Failure - Daylight Lyrics

I've got a catacomb with fur covered styrofoam
So come over now and sleep
Time isn't here again, wasted thoughts that could've been
Now we can devise our plan

Daylight won't find us here

I've got a catacomb with flags that flew fifty years ago
Let sleep overcome your mind
God isn't safe again, molests trees and chopped down men
So we must revise our plan

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Failure Daylight Comments
  1. Sparky Bonehead

    Such a good album.....unfortunately overshadowed by Tool's Ænima album.

  2. Killah Kin Loyalty/Royalty

    2019 and still🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  3. Joe Sobey know, I blew out two stereo amps on this song. One in 96 and one in 97. A Sony and a Pioneer. In the basement!! A great memory! Wicked guitar. I'm an old Hendrix, Gilmour and Page freak . but this is some pretty outstanding shit, like Kenny Hickey smell a funny electronics rubbery burning thing goin' on off my laptop right now!!

  4. GetzGoth 3113

    Amazing what Ken did here with 4 chords and his voice. I think the word haunting is sufficient for me...

  5. increasedosage

    there goes my Gunn.

  6. Robbie's Incoherent thoughts

    I am a huge fan of Failure but this song sounds like one that was played in a movie soundtrack and every time I play this album I drive myself crazy trying to remember the movie.
    I'm not saying they intentionally copied anything it's just part of the instrumental reminds me of that soundtrack but for the life of me I can't seem to place it.
    I am so glad Failure is back creating music again they are just one of those bands that never got their due maybe this time around they will
    Awesome Band

  7. Elias Villalpando

    In a very odd way, I compare this album to Super Unknown. Like a dark reflection of SU. Daylight is Like Suicide and Stuck on you like Blackhole Sun. Like the B sides .. Not as bright or big as Soundgarden but like opposite sides of one coin. Love this album tho.

  8. Arkantos

    I have a feeling im the only black person listening to this

    Cucktown Population: Me

    Lol welcome 👌

    K Wave

    Arkantos we need more of you

    Jon S

    I was introduced to Failure by a black dude. He also introduced me to Nietzsche and psychedelics.

    Sparky Bonehead

    no you're not!

    Killah Kin Loyalty/Royalty

    🤣🤣🤣I been on them since 94🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  9. HaffSack

    holy fucking shit i love this band!

  10. M Fohawk

    The day I walk off into the woods with some drugs/alcohol and place myself into a point of no return...this is the song I'll have on repeat as I watch my last glimpse of the living world before I fade into past existence....

    choco la

    I fucking love your comment

    M Fohawk

    How about you take some fucking grammar classes, fucktard.

  11. Ben Lands

    So sad. I love it

  12. CreamOf Weber

    I 'd love to buy this record.... but not for $175.

  13. William Montgomery

    I listened to most of this album and thought it was cool.  Then when Daylight came on, my mind was blown away.  Especially the second time that "Daylight" was sang with the sudden boom of the entire band going full out!  I pictured the first daylight streaking across a barren land.  Just amazing!!  I learned to play drums to this album and their other two albums.  I can't wait for their next album.

  14. GeoCosmic REX

    Soaring, triumphant, irreplaceable chilling excellence!

  15. sebastien berube

    this whole album is an alt rock masterpiece, along with magnified and comfort. this music should be on classic rock stations, if those stations even still had a clue what is classic.

  16. Jarod Casano

    They're back bigger and badder than ever!

  17. TheDeathwalker86

    This is si good it hurts me

  18. Tordah90

    What a record! Off all my years listening to music can't believe this didn't pop up! Oh well better late than never (:

  19. Sh Ann Ion

    Love this song!

  20. Henry14arsenal2007

    Im sorry, what pink floyd?

  21. Angie Yoder

    God, I can remember how often I'd lay around listening to this album and just it!

  22. jolene ruth

    unF! still good after all these years.

  23. The King Chivas

    Floyd wishes they were this talented.


    The King Chivas
    easy....heat of the moment.

  24. TheHigh Way

    Very best way to end that great f*king album!

  25. bandongogogo

    pink floyd is everywhere!

  26. infallibleineffable

    Don't mourn that they couldn't play nice. Ken's post failure project are good, and as for Greg, his current band Autolux is fucking amazing.

    Much as I would have liked a 4th Failure album, I think it worked out for the best that they split.


    Then the mf's came back dudeee

  27. Technical Work Rate Productions

    such an amazing band. Too bad Greg and Ken couldn't play nice.

  28. McCandless Children

    ahhhh....looooove failure. makes me appreciate pure raw music.

  29. Matthew D

    I recently remodeled my master bedroom with fur-covered styrofoam. If I could dig below my house, the room would be my catacomb. God? He's never safe. Daylight won't find me, if I can help it and still make a living. AMEN!

  30. OingoBungle

    @Juggler1711 MONEYYY! get away

  31. Juggler1711

    reminds me of pink floyd

  32. TheFleeingPhoenix

    Legendary song.

  33. Dig Me Out

    Check out a podcast review of Failure's Fantastic Planet on Dig Me Out, a weekly podcast dedicated to digging up lost College Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock and Hard Rock of the 1990s, one album at a time. digmeoutpodcast . com

  34. dropd26

    This is one of my favorite guitar solos.

  35. Camus Anrak

    teeemaaaaaasoooooo!! mi cancion favorita de failure.

  36. sebastian diaz

    que recuerdos
    que penas
    que alegrías
    que valle música

    Meredith Avila