Fabolous - Take It Easy Freestyle Lyrics

Take it easy for real bro
[Evil laughing]
Take it easy for real bro, (Yeah)
Take it easy for real bro, (DJ CLUE)
(That boy Fabolous)
They said why I'm going so hard? What I'm s'posed to take it easy?

I said too many swag raps and not enough rhymes
Too many watches and not enough time
But today I got time cuz' goodnight to you lames
I'm just over you niggas' Suge Knight in the Range
Might take a few shots I should write in a range
Cause I'm trying to get the paper used to write in my aim
And that make you a target, I will make you a carpet
Have the wolves on you again, make you a Garnett
Niggas' trying to eat don't have me make you the market
Bitches want it now fuck that take you tomorrow shit
Shorty he ain't coppin' he couldn't take you to Target
Get your roll on I take you under the arm pit
Take you to the star shit he just take you to Starlets
Never let a stock boy take you off of the market
Your bitch borin' like her first name is Margaret
My bitch foreign like her last name is Vargas
And shorty miss me I been grinding all week really
Came home to a Minaj like Meek Milly
She call me hit and run I'm like freak really?
I made two hundred all star week silly
Made enough dough to make biscuits for the whole block
I don't spend time I hit the district for a gold watch
My lil' homie, his biscuit is a old Glock
He catch a square and put the Triscuit in a gold box
So take it easy, I told you niggas', giving passes ain't easy
I'm ruthless like EZ, want beef? I'm like Ruth's Chris that's easy
Take your top off make you roofless that easy
Desert Eagle nickname D-easy, bullets pass Romo to D-easy (What up Dez?) Bryant
In New York I'm a Giant, I'm like Victor Cruz with chicks to choose
Met a chick at Sue's her dress fit so well, best catch you done seen since Odell
Niggas' like ex's probably say I'm not shit, if you ain't got haters you probably ain't got shit
Love me in L.A. on some Hollywood Pac shit
Love me in The A up in Follies I'm the hot shit
Love MIA twenty mamis in the spot shit
Love me in my city don't try me with the THOT shit
I'm on some rapper run up probably get shot shit
Star on the ground Hollywood block shit
I got the check and the stripes word to Yeezy
So easy, you niggas' gotta' take it easy

[Girl singing:]
Gotta' take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta' take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta' take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta' take it easy, whaaaaat

[DJ Clue:]

[Faboulous talking:]
You niggas' gotta' take it easy bro, you looking crazy out here family
Like what are you doing bro? For these hoes?
You know how that shit go, you know how that shit go. Ha ha ha. Yea
Take it easy for real bro

[DJ Clue:]
[giving shoutouts]

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Fabolous Take It Easy Freestyle Comments
  1. Shan

    this beat is a classic.. Fab can touch literally anything

  2. mtrujillo1973

    Im like Victor Cruz with chicks in twos...


    That's not what he said

  3. Soina Clinton2#

    shot out to Brooklyn NY and im treacherous shimeka Soina Clinton and take it easy bicths and asshole and im black Dominican republic SD and Jamaica Kingston

  4. Jason Suffrien

    Notforgetting jada n style p

    key seawright

    D block serious, loso my dude he serious

  5. Jason Suffrien

    Fabo cas banks can flow on any beat

  6. Jason Suffrien

    Whooooooooooooo 🔥 🔥 🔥 fire

  7. Bobby Marquez

    Fabulous gots baarrsss!!!

  8. T S

    Goddamn......Jesus Christ.......

  9. Almany Fotue Kopa

    Onkel Fabolous , der Real ! The indestroyable Mc .A brother in arms , that I will never forget . Forever , I'll (I will) appreciate your songs .

  10. Ny Hiphop

    Mad lion. Take it easy

  11. Malik Stevens

    Bumping hard right now

  12. willie lweis

    Miss me wit thot Shit 🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. Epiphany Reds

    Killed it !!!!!!!

    key seawright

    Fabulous serious, loso way on these weezy and drizzy

  14. I'm Here

    This is the shit right here

  15. Home Grown Inc.

    My lil homie.
    His biscuit is an old glock.
    He catch a square, put the triscuit in a gold box.

    Most slept on rapper.

  16. Michael Muller

    nobody aint fkin wit loso

  17. Tommy V.

    Have them Wolves on you again make you a Garnett. Damn son!!!!

  18. King Jayy

    Came home to a minaj like meek milly fab too slept on

    Christine Mahaffey


  19. Ty Bell

    Whose original beat is this?

    Kieron Francis

    Mad lion

  20. Ollie Murphy

    Best catch you done seen since Odell

    Fab always dropping those one liners

  21. bimmerevolution

    how could a busta hate.... illest flow and word play... 4 dislikes is fuckery

  22. Demetrius Taylor

    but today i got time cuz haha

  23. Mr. Perfect

    i got the check(Nike)and the stripes(adidas)word to Yeezy. 2:12

  24. jamal alaur

    top five dead or alive #nystandup

    bubba endzone

    "Best catch u dun seen since Odell" AAGHHH..MY NIGGAS 2MUCH...

  25. Aishah215

    Fab That N*gga... Hands Down !!!

  26. Dsylexic Buffalo

    Why is this dude so damn slept on...............

    jamal alaur

    its crazy my nikka

    E Irving Diaz

    @jamal alaur word

  27. Tavan Thomas

    never let a stock boy take you off of the market

  28. Meen Bolling FOREVER

    Fab is the ****

  29. himmie1

    Over you niggas, suge knight in the range. Bars


    ...wat up Dez...

  31. Livefromtha315

    Young OG

  32. Lorna Georges

    first! & 🔥🔥