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Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Я читаю фейков шаринганом
Как Учиха Саске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске

Здесь мой сквад — это теневые клоны
Взгляни на стены — там плачут иконы
Хотел нас догнать? Но, увы, далеко мы
Глаза нас не видят, как под глаукомой
Моё небо вам не даст защиты, будь уверен
Я живой или убитый, но всегда на высоте
Под седативным мягко тлею
Моя ночь длиннее суток
Твоя дочь бежит — я зову её "сука"
Мне нужен только час, я коснусь её плеча
И мы уйдём на дно, как судно
Мне не нужен гнилой воздух
Я смогу жить только в дыме
Молиться Богу уже поздно
Поджигаю храм, изыди

Я сажусь на Кавасаки, за моей спиной — кодати
Я на пати заставляю этих рэперов страдать
Я с виду как Киф Эйп, когда я в медицинской маске
Я читаю фейков шаринганом, как Учиха Саске
Играть со мной опасно: парень, ты можешь погаснуть
Я трачу свои деньги — и, надеюсь, не напрасно
Открываю людям то, что смерть — это прекрасно
Всё, что видишь перед ней —
Ниндзя в медицинской маске

Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Я читаю фейков шаринганом
Как Учиха Саске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске
В медицинской маске
Я читаю фейков шаринганом
Как Учиха Саске
Ниндзя в медицинской маске

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FACE MASK Comments
  1. Myasia Stephens

    I couldn’t tell if it was the same girl or not

  2. Kyla Tori

    It annoys me how she didn’t use a headband or a hair tie in ANY of these

  3. Kill Me

    Her facial expressions were cringey asf

  4. Maya Rensburg

    someone please tell this girl she is gonna damage her skin because of all those face fasks

  5. Lime_ peach

    3:32 .....WHAT THE FUC-

  6. Cami y sofi TV

    Woow is the kuki

  7. Gimema Rios


  8. Reena Oodith

    Her lips look very pink!!!

  9. Larissa lokinha

    Algem q fale mh lingua

  10. ALLinONE

    Why did she wasted those shiny stones 🤷‍♀

  11. Avery Gonzalez

    *when you just want clear skin before your boyfriend comes over the next morning but u end up with skin as thin as paper* f***ing MINTTT

  12. Ee Jj

    Tu est trop belle😘😘😘😘

  13. Anisa Olivieri

    Lmao y'all such haters chill out

  14. Addy 1

    I wish i had money like you to buy all this masks .

  15. Banin Khair

    هل من عربي يشاهد الفيديو

  16. Jai' Nya Chinn

    why wear makeup while doing a face mask??

  17. Nika mydudes


  18. Nika mydudes

    I wanna see the difficultie of taking it off

  19. вtsníghtcσrє

    1:14 people watching this DON'T do that. you will mess your face up even more and it will roughen and irritate your skin. this girl is obviously faking it.

  20. Jason Jackson

    Ur face mask are pretty

  21. Katie Werden

    Your face looks so chunky when you put the avacodo on your face

  22. Petite Panda



  23. Leah

    lol her definition of acne is my definition of a clear face 👌

  24. Gacha Tabby

    Ok I go to GlenWood and 5:07 is cool 😎

  25. Fatima's Fantasic Adventures For You

    How much money you wasted huh

  26. Moataz Alaa

    What is the third thing the girl in 0:35 added to the ginger and honey?

  27. Mir Hossain

    your hands are so nice too

  28. rainbow gaming

    Good news

  29. Meli Mel

    Every Time, start is hard but end is easy
    But in love and face mask, start is easy but end is hard !

  30. M OvO

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  31. M OvO

    A LED light therapy mask works best without make-up while applying it to your skin. Like the Aduro LED Face Mask at https://www.lettherebeledlight.com

  32. Alexis Moore


  33. Amelia Leach

    The blue one and the black magnet ones were like ASMR but for your eyes...

  34. Lara Harnandez

    Girl's name please

  35. XxShanMidnightxX neckocat


    *home made mask*

  36. Carrie chikennuget

    "ADD TEA" Me: to James Charles channel

  37. Zainab Stars

    ممكن حساب البنت الي بالفيديو عل انستا

  38. slime girls like to dance and praking all friends

    Your so beutyfull

  39. meh me

    Me:Mom do we have cement in our home?

  40. بنت العراق

    مين عربي هون أثبت وجودك بلايك

    عراقية مرت من هنا

  41. Selena Carby

    What after honey?!

  42. Makaylee Duvall

    Why do I find this satisfying AF

  43. Daisy janet

    Me: ok ok ok,I'm gonna make the Avocado face mask.....* gets the Avocado cuts it*

    10 min later

    Me again: that was delicious wait....wasn't I supposed to do something else with the Avocado 🤔 who knows at least I made myself some fine Guacamole 🤷‍♀️

  44. Freya Dickinson

    when she did the acne face mask I was likeBitch where ? x

  45. La vida esta contiqo with mama


  46. Ghfran Alsadig

    طب لو حطت المجوهرتات البلاستيكية اشاستفادت

    ميثا احمد المزروعي

    م ادري

  47. SharinaPlays

    0:28 Acne? WHERE!

  48. XOXRiri_PlayzXOX

    1, why is she wearing makeup whilst doing this coz it’s pointless and the instructions say you need fully clear skin, washed and wiped to make sure it is doing its job properly and why can’t I see a different in her face on the before and after like... ??

  49. EXO EXO

    This girl looks like men

  50. Funny Siblings

    Why dose she always have makeup 💄 on that means the face masks don’t actually work.

  51. Funny Siblings

    I know she didn’t use that blue food coloring and if she did it would have stained her face for a freaking week.

  52. nah nah

    Just tie the hair back...

    *And stop needing to use makeup when using face masks!*

  53. Kiana Roark

    guys don’t put food coloring in ur face masks... it stained my face

  54. popote Barrientos

    Y yo apenas tengo un rimel :(

  55. Ezra Pruitt

    Damn she hot bussdown

  56. Granola xo

    Doing so many different face masks is bad for your skin

  57. Aimee Thomson

    So ur alright now

  58. Leonarda Jarmanović

    I looked for mask off song and this came out....

  59. Candice Budram

    No sence if you put on foundation

  60. Jxdellyn

    whats the purpose of adding the stones and glitter shit?

  61. FrenchxFrxes

    I don't mean for this to be a hate comment but the girl doing all the face masks try so hard to be pretty with like the makeup/poses/lip movements it's making her look ugly °^°

  62. Sad Boy

    Hi guys, would mind to check out my new article about fask mask "https://twixlap.blogspot.com/2019/07/6-best-types-of-hydrating-face-masks.html. i hope you consider it. thanks"

  63. Mehral Nasibi

    She already has a beautiful clean face why would she need that much face masks ??

  64. Mehral Nasibi

    3:48 😮😮😮😮😮

  65. Eva Montelbano

    In the 3rd face mask you know that you don't suppose to put food coloring in face mask because it's not good for your face no hate tho

  66. gimme _destiel

    5:54 *-yass gurl apply that twilight sparkle shit-*

  67. Ali Ali

    شوفو البنات اثاري شكد يستخدمون قناعات يلة يطلعن

  68. NiKyah Little

    The green one with the oatmeal had me disgusted

  69. وجدان

    الله يعين بشرتها كل يوم ماسك😂😂

    ميثا احمد المزروعي

    م ادري والله بشرتها تقول ارحميني

  70. Mostafa Sasa

    والله انا بحس براحة نفسية بس مش اكتر

  71. بنت لثورة لسورية وع راسي ريشة

    الون المسكت كتير حلوين

  72. Lil_ Mochi_04

    Peel Porn😋 any Holosexuals here??

  73. not a name to be used for something else

    They should really tie their hair....What if it gets stuck in the face mask....Why do they have makeup on

    haha fish

    it's the same person, tf u talkin bout?!

    not a name to be used for something else

    @haha fish I obviously see that dumbass all I'm saying is that person should tie her hair

  74. sophie

    Bruh it's a mask, u take it off. Why the decorations and makeup. Bruh

  75. Random Youtube

    1:50 thumbnail

  76. Elysse Corinne

    4:52 shrek head ahh

  77. آمہ غہمہآزهہ

    Wow 2:34

  78. Irene Bit

    The one with the Magnet is scary and disgusting.🤢😖

  79. jada green

    she is soo pritty

  80. مدوختهم بنضراتي

    اكو عرب بالطيارة

  81. Kå Jacka Blacka

    Doesn't the glitter cause microtearing?

  82. Sathya Mahendran

    1.23 hairstyle name please

    Moonlight ASMR

    High ponytail

  83. Dyedreakus Waller

    U are beautiful the way u arr😍😍

  84. Grumpy Cat

    I’m sorry but cringing that they’re all wearing makeup

  85. Katie Trukositz

    Aww I like how the name of the channel is your gorgeous

  86. min yoongi is handsome

    5:14 now we know where Billie's avocados went

  87. sunflower.aesthetixx 3

    who else came here just for the thumbail?

  88. Wut????

    2:11 that face mask look like throw up

  89. Brishna Dorani

    Wow that is cool

  90. Zainah Rahman

    Why is she putting diamonds on top of her facemask

    Say Rabbit

    Because she is TinMan From The Wizard of Oz—

  91. beauty shop

    it's really a good suggestion.
    If you want more ideas welcome here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNArblYVd3Q&t=30s

  92. علاء مؤمل

    حلوة حلوة

  93. علاء مؤمل

    دجاج هو هذا التحدي عدسات لولا عيونك عيونك

  94. Sylvia Hartland

    Vegans: 5:40

    0cean_ sides

    That's hurtful -.-
    How dare you compare me to somebody who puts jewels on a face mask when ur just going to peel it of =_=

    Sylvia Hartland

    @0cean_ sides lol wdym? I mean the green one lmao


    Vegans kill innocent plants!! 😭😭That's why I only eat air !

  95. Jorge Villarreal

    It triggered me how she cut the Avocado >:(