Faces, The - Jealous Guy Lyrics

I was dreaming of the past
And my heart was beating fast
I began to lose control
I began to lose control

I didn't want to hurt you
And I'm sorry I made you cry, no
I didn't want to hurt you, no I didn't care
I'm just a jealous guy

I was feeling insecure
You might not need me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside

I didn't want to hurt you
And I'm sorry I made you cry, oww
I didn't want to hurt you, no I didn't care
I'm just a jealous guy

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Faces, The Jealous Guy Comments
  1. Larry Guilfoyle

    This is from the ooh la la outtakes , check out a bootleg called Last step with loads of rehearsal gems like this ,the ultimate rock blues band

  2. Randystudio217

    Some of the best studio banter I've ever heard

  3. Ely Paiva

    Fucking good!

  4. Hosp. Poza Rica Cáncer de Mama

    toman la cancion ... la transforman..... y s e apropian de ellla


    This version is increhible

  6. Keith Mcloughlin

    Probably the greatest set of musicians that ever lived and Rods voice so soulful.
    He could sing anything Blues Rock and Roll Soul and the big Ballet's.
    Their like and music we will never see again.
    Thankyou Guys.
    RIP Ronnie and Mac

  7. Alan Kelly

    Sums the brilliant Faces up .....pissed but can still produce wonderful bring you to your knees soul like this

  8. Sandy Sandy

    Nice but to be honest it's best by John Lennon !


    Lennon is my favorite, but I have to disagree. Donny Hathaway, the Faces, Jimmy Scott all did it better. Mark of a great song though

  9. Alan Fox

    I was not aware the faces covered it a lot better than some rod Stewart cover versions.

  10. Alan Fox

    I love the banter at the beginning and this is a good version of a John Lennon song and is up this with the Roxy music version and the original John Lennon version I heard in the look who's talking too movie at a poignant moment in the film and I seen this album on my local market I need to go and buy it sometime.

  11. MrGoat61

    This is one of, maybe the best versions of this song. A country singer in New Zealand called Al Hunter also did a fantastic version on his Neon Cowboy album.

    Jon O

    The Black Crowes (early stuff) used to cover this tune live.....some with Chuck leavell on keyboards


    Here you go----with Chuck ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY7A6F95Jwo

  12. Daniel Pico


  13. Daniel Farje

    They were so fucking drunk they forgot the last verses of the song, too bad!

  14. heftosprod

    I love this soooo much. Please... come back faces. Come back....

    Miyuki Shijisha

    Two of them have passed away....difficult to come back eh?

  15. Osmar Oliveira Silveira

    "Amazing..... "

  16. Bean Babbitt

    The un-refined-ness is what the faces were all about. And some of the only ones who accomplished beauty, unrefined.

  17. andrew f

    no one asked, but Rod's complimenting Kenney Jones for going easy as opposed to his "usual Midnight Hour ummmthwap! ummmthwap! " thing is the most amusing thing said amongst many amusing things there..

  18. Alan Ogilvie

    The only band that could be so pissed up then turn out such gems as this one. They were the very sloppiest best. That's meant a a supreme compliment

  19. Philip Kennedy

    How come the stones never managed to create cool stuff like this? The faces seemed to be likable version of the Stones.. or a nicer version at least :)

    kimario ballantyne

    According to Ronnie wood, the faces were his long audition for the stones

  20. Jesse James

    omg stfu and play the music

    benny fitriadi

    Anjirr ngeunaheun euy edan...

  21. Arnar Einarsson

    Absolutely right

  22. Royce M

    I love the dirty dialogue comments in the British accent at the beginning!

    James Baker

    English, please..... you Americans need to learn the difference between English and British!!!!

  23. Andrea Prodan

    brilliant cockney jabber! sounds like SPINAL TAP!

  24. wilakt4fud

    What a lovable bunch of drunkards.

  25. Ron Cromer

    Faces were an acquired taste. It's two or three sidebars from traditional contemporary popular music but their music is gold, and it took all of them; Rod, the two Ronnies and Company to create this art. Eh?

  26. Johnny Woodard

    There's some biting shit in that preamble.

  27. Paul Barraza

    best version is on the Coast to coast live version

  28. Alan Ogilvie

    It's on the live Album Coast to Coast, post Ronnie Lane, with Tetsu on Bass

  29. Alan Ogilvie

    What a bunch of pissheads, but what a band, and what a cover of a special song

  30. Dave Alexander

    @MichaelHansenFUN On the box it says it was from the ooh la la sessions

  31. Amhlair

    John Lennon number.

  32. MichaelHansenFUN

    @LCcrowe thats the comp box set, wonder what studio album this originated from?

    Captain MidKnight

    None.. Live Coast to Coast

  33. LCcrowe

    It's on the box set Five Guys Walk Into a Bar.

  34. MichaelHansenFUN

    huh???where did they perform this cover from? what album?

    Guillermo Noriega

    True original rock love it.

    Thomas Morrison

    Coast to Coast is the live album it came from

    Sander Geerdink

    The version on Coast to Coast is different from this one, this version is some sort of studio outtake

  35. kimario ballantyne

    Best Drunks ever!!

  36. Anthony Borden