. The music biz is grimmer now than it ever was. Talent and musicianship, genius even, is not recognised. Physical beauty, energy, marketing, production machines and recycling of old tunes (even words) written before. If you have your own thing going, its a harder road than ever before - the record companies have strangled everything.

  61. Greg Yule

    This is amazing i love it so relaxing...

  62. DaveSquarey08

    Hauntingly beautiful Sandy Denny vocals, just Exquisite..!!!

  63. reasonformirrors

    "You must philosophize, but why must you bore me to tears?"

    You can't imagine how many people I've wanted to say that to.

  64. Ronald Abelskamp

    1:21, great change. Topsong.
    Sandy's sweet and silk voice, mmmmm

  65. steve wadsworth

    sandy denny, maddy prior??../jeez what has happened ?, this is the music of my youth, and I feel cheated ( as his song reminds me) my youth was wasted in the Army...(1976)

  66. steve wadsworth

    me too..I feel the same way (born in 580 where the heck did my life go???, my daughters flown away (not that I ever knew them) moved to the USA from the UK,miss those walks by the Thames etc...jeez miss the Reading Festival (when it WAS the Reading festival) you are not alone....Steven -now in St Louis America

  67. Dimitris Sklavounos

    PERFECT song!!! Just PERFECT!!!

  68. NoRosesForMe

    yes youre right. They were Sandy's parents. :)

  69. Celtic Whisper

    Am I right in thinking that the couple outside the gate were Sandy Dennys parents?

  70. uhhuhher

    Love this song. Gorgeous. I love the way sandy changes her pitch.