Fair To Midland - Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Lyrics

Listen to me
Listen to me


Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi I am not a machine
So don't push me like buttons
Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi We're not identical twins
So don't finish my sentence

(Tell me the truth, or don't tell me anything
I'd rather have a heart than courage or a brain)

Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi Don't pay any mind
To a voice behind curtains

If you meet the Devil's wife
Make sure you wear a suit and tie
and leave him wear he stands
And if he tries to shake your hand
just hit him with a frying pan
and leave him where he stands

AHHHHHHHHHHH Run Tikki-tikki Run Tikki-tikki Ruuunnn
Run Tikki-tikki Run Tikki-tikki Ruuunnn

Listen to me [7x]

Rikki-tikki, Rikki-tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi if you want a Picasso
You better start diggin
Rikki-tikki, Rikki-tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi if I build the ark
Will you wait for the water

(The only thing that ever turned him blue
Was thinking the sky is what he should be turned to)

Rikki-tikki, Rikki-tikki, Rikki-Tikki Tavi There are snakes in the grass
So we better go hunting

If you meet the Devil's wife
Make sure you wear a suit and tie
And leave them where he stands
If he tries to shake your hand
just hit him with her frying pan
And leave him where he stands
Let them take the kitchen sink
And cut her from her apron strings
Just leave him where he stands
All you need is amnesty
So grab my hand and come with me
Just leave him where he... stands


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Fair To Midland Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Comments
  1. gringochucha

    Almost just broke my fucking neck headbanging to this song.

  2. mr meme

    1:24 marco merrino

  3. Alastair Tallis

    3:20 when you have a gargle after brushing your teeth

  4. Angus McGuffin

    Dickeydines brought me here

  5. Breno Sousa

    Hydro gordinho prepotente

  6. C A M

    Ringy dingy

  7. Micah Davidson

    “If I were to make you an arch would you wait by the water?”

  8. progrocker2112

    Amazing album...that is badly in need of a remaster. Best song on the album though.

  9. Guilherme Juquênzio

    I feel like I listened to ghost of perdition by opeth for the first time again

  10. Mike Elbow

    is there a comparison? If so teach me because I love it!

  11. Eric Dev


  12. Emilia Franchuk


  13. AeonCreations

    Any one else think time flies way quicker while drubk?



  14. Scipio Lyons

    This song is really helping me through a really bad heartbreak.

  15. Devin Criswell

    These guys go hard man......The drummer's dad was my english teacher sophomore year....10+ years ago..... Wish they were still around man, good shit here.

  16. monsterkill164

    how can this song be angelic and demonic at the same time?

  17. robert skurlock

    0:10-0:15 sounds like Goku going Super Saiyan 3 while holding a microphone!

  18. gringochucha

    Serj Tankian says hi.

    Ashy Slashy

    gringochucha lol right?

    Infernal Moondance

    Fuck that jew.

    Jacob Antony

    Serj is a fag. SOAD sucks


    I also am on the soad disdain train #soadsucks

  19. Kristian Garcia

    They should replace the Zippity Do Dah song on Splash Mountain with this song and have all the characters singing it together. Just think about that for a second

  20. Dudu Channel

    Facciamoci conoscere 31 <3

  21. The Person

    "I'd rather have a heart than courage or a brain" is something Darroh commented on a Yahoo Answers page like 7 years ago.

  22. Lisander Sirius

    Chi è qui grazie a Marco Merrino?

    Mike Elbow

    in english?


    @Mike Elbow
    "Who is here thanks to Marco Merrino?"

    Pavel Timofeev

    @Mike Elbow , e che cazzo. Mettilo ne google translate!

    Giancarlo Francisco


    Andrea Capasso


  23. ButtLuca


    Giancarlo Francisco



    Che uomo


    Ma sto commento?

  24. Stive Hammer


    Conner Orsini

    Levan 1:43 le mie ginocchia!

    Carlo Dileo

    Conner Orsini anche le mie!


    crazy vocals!

  26. Megaplex00

    Sucks they aren't together anymore. I remember the first time I heard this.

  27. Emilie Bonetti

    hahah very nice

  28. Drayko

    wen you have to read kids books but you dont wanna

  29. Elusive Climber

    My favorite line of this song...'There are snakes in the grass, so we better go hunting!'


    Elusive Climber it's a great line.

    Mark Essila

    always liked "and if he tries to shake your hand, just hit him with a frying pan, and leave him where he stands"

    Dead Man with Pitchfork Arms

    "We're not identical twins so don't finish my sentence" is probably the greatest line in rock history!

    Eli Nelson

    "Tell me the truth or don't tell me anything
    I'd rather have heart than courage or a brain"

    Getting a tattoo of that. Shit's a life motto for me... I miss this band so much.


    "I am not a machine so don't push me like buttons" is also a great line. Hell, this whole song is quotable

  30. The Gaming Monster

    when ur pissed the fuck off

  31. Jade Sappe

    but im poor

  32. Joe Torres

    The soft intro threw me off for a moment, and I'm happy it did, because it challenges me to believe that the singer alone pulled this off. :)

    Another band that makes me proud to be from Texas!!!

  33. Ryan Karazim

    Fair to Midland are simply THE BEST.

  34. NorCal55 X

    Brutal!!! I like the switch between melodic and metal throughout the song

  35. Levi Sisk

    Holy shitaki mushrooms!

  36. Jays

    Beautiful song!

  37. Christopher Moore

    Is this supposed to be about that mongoose?

    Gabriele Villani

    +Vladislav Zolotov yes

    Shane Plyler

    +Vladislav Zolotov Seems to be more about fairy/folk tales and not trusting suspicious characters as a whole- it mentions Wizard of Oz as well ("I'd rather have heart than courage or a brain" and "Don't pay any mind to a voice behind curtains"). It also plays with Biblical imagery ("If I build the Ark, will you wait for the water" and the whole Devil's wife angle).

  38. LouisianaBoy1990

    Darroh's vocal range Is amazing...

  39. Prester John

    Excellent. .I discovered this band far too late.


    Yeah but I haven't heard anything else about it since :(

    Jonathan Zemel

    not true. he's in too much dept to serj. he won't make any solo album, not now not ever.

    Xander McCabe

    I will say, I work with him. He's got a full on career as a music director now and a kid. He's way to involved with those things.

    Jonathan Zemel

    @Xander McCabe beautiful, wish the best for him.

    Collin Andrews

    Me too! Like two weeks ago....

  40. KrimsonApoLLo

    10 Great Rock Songs You Might Not Have Heard Vol.1 (featuring this awesome song)

  41. KrimsonApoLLo

    Not gonna lie, first time I heard this song, 0:10 scared the shit out of me ._.;

    LongLivePrince X

    +KrimsonApoLLo Haha me too :D


    Yeah, I was standing in my kitchen about five years ago and left my fucking skin.

  42. kyle shipley

    i love this song

  43. everyonegetsaprize

    Was just listing to SOAD and there seems to be a definite influence.  Which indeed does work very well.

    Jimmy Leeds

    last I heard serj was the one who signed fair to Midland or got them signed

    Tyler Furlow

    Serj and Darroh are very good friends. They've preformed together on each others songs live.

  44. Sarah Dooley

    How do you even get your voice to sound like that....

    Sarah Dooley

    oh, thanks for the help, now I know how demons teach their kids to talk.

    Sarah Dooley



    @Sarah Boo it's a technique and can be practiced and improved when done right.
    I can kinda do the verses but not the AAAAAH in the beginning.

    Sarah Dooley

    @Hawlucha Karby sick dude! thats so cool!

    no name

    @LuchaOr internal vocal fry

  45. BassistBrainchild

    Darroh's vocals in this track heavily remind me of Serj's style. I know FTM was under his label for a while. I wonder if Darroh picked up on a bit of influence from him. That or they just have a similar style.

    Jack Kastor

    I was getting SOAD from this, too. Great application of influence. 


    I am geting a hint of msi at 0:30.Don't know if it's an influence but it bears similarity.


    This song was finished in a hurry after Serj apparently put the screws on the band. I'm pretty sure the lyrics are about that.

    It was in a video interview on Youtube ; )

  46. UnGameplayMas!

    Best mind blowing song ever :3

  47. Ted Hamlin

    I am so blown away that this is just 1 guy singing all this.

    Lindsey Lou

    That's exactly what I thought lol very talented

    Mike Elbow

    Right! His range is amazing. I miss these folks. So good!

  48. MDestron2282

    Vietcong01, have you never heard the story of the mongoose that single handedly fought the war of the bath house? Look it up.

  49. Clayton Panipinto

    The sheer Awesomeness of this comment is greater than that of a giant Native American squirrel. Just sayin.

  50. Vei

    My cat name is Rikki Tikki Tavi :D I love this song.

  51. biakaba

    Fuck you

  52. Jonathan Caban

    got your ass kicked hard in the pit too. I saw you :I

  53. Dave


    Cookie Monster <3

  54. pkphantom

    That's how you know it was a good concert though, haha

  55. Kameron Mertz

    I have raised your shoe like it was my own. It has grown strong and powerful. You would be proud.

  56. MusicalAndTall



  57. Ben George

    That may legitimately be the best end to a song I've ever heard. Also, holy shit does Darroh have range!

  58. dragonskater994

    Actually, rikki tikki tavi was a cartoon of its own about a mongoose, not related to the jungle book in any way

    Fuzzy Feelinz

    dragonskater994 actually before it was a cartoon it was a book by Rudyard Kipling

  59. Anthony Dellapietro

    Sounds like they are trying some old school System of a down shit here haha

    Gabriel Nunes

    But FTM is way better

  60. ( . Y . )

    This is better live.

  61. crypter27

    Yes I did!

  62. v i c k y -

    This is... different. I'm guessing this is an experimental album?

  63. bleeduntildeath

    the lyrics to this song warn you to avoid selling your soul for fame and fortune, odd that this album actually has songs with unquestionable lyrics

  64. Mik Solaris

    Character from the Jungle Book.

  65. Calamity

    This is the first time hearing this song and I was just like. WHAT!!!

  66. LucionFrostBurn

    Is it Awesome or Awesome that I use this as my morning wake up song? :D

  67. Melanie Tavárez

    my headphones got possessed at 0:10

  68. Hornburger

    never heart of that story

  69. Critos Da Bull

    their talking about the short story Rikki Tikki Tavi, you know, that mongoose that picks a fight with a King Cobra and his wife.

  70. Hornburger

    what does rikki tikki tavi mean?

  71. DraconianLord4

    Listen to me. I'd rather have heart than courage or a brain x3 Uncouth wretch. :3

  72. Creepzza

    The Ending <3 RIKKIIIIIIIIIII!!!! :D

  73. Strife Fox

    OMG Riki Tiki Tavi was my favorite damn movie growing up!

  74. GadzooksGaming

    "There are snakes in the grass, so we better go hunting."

  75. Diamond Dash

    Wit is still alive on the internet.

  76. Viktorija Artist

    And if he tries to shake your hand just hit him with a frying pan and leave him where he stands. Seems legit <3

  77. lol jonasfail

    They performed this in chicago because me and a couple drunkards shouted it out. It was a truly amazing performance. The crowd couldn't have reacted any better than it did then. It went from moshing to swaying in a span of about 7 seconds.

  78. Darrell Hecht

    logan came up to me after a concert in arkansas at a place called georges majestic lounge and looked at me and said aww common man get over here i want a fucking sweaty ass man hug :)

  79. kayla southworth

    I love this

  80. paintsplatta99

    dat end

  81. Blake Boetto

    No, that is not throat singing...that is his scream technique. He does that in most of their songs. I'm talking about Tuvan throat singing. It's a Mongolian singing technique that produces multiple pitches at once. YouTube has some wonderful examples of it if you'd care to search.

  82. Nick Nocturnous

    lolllll hahaha

  83. sexylexiebaby

    ohh yeaaaaaa. yum.

  84. sexylexiebaby

    legit best lineee.

  85. Diamond Dash


  86. deathscreepingcloser

    @jordan sims That's badass dude. Logan is an amazingly nice guy

  87. Gregory Barks

    if that doesnt either scare you or make you wanna mosh I dont know what to say!! something could be wrong with your soul!! girls does his voice arouse you? oh yeah!

  88. jordan sims

    belive me or not but the new drummer for Fair To Midland is my oldest bro

  89. Renegadia23

    Lol... I had to read it in 7th grade... And then again in College. I was like, "WTF! Why am I reading this again?!"

  90. Tommy Sarmiento

    Listen to me.... Listen to me.... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Rikki Tikki- Rikki Tikki- Rikki Tikki Tavi...

  91. Renegadia23

    Every time he yells, "Rikki Tikki! Rikki Tikki! Rikki Tikki Tavi!"

  92. sexylexiebaby

    Running in heavy traffic is also awesome. :)

  93. DJxOCEANx

    for those who don't know, rikki tikki tavi is a short story about a mongoose who is saved by a family of humans after a flood and saves the family from snakes. had to read it in my college english class.

  94. Blake Boetto

    See, this is what I didn't want, some smart ass that doesn't know what I'm talking about trying to bust my balls. Congratulations, you win the predictable youtube troll award.

  95. dragunov525

    try breathing under water. now thats awesome.

  96. dragunov525

    get new ears.

  97. Cryptyknyk

    Rikki Tikki Tavi

  98. Blake Boetto

    First time I've heard the album version, and I'm still not sure if I like it as much as the demo, we'll see. Also, I read that this song and Dance of the Manatee are supposed to have Darroh doing some throat singing(a vocal technique of which I am a huge fan), and though I heard it in Dance, I didn't catch it in this one. Can anyone who knows what I'm talking about help point it out?