Failure - Stuck On You Lyrics

I heard you driving in my car
Then in a frozen bar
I claimed I didn't care for you
But your verse got trapped inside my head
Over and over again
You played yourself to death in me

I thought I'd drop you easily
But that was not to be
You burrowed like a summer tick
So you invade my sleep and confuse my dreams
Turn my nights to sleepless itch

Stuck on you 'till the end of time
I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
Stuck on you 'till the end of time
You've got me paralyzed

Holding on the telephone
I hear your mid-range moan
You're everywhere inside my room
Even when I'm alone I hear your mellow drone
You're everywhere inside of me

Stuck on you 'till the end of time
I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
Stuck on you 'till the end of time
You got me trapped

I can't escape your incessant whine
When you beam it out all across the sky
No I can't escape your insipid rhyme
When you shoot it deep
Straight into my mind

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Failure Stuck On You Comments
  1. Mousie Spanks

    One of the best songs of the 90s. Very underrated

  2. Zedgey Rigby

    You’re listening to lithium

  3. Butt in General

    Now you're nowhere inside of me.

  4. Jude Keazar Marquez

    Paramore brought me here

  5. DimsThe Immortal

    this track is amazing such a huge wall of sound at the chorus very 90s

  6. Ben Palermo

    Good stuff asking Santa for their Tshirt and CD

  7. Chanel HP

    Failure sent me here.... HBOs show Reverb put me onto this gem of a band long ago

  8. Conner Fry

    The guitar mix sounds way too good.

  9. Daniel Britt

    Long live the warner bros jukebox.

  10. Davi de Souza


  11. I don't care what u think

    You played yourself to death in me.

  12. TheDeathwalker86

    90s ruled

  13. Evan Johnson

    God damn the guitars on this

  14. Fuzunga

    This is one of those songs you remember and you're not sure if it was actually real or you imagined it.

  15. Xavier

    This is ridiculous bro....fuck sake.

  16. Sparky Bonehead

    This was a massive hit...................on MY planet.

  17. Grim Tilland

    Thanks. Finally got to share with someone I care about. Very special. I kinda was saving it. Thank you.

  18. Jan Kögl

    Sounds like Weezer meets Helmet

    MusicMan 655

    I hear a lot of Hum in this

  19. Arthur G

    Ken Andrews wasn't sent me here...

  20. sarcastian

    I dedicate this song to every other song that I’ve been hopelessly addicted too. Such wonderful torture music can be

  21. icecreampimpdeux

    Hum brought me here actually

  22. Clifford Ototivo

    One of the best albums of the 90s maybe of all time ❤️

  23. Max Oguy

    I heard you driving in my car
    Then in a frozen bar
    I claimed I didn't care for you.
    But your verse got trapped inside my head
    Over and over again
    You played yourself to death in me.

    I thought I'd drop you easily
    But that was not to be
    You burrowed like a summer tick.
    So you invade my sleep
    And confuse my dreams
    Turn my nights to sleepless itch.

    Stuck on you, til' the end of time
    I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
    Stuck on you, til' the end of time
    You've got me paralyzed.

    Holding on the telephone
    I hear your midrange moan
    You're everywhere inside my room.
    Even when I'm all alone
    I hear your mellow drone
    You're everwhere inside of me.

    Stuck on you, til' the end of time
    I'm too tired to fight your rhyme
    Stuck on you, til' the end of time
    You've got me paralyzed.

    You've got me trapped
    I can't escape
    Your incessant whine
    When you beam it out
    All across the sky
    No I can't escape
    Your insipid rhyme
    When you shoot it deep
    Straight into my mind.

  24. nalle karhu

    Hypnotic song

  25. Marcellino Sananto

    Thanks Rick Beato!

  26. Meister Savvy

    I like the alternative vibes of the song

  27. Cognitive Dissonance

    Sounds a lot like heavy Weezer to me (blue album era)


    a little bit actually

  28. MrCorvusC

    Interesting lyrics though. Is this about tinnitus?) People who have it will understand.

    Another Useless Human

    MrCorvusC I think they've said it's about heroin

  29. Taufiq Yeasin

    Rick beato sent me here


    I don't know who Rick Beato is but I like him!


    @Andrew Coker In case you still wanted to know it's a video called 'the power trio'. They're mentioned at 4:41

  30. David Bone

    suenaa xp

  31. David Bone

    inicio de xp

  32. King Kor

    this whole album, wasted, very solid, heavy, best track off the album was "Segue#2/Dirty Blue Balloons"...

  33. Mr. Record

    top 3 singles of the 90s EASY

  34. Ohgodnotjp

    *I sense good shit*

  35. norbert967

    I walk between the raindrops
    I read between the lines.
    I never drive my car
    Because of unpaid fines.

  36. J.J. What

    2 tired 2 fight your rhyme....🤘🤘🤘🤘

  37. Janusz Młynarczyk

    This is thanks to Rick Beato

  38. Carmen B

    So good

  39. pappachook

    I've never heard this song before. I like it

  40. whizwart1

    Dan from Game Grumps reminded me of Failure recently in a video, and I was like "How did I forget them?!?!"

  41. Elaine Rosefelder

    those dopamine receptors, they always remember...

  42. Luke Purcell

    Such an amazing underrated band, Why don't people listen to them ?

    Michał Kurowski

    They do actually, they have lots of fans worldwide.

  43. Liaden

    A Perfect Circle sent me here ❤️

  44. JumperWC

    I hate this song

  45. Eriky Farias

    this is gold


    The voice is so sad, sorry, but paramore cover is better

  47. ecaepevolhturt

    Intelligent people despise redundancy, that's why know.

  48. Lucas Espejo

    His voice is ugly

  49. dzahonjoko

    Rick Beato got me here, thank you Rick

  50. The HeadBanger

    Its good to know that dan knows what true good music is

  51. rebirth70

    Cool tune, I accidentally found out about. God/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

  52. Iago Bontempo

    still stuck on this vibe

  53. Fredrik Wolff

    Still thinking 'bout u...

  54. Jonny BGREAT

    This is Maynard’s favorite band, they reunited for his 50th birthday. Failure is amazing, also check out Year of the Rabbit, same dude, same top shelf style 🔥✌🏻

  55. bleujae

    the intro sounds like the ear-rape version of the windows xp startup sound

    Honest Abe

    Damn you are absolutely right


    Looool omg I actually burst out laughing! I love you

  56. MakeupArtistme!

    I loved this song in high school, still do.

  57. The Raging Beefstew

    this song is fin god like.lets pay homage

  58. Eliza Smith

    I love this song 🖤

  59. Alec G

    Stuck on youuuuuuuu till the end of time i amm too tired to fight your rhyme

  60. Valery Arrieta

    Good shit

  61. Eric West

    Paramores version is awful. It felt like an American idol audition.

  62. Jerry Utt

    Sirius XM Radio sent me here

    Jun Hector

    Jerry Utt I heard Stuck on You on Lithium or 90's. Cant remember. :) Great places to discover new stuff.

  63. Fjvjjdkeodkl

    Failures original version is awesome, paramores version is awesome. People need to chill and stop complaining because a band covered a song WHEN THEY WERE 16-18 CALM DOWN! the version they did had audio glitches so zac didn't mess up on the drums and Hayley used auto tune when she was way younger because she was insecure about her voice, and who can blame her if she was 16. I've known about failure for years, they're awesome and paramore are awesome too, can you chill because a band covered a song oh my gosh


    Guess what some people just think it's shit and nothing you'll ever say can change that, welcome to the real world Jack ass

  64. Enissay Rodruiguez

    Would you shut the fuck up about paramamrosnes or whatever the fuck that band is called? nobody listening to this would've even known who they are if you didn't bitch about it.

  65. vChenay

    you played yourself to death in me.

  66. 白の竜

    I had felt so suicidal today, I also had another one of my anger issues.. and yet, I come here and listen to this song.. It changed the rest of my day. It calmed me down. This song never ceases to make me feel truly content, and that's because of the beautiful message. To me, it isn't about simply a relationship, neither is it about a simple song that is stuck in your head. And yet... to you, personally, it could. I just think that, the concept that each of us is "stuck on" can be anything that we are close to.. spiritually, emotionally, socially, culturally, politically, etc...

    The concept I am forever stuck on is

  67. Mari Gonzalez Bermudez

    Thank u Danny💕

  68. disagreeablesob

    Do all the people losing their shit over whether or not this song is from a male or female point of view not realise the song is not about a person at all,it's actually a song about a SONG that's become an earworm?So they're bitching over nothing?

  69. Slim Pickens

    Slayer sent me here

    Yalinç Okyay

    Did they cover a song?

  70. Social Shipwreck

    Who else thinks of the windows startup when they hear the beginning of this song

  71. Bazil

    Mr. sir are a fucking angel.

  72. Venessa Jaime

    super underrated.

  73. pretend amnesia

    What the fuck is a Paramore you people are on about?

  74. Michelle Morgan my wave of an old soul boyish blue eyes with much to say as every grain of sand lies where it lies! Is the hurricane the truth?

  75. sharon grushinski

    good song

  76. Game Wizard

    I've convinced more than a few dozen folks to give this album a try. Everyone says it's one of the best recommendations they've ever received. Failure has always been highly underrated.

  77. underthepale

    I sent Paramore here.

    Mallory Fabiano

    I actually think Ken produces some of Paramore's albums..

    nosé 011

    Same bro


    Lmao. 10/10

  78. Prince Okezie

    I haven't listened to this song in years!!!

    Game Wizard

    haha... Captain Planet SJW...

  79. peter petrarca

    if it wasn't for a perfect circle I wouldn't have found this amazing band all those years ago.. I actually read the booklets on cds and saw the nurse who loved me was a cover wich sent me on failure so much amazing


    peter petrarca same here

  80. peter petrarca

    Q_Q love this reminds me of Makin love...

  81. idk

    Why is everyone getting mad at other bands covering this song? They just liked the song and made a cover... Whats wrong whit this? They are not trying to say that they are better or anything

    Finn Siebelink

    If anything, it's actually pretty cool. It's a homage to what inspired them. I'd say that's a good thing in my book.

    aditya anshul

    @Finn Siebelink True!! I heard this song's cover by paramore first and they had named the whole EP as "The Summer Tic", it just proves that they loved this band so much.

  82. Emily LaLa

    Whoa, thanks @Dan <3

  83. Brett Ford

    fantastic planet is a fantastic album

    peter petrarca

    yes yes it is

    Chris W

    Most underrated album of the 90's...well one of them at least

  84. Nico Martin

    My friend sent me here.not paramore😂

  85. Stefan B

    Thank you Sirius Lithium for reminding me of how awesome this song is!


    Lithium is the shit, isn't it??


    Joshua Herman oh my god, i know.


    Channel 34 hell to the yeah

    Nick Ray

    Reason I'm here now. Completely forgot. Thank you satellite radio

  86. Joseph Von Meisthal

    I met my first girlfriend while discovering this song, and this album.
    I loved her and this song was really important for me

    My sunshine, I you fall here one day, I hope you will remember me as I stilll remember you.

    Finn Siebelink

    +Joseph Von Meisthal As touching as you wrote it, the song is actually about heroin.

    Sorry for the buzzkill. :(

    Joseph Von Meisthal

    +Finn Siebelink

    I know dude!


    y u guys breakup...

    peter petrarca

    same here brother Q_Q

    Joseph Von Meisthal

    +ghoawaynetcabo she was going in a city, I was going in another ! the entire story is too sad for ytb

  87. H Arkan

    who is dan


    Danny from Game Grumps.

  88. ZioPuccio

    game grumps' great
    paramore's great
    failure's great
    let people enjoy what they enjoy
    don't be assholes
    liking something over something else doesnt make you any better enjoy the music you crazy mofos


    aaaaand he just mentioned it again in kirby superstar

    Ivan Andrei

    He was also in a podcast where he talked about fantastic planet being one of his favorite albums. Personally I'm forever grateful to Danny, I never would've heard of Failure if it wasn't for him.


    TBH Paramore are much improved recentley

    Rainbow Mushroom Cloud

    @ZioPuccio he also wore a Failure shirt as well

    Butt in General

    Or do the opposite. I enjoy being an asshole.

  89. tannerin

    Guy sounds just like Stephen Malkmus in the verses.

  90. Elegiac

    I hate paramore and I hate everyone that sent you here. Fuck game grumps.

    Bob Job

    What if you really enjoyed Comfortable but then found put Game Grumps liked Fantastic Planet so you tried it out and found you prefer Comfort but Fantastic Planet is still amazing?

    turkey sandwich

    Elegiac I like you're style

  91. Richard Watson

    Loves me some Failure.
    Thanks for uploading.

  92. JackInTheBox

    Thankyou The Rock Critic.

  93. Nilo x

    *reads comments*

    Come and lose your faith in humanity on Youtube.

    Totes awesome song. I love Paramore and I love Failure. The cover rocks and the original rocks even more.


    +Nellie Just Another Niqabi fucking thank you

  94. CamCam

    Amazing! Thank you Danny Sexbang! :D

  95. Giancarlo Capocci

    Shout outs to Game Grumps!

  96. remywood81

    Being in high school in 1996 and loving this sent me here...