Fabolous - Sacrifices Lyrics

Yeah, you know the crazy thing is
They gon' talk about you when you ain't got shit
But then they gon' talk about you when you got shit
And see they gon' talk even when they don't know
What you had to do or what you go through

[Verse 1:]
Seeing your family scrambling, that sanity damaging
Gotta, make a move can't just stand and be mannequin
Have a man who be managing, randomly standing in places he shouldn't
Trying to move that Pamela Anderson under
Stand and beat hammers and grandma keep paneling
Cause them niggas from the other side are fans of me vanishing
New day, new funeral, my grandma be panicking
But I gotta eat, she just handing me sandwiches
And an appetite like mine, got me scamming and scandeling
Riding shotty with my homie, but I plan to be phantom and
Bumping something I can feel, fam, I need sampling
Not no Bieber on the hook, I need Anthony Hamilton
I got molly, I got white, I be Hannah Montana and
Like a Migo it's illegal, but it's grams in my hand again
So it probably ain't right, but this the land of the scandalous
Til your own friend a snake you probably can't understand it then
When you go you're just gone, all we missing is payments
Dr. King fought for my freedom that I risked just to pay rent
Ain't no love for these streets, ain't no kissing the pavement
Yeah, I'm sick and tired of shit, but they insist on being patient
But for what? To wait on that eviction note?
I wake up to some real shit, them dreams I have is fictional
Unless I go and get it, don't stop, get it, get it
2 Live Crew money and the Luke dancers with it

Jesus died on that cross, that's a sacrifice
Niggas dying for their cross, that's a sacrifice
Rosa Parks took a charge, that's a sacrifice
If shorty took that charge for you, that's a sacrifice
Just do what you gotta do, baby
Just do what you gotta do, baby
Just do what you gotta do, baby
You gotta do what you gotta do, baby

[Verse 2:]
Baby gotta do what a baby gotta do
Baby mama ain't got it, but her baby father do
Never pick up baby boy, but his Mercedes Powder blue
Now mommy sick of daddy and baby got a flu
And what's crazy about it too
Is all she sees is lies when she look him in his eyes
And her baby got them too
Pay a little child support, but what's so shady about him too
Is in the club he pop Rozay, but won't bring baby bottles through
I know things fell part, I ain't saying we gotta glue
But if you walking around in Prada, buy your baby Prada too
Telling hoes "yes", we can't get a "maybe" outta you
Shit is fucked up, and I don't think the baby gotta clue
What's a lady gotta do? Bend over for dollar tips?
Cause ain't nobody giving young, single mothers scholarships
Mama just got diagnosed, breast cancer
So when they ask what she's gonna do, her best answer
Is "I don't know, gotta do what I gotta do"
And I don't know about your bills, but the ones I got are due
People always wanna try and tell you what you gotta do
But there's a difference in what those who don't and those who gotta do
It's called sacrifices, hate to see my man gone
Bail was like a pop fly just to bring my man home
Can't just leave him out there
Gotta believe in yourself even when there's doubt there, yeah


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Fabolous Sacrifices Comments
  1. Spartan From The X

    One of my favorite Fab songs hands down. If you got goals in life and you feeling like shit, this is your song.

  2. Joan Ruiz

    2019 we still here.

  3. Jovan Jordan

    I remember when I first heard this I kept playing this and kept pushing myself

  4. Aaron Hahn

    FAB the best!

  5. Timmy

    The introduction sounded like a funeral and gave a creepy vibe to me the first few times I heard it

  6. Aaron Hahn

    Damn this track is a heart wound! Nice work Loso!

  7. Phoenix Da Arsonist

    Ghetto Fab is a legend. Been a fan since "Can't Deny It" hit down south. I was in elementary school. I'm 27 now. Love, from NC (if he ever reads this)

  8. Terrence Holmes


  9. Asia' Valenciaga

    2019 I'm still listening!!!!! fireeeeee !!

  10. Noes Humano

    2019! This song is everything to me

  11. Chanel Louis

    for what to wait on that eviction note. Just do what u gotta do.

  12. Young Frankenstein

    fire 2018

  13. Marcus Smith

    got to beleive in yourself even when its doubt there

  14. KroD313

    Crazy dope.. Still getting plays in 2018

    Mr.T 248

    KroD313 2019

  15. Omar Ponce

    Idk about you bills but the ones i got are due

  16. Gary Wade

    Bail was like a POP FLY just to bring my man HOME! smh his wordplay is ridiculous

  17. Freddie Jenkins

    Fabolous is a different breed💯🎱

  18. Terry Barr

    Gotta believe in yo self even when there's doubt there 💪👊

  19. Austin Waddell

    Thanks for the subscription dedication buddy.b¥ Jayvee¥ Wayne

  20. Royal Rayne

    I need this beat

  21. Andre Lockhart

    Hate to see my man gone bail was like a pop fly just to bring my man home. I know y'all don't get it.

  22. free way

    ain't no love for these streets ain't no kissing the pavement

  23. Marcell Burton

    2017 still sacrificing

    D B

    almost 2018 still sacrificing

    Jaylen Johnson

    D B Almost 2019

  24. Fire Thief

    These verses are epic.

  25. Chad Harris

    bars jo!

  26. LayloTrip

    "Dr King fought for my freedom that I risk just to pay rent" realist shit mane

  27. LayloTrip

    "Fam I need sampling not no bieber on the hook I need Anthony Hamilton".. This is how all artist should think

  28. Nybodygang bitch

    i swear thats king blood at the end of the song fr when he said if i leave the gang are the still gonna love me ? man

    Johnny St.Louis

    Quindell Bowers you mean in the song "only life i know"?

    Nybodygang bitch

    now I know the name of the song yo it's the last couple of words it song king blood yo which is a leader of Latin king

    Darnell Stone

    Quindell Bowers please

  29. 7brandonc

    pay a lil child support, but whats so shady bout em to is in the club he pop rose but wont bring baby bottles thruuu

  30. John Hicks

    I reeeeaaally wish there was an instrumental for this song. Mark Henry did his thing on this one man

  31. 11th SON

    definition of underrated. 

  32. taniya jordan

    tells alot

  33. Daniel Flores

    Shit real...

  34. Barbie Nirah

    Sacrifices hate to see my man gone... # FreeHim 💯

  35. Danny Paul

    Realist song I've ever heard

  36. Jeremy Allen

    Meek mill took his verse "they gon talk about you when you aint got shit, still gon talk about you when you got shit"

  37. Didem Sun

    I djsjddhdbds

  38. EctomorFITT

    loso evolving as an MC...loso's way 2 here soon hopefully

  39. PsnXboxPC

    The 1st lines in this song is the story of my life

  40. G Hayes

    This song is the truth

  41. Tyler Rodriguez

    Loso got this game on smash yo

  42. Jasper van den Berg

    If you ain't feelin this you ain't livin...

  43. Kookie Gurl

    Damn ! this sh#t is so hard ! second verse...my life story. Fab, is a lyrical genius!

  44. Arthur Swinson

    Shyt is soulful 2 say tha least, all his soul mixtapes are krazy, Fab on tha low is consistent and 1 of the best, very underrated.

  45. Ozi Ali B

    Props.. now this is dope..

  46. Jon Blessed

    39 dead beat ass dads don't like this

  47. Rasheen Joshaun

    real rap

  48. RA89

    "Not no Beiber on the hook, I need Anthony Hamilton"

  49. Jason Fenner


  50. Kedrick Lewis

    One of Fab best songs, inspiration

  51. Monroe P

    song is critical

    James Kim

    great message... 

  52. KomicGenius

    Damn this beat and song so dope it gives me chills. Fab been killing it lately!

  53. Kicks Giggles

    Buy your baby prada too...

  54. Courtney Ford

    Everytime I hear this song I get chill bumps... that lets you know this shit real rap b.

    DB Cooper

    I get the same feeling b

  55. FaceThemillion

    The flow!

  56. Amber Byrd

    seeing your family scrambling , that's sanity damaging ..

    Taylor Sellmen

    All 3 soul tapes firee

    Beatrixx Kiddo

    Amber Byrd gotta make a move
    can't just stand and be mannequin

    Goddess of The natural

    Most underrated bar

    CEO Trell

    Goddess of The natural rns

  57. D Jenkins

    People need to stop sleeping on this man Fab he be going jus cause he dont make albums every year, he under rated as hell tho

  58. Aaron Patrick

    DAMN! The Second Verse was straight FIRE!

  59. Ej Davis

    This is soul music rite here

  60. Troy Ingram

    Fab extra underrated !!!1

  61. 93RubixCube

    "Bumping something I can feel, fam, I need sampling
    Not no Bieber on the hook, I need Anthony Hamilton
    I got molly, I got white, I be Hannah Montana and
    Like a Migo it's illegal, but it's grams in my hand again
    So it probably ain't right, but this the land of the scandalous" 

    as good as it gets

  62. JesseBaudaisMusictv

    Hey everyone i'm just trying to get known. I'm a rapper its always been my dream i know its a big dream but its mine. I only have a webcam recorder but its a start please check me out and a few minute of your time could change everything thank you all!  

  63. Raw Talent Entertainment

    This that road trip Music.

    YN Fay

    like shit

    Erica Lamb

    Drive all the way across country or something.😂 It what I did before.

    Coree Jacobs

    Yup, you can listen to all 3 top to bottom

  64. Appreciate

    I can do a road trip banging this album

  65. Janine Jolaine

    The second verse tho!!

    Michael Riddim

    yeah that verse stuck out to me too 

  66. Missu Fourya

    *   *   *   *   *

  67. Inglewood

    Just recently found this nigga. I wished I woulda found him earlier, it sounds like I've missed a lot.

    Tommy Trillfiger

    I can't believe you just now hearing of Loso ,thats crazy


    @TUQ NY I know, but fuck it better late then never I guess. I ain't gonna act like I've been with him since the beginning but I wish I was hah.

    Tommy Trillfiger

    Yeah you right

    Ozi Ali B

    Loso go super hard.. U gotta chek his previous albums too..

  68. Jasper van den Berg

    DAMNN fab the best on his flow and lyrics, go hard!

  69. Rich Slaves

    So so so underrated, Beast

  70. DTH2ALLU

    Been fuckin with him since clue mixtapes FAB is a beast

  71. JA EL

    Second versus is to trill...


    Muy buena pieza

  73. Derek Warrior

    Epic...fab cold

  74. Susie Carmichael

    Man..realist shit ive heard in a MINUTE!


    In a minute..... Fa real

  75. EngleSackJus

    Fabolous. This nigga been in the game sense I was in middle school. 2001. Im proud this nikka can come up with mixtapes for the soul. some real shit. Fab gets it.

    Ozi Ali B

    Same here.. 2001 were the days..

  76. Terrence Holmes

    Best song on the mixtape

  77. 2MaRVaLuS4Wordz

    Who can get this instrumental??

  78. Javanda Barnes

    Loso in case aint know so

  79. R Fergie

    hiphop quatable form start to finish

  80. Nesha Britwood

    Real stuff!

  81. Roberto Malcolm

    he will pop rose' but won't bring baby powder through

    Mak Zaddie

    baby bottle's thru*

  82. Fly Ni

    Wish max b was on dis

  83. Asa Chandler

    My pops need to hear this

  84. Ambitious_Society1982 Fewcha

    Soul tape 3 aka instagram quotes...3...lol king of ny

  85. Mukkey Munz


  86. louis vasquez

    Shit is classic

  87. Carlos Santiago


  88. Komorha Wilson

    dead one of the hottest songs on the mixtape fr

  89. Phil

    Soul Tape Bitches!!! Brooklyn stand up!!

  90. Devin Robertson

    This shit wavyyy

  91. niccolle1

    Hard as usual.

  92. Shantasia Clement

    LITT !!

  93. Shamika2391

    Love love love fab!


    But your name is Shamika


    yes my name is Shamika lol. 

  94. Perry Earl

    Keep killing that shit fab

  95. SpliTSideZ

    *NEW SHIT*

    Fab always kills tracks all day!

  96. MikeBiziTV

    i feel privileged to be the one of the 1st to comment here!! I love fab though

  97. Kellen Lane

    fabolous might have dropped the mixtape of the year on christmas day , happy holiday !!

    Taylor Sellmen

    He did 🎊🎉🎄🎅🎁