Failure - Counterfeit Sky Lyrics

It's no mistake
It's all your fault
What holds you down
Just find your ghost

One more sunlight breaks you down
The counterfeit sky sells you out
After all the change, nothing's changed
Wake up laughing and don't know who you are

It's not a switch
Or a reflex
In all the ways
You sink your guest

One more sunlight breaks you down
The counterfeit sky sells you out
After all the change, nothing's changed
Wake up laughing (Wake up laughing)

Are you mine all the time?
When you dream (When you dream)

One more sunlight breaks you down
The counterfeit sky sells you out
After all the change, nothing's changed
Wake up laughing and don't know who you are (Who you are?)

Are you mine? (Who you are?)

One more sunlight breaks you down (Breaks you down)
The counterfeit sky sells you out (Sells you out)
After all the change, nothing's changed
Nothing's changed

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Failure Counterfeit Sky Comments
  1. Andrew Evitts

    What a Fantastic Planet


    This band really deserves more.

  3. Matt Snow

    Whenever I have a bad moment my metal jukebox cues Greg's opening guitar riff.

  4. Barry Norgaard

    Please don't hate me for saying so but the chorus sounds like Katy Perry's song, Extraterrestrial. I love this song but just sharing an observation!

  5. Joseph Slattery

    Ken and Shepard, do you think he played ME2?

  6. martinberg78

    Really sad how underrated Failure is. Here is an excellent example of how the government chooses what you lisen to.

  7. Traine Lavalais

    Classic Failure music

  8. eliksc

    Trying to figure the video out..
    Maybe generations failing over and over due to following their failing elder's beliefs? Or newer generations not grasping their elder's wisdom? Or both?
    Still do not know if that is Failure's message or the video creator's..?


    4 damn years asking me the same question mate ;). Failure at his finest.

  9. Rich Jones

    awesome song - listened to it about 10 times in a row...

  10. Cynic Snacks

    I’m actually disgusted by how underrated this band are.

  11. Eliot Fish Music

    Thank you for existing

  12. msfasa

    Why does it say the artist is the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the details?? YouTube get it together!

  13. jompe84

    The astronaut is from the cover of the 1996 album.
    The man who's planting seeds represents god.
    The seed represents life, but god don't want the astronaut to plant it, because he has
    seen mankind erase life on other planets. So places him in an eternal loop.

    Traine Lavalais

    Truthfully spoken. It is like saying no problems are solved on Earth because man is the cause.

    Bodie Dutch

    @Jacob Irby ditto kiddo

    Lance Shelton

    Or God slapping his hand with the seeds represents the unknown or chaos with life that rises from that rapid change.

    Donald Tuck

    I'd say it's more on the cycle of things like the yugas of time and the hitting of the seeds is braking the wheel of time creating a real change

    David Sturgeon

    I don't think so. The old man is the same guy, just old. He smacks the seeds out his own hands. It means "live". Kind of like the saying "if I could go back in time, I'd smack myself". The point I think is to live your life and not to stick to the norm of your everyday life. You're going to look back at your life in the future one day and hopefully you don't want to smack yourself. Maybe..maybe almost?

  14. Колосов Семен

    Настоящее произведение искусства. По всем параметрам.

  15. Pedro Henrique Naider

    BRASIL! ❤

    Eduardo Mesquita

    Amém, achava que era o único.

  16. And Yeah

    You have this listed as red hot chili peppers. Music in this video is Failure

  17. Jonathan Dispirito

    This song is very gripping. I Love it

  18. Psycho Mantis

    Whats the bass tab? Someone help a nigga out please

  19. Peyton Long

    Look like the Mercury Seven spacesuits.

  20. Brian Lewis

    Failure is the best band on the planet. The wait was worth it.

  21. GrungeFinland

    This is absolutely a brilliant song! These guys are criminally underrated! Can't wait for the new album!


  22. Keren Mennahem


  23. Chris Dk

    these guys should be the first to play on Mars

  24. Inès Weber

    Wtf is going on ?

  25. Eric.

    Book of memories

  26. Casper Illuminated

    Sooo good

  27. poughkeepsieblue

    What a perfect song.

  28. Brian Marshall

    they're just as good as they were in the 90s. why does no one know about them. way better than the garbage on the radio. politics bruh?!?!😂😂

  29. the quicker the damned

    that whole video and song made me terrified and want to cry

  30. Billy Owens

    Anyone has an idea what the song is about?


    Billy Owens cryptic lyrics. Depends how you interpret it. Tool does the same thing.

  31. Aubrey Coupart

    S P A C E R O C K

    Traine Lavalais

    That is EXACTLY what it is.

  32. Dave Peilt

    Its no mistake its all your fault

  33. Master Vader

    I respect and love this band so much for everything that they've been through in their carear and to still being able to create music in these times with no compromise. hats off to you guys keep making your art!

  34. Lampros Sid

    Fuck the views.

  35. william nicholas

    My God, thats a great video! must have cost a fortune though! I have to buy the album in support =)

  36. Dead Leaves

    Two people are hearts...because they're MONSTERS for disliking this.

    Failure is what happens when you turn theoretical physics equations into music.

  37. drini omar

    who the fuck disliked it ?

    Matt Sloan

    drini omar most likely panic at the discos #1 fanboi

    Matt Sloan

    drini omar I meant fuckboi*

    drini omar

    @Matt Sloan hah xD yeah i would imagine



  39. David Smith

    That looks like a fantastic planet! Too bad the heart is a monster and comfort needs to be magnified.

    Raine Piowaty

    +David Smith 8/8


    I see what you did there! :)




    gldn slvr

  40. Mike Panarin

    So hypnotic

  41. Qurida Pearson

    Amazing stuff

  42. choco la

    I wish I could see them live :(

  43. SkyBrotherBortz

    Amazing stuff.

  44. Icarus Munyoz

    Thank u for giving us more Failure! Thank u! Hope to see more vids on the future!

  45. Nick Laho

    This should have way more views!

    shane Gao

    +Nick Laho definitely!


    +Nick Laho I've watched it 10x just to do my part.

  46. Spyder

    great stuff, wont get views. BUTF UCK IT ITS GOOD

  47. augusto iturre

    so fucking epic!

  48. Holistic Songwriting

    Failure are BACK! :)

    Miki Vukovic

    Is failure the mysterious band you keep mentioning in your show? The one that made you think "I'll never be as good as these guys"?
    Just really curious :D

  49. Doug Tull

    Failure's music is what planets are made of.

    Bodie Dutch


  50. Nick Sims

    I always wondered what it would be like to be this good at music...

  51. Daniel Accioly

    Videoclip of the year!

  52. eyemalien

    turns out Failure is really good
    embrace your Failure

  53. Azu Sal Ce.

    this song is really good!!!

  54. Kayla McAnally

    This song kills me

  55. Mike Reseigh

    that is the best thing i have seen all day

  56. Aiur

    Lovely imagery

  57. Revi Bard-Harvey

    So awesome!

  58. JuanBass310

    Pretty cool. Nice

  59. Jade West

    The vid doesn't make sense but this is one of my favorite songs.

    Texas Freeway Gypsy

    Jade West If you’re a kid from the 90s you’d get it.

  60. Miguel Viana

    Amazing work, keep it up guys :)