Failure - Pennies Lyrics

Had a piggybank
Like a lion's head
Knocked it off the shelf
Broke down by the bed
Pennies from a skyscraper can kill
I've lined up my change
On the window sill

Watched for hours
People down below
The wind has frozen my eyes
Lost the courage
Could not push them off
Pulled my head inside

Let a winter pass
Laying in bed
My coins have all frozen to the window sill
Walked the shadowed streets
In a happy fear
Looking up for change
Shining through the air

Watched for hours
Buildings fall through clouds
The wind has frozen my eyes
Lost the courage
Could not hold them up
Fell asleep on a bench
Pennies from a skyscraper can kill

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Failure Pennies Comments
  1. zirixpo

    This album is no 1 right now.

  2. Paranoia Jackpot

    this sticks out of the pattern so much, souns incredilby original but familiar at the same time. i absolutely love the vibe, this is great

  3. /////


  4. Falks

    play that at my funeral

  5. João Gabriel

    Man, sound like grunge, remember me 90's radio song, god, why the time can't come back?

  6. Nick Fur

    i smell pennies

    Amaranth Shadows


  7. john doe

    Always loved this song..never thought in a million years it would get redone so beautifully


    john doe this is a remake? Do ya happen to know who did the original?


    Failure made this song years before, they just remade it


    白の竜 ohh I’ll have to look it up

  8. Waffles From Nowhere

    Gotta say I LOVE the newest album! I love how Failure comes back to music, decided to make another album, and still genuinely still sounds like they're trying to make music instead of just grabbing cash. The album definitely sounds like a progression of the same band, with the same character that makes me love them, but with some new sonic elements that keep it interesting and fresh. ESPECIALLY love the production, very clean and modern sounding but still with that fat, full Failure sound. The re-recorded songs didn't even sound extraneous, which a lot of the times they do and I usually hate when bands re-do songs. Here, they fit perfectly and i'd probably consider these the better and definitive versions, especially Pennies! Ken's voice has gotten even better over the years, again opposite of how it normally goes, and I love it!

    This band embodies everything i strive for in music. If the band ever happens to read this somehow, thank you for inspiring me to make music again. This is an absolutely fantastic album, extremely well done, genuine, and i'll spinning it for years

    Spoken Volttt

    YES YES YES!!!

  9. Traine Lavalais

    Very sad guitar riffs but amazing at the same time.

  10. Kev B.C

    Superbe !

  11. Richard Roberson

    Amazing. One of the best from them.

    Richard Roberson

    @Agent Smith Yep

    Mike Reseigh

    Love it