Fabolous - Young & Sexy Lyrics

[Intro - Fabolous]
Young money on the floor! Trak money on the beat
That's right man, the young and sexy
You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know?
Let's get it in, 25 and younger

[Chorus - Mike Shorey & (Pharrell Williams)]
I see you smiling shorty, I see it in your eyes
Security let her through, trust me man she's alright
(She's alright, she's alright, she's alright)
(Cause she's gon ride, she's gon ride, she's gon ride)

[Fabolous - 2x]
To the beat y'all! Till the motherfucking champagne and weed is gone!

[Verse - Fabolous]
I'm so VIP, and Notorious for doing it B.I.G. girl
You ain't gotta see ID, I'm a rich young man
Clean button up wit the rich young pairs
Out of you young ladies, which one can - do it to the beat y'all
Young niggaz get funny, just to get a name
So you know I came with the heat y'all!
You know I got a little money, got a little fame
But you know I came from the streets y'all
If you wanna act funny, I can do the same
And when Pharrell let the beat fall
Let me see you get your hands up high y'all
Just like you're reaching for the sky y'all
For the young sexy and fly y'all
Roll another one, let's get high y'all


[Verse - Fabolous]
From the high heels to low cuts
To the dude in the fast car wit the slow strut girl
They wanna catch J. Jackson
But the money's longer than a stretch Maybach Benz
They say I'm fly enough to do better
But pimp enough to not give a fuck
They say I'm old enough to know better
But young enough to not give a fuck
Tell Stella to move back, if she want Her Groove Back
I get my young man on, then the young man gone
Let's get money again, and even if you ain't
I'll make you feel twenty again, so!
Let me see you get your hands up high y'all
Just like you're reaching for the sky y'all
For the young sexy and fly y'all
Take another shot, let's get high y'all


[Verse - Fabolous]
I'm too young to be sprung
And you can tell I'm too blessed to be stressed
My move is too smooth, on top of that I dress to impress
The walk is so chilled, not to mention the Talk is so Real
We all gotta get old, but before I do I'm a ball outta control
Live young! die rich! woo!


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Fabolous Young & Sexy Comments
  1. Roderick Murrell

    My favorite album of Fabulous my opinion

  2. Mike Gillespie

    This Shit make you wanna have a cookout, get some drinks and kick it

  3. trenell woods

    My momma had this album shit a classic foreal

  4. stephon thomas

    This is in my top 5 fab songs

  5. Jahmar Armstead

    Swear this is 2 steppin', milly rockin', shmurdda dancin', electric slidin' all in one.. You can definitely play this at a Bbq and get no complaints..Definition of feel good music💪👌✌

  6. jonathan johnson


  7. Pamela Hilderbrand

    Love this song it lifts me everytime I listen to it!!

    Pamela Hilderbrand


  8. b47anced_Era

    One of the realest!

  9. steven davenport

    love this