Fabolous - Principles Lyrics

Never 'bout the money, ah

The shorty get shot in the streets
'Cause he ain't pay his fees
It's never 'bout the money (never 'bout the money)
It's never 'bout the money (oh, ohh)
There's principles involved
These rules apply to all (all)
It's never 'bout the money
It's never 'bout the money

Damn, why they do him like that? (Huh?)
They ain't even had to do him like that (huh?)
Fuck it, he should've had the llami on him (facts)
Actin' Holly, had to go Tommy on him (woo!)
You do dirt, you get dirt, that's how germs spread (word)
Squash the beef with a funeral, it's confirmed dead (word)
See, it's never 'bout the money 'cause I burn bread
It's the principalities, like Big Worm said (hold up)
Back to the wall, your man was on the Wizards (yeah)
I weathered the storm while standin' in a blizzard (yeah)
Handlin' your bid'ness almost landed me in prison
So I had to cut you off, but you handed me the scissors (damn!)
See after I lost you, I must've found me
Niggas wasn't with me, they was just around me
Gotta know the rules in the streets you play in
(What happened?) I don't even know but the streets is sayin'

[Range (Jadakiss):]
The shorty get shot in the streets
'Cause he ain't pay his fees (damn!)
It's never 'bout the money (never 'bout the money)
It's never 'bout the money (oh, ohh)
There's principles involved (yeah)
These rules apply to all (all) (all y'all)
It's never 'bout the money (never, never)
It's never 'bout the money

Uh, yo, if you beat him, you can't welp him (uh huh)
It's only a problem in the case when you can't help him (umm)
They even invite you to a place where you ain't welcome (wooh!)
Reliable source, who you gettin' your intel from? (who?)
Jewish lawyer on the retainer, they had to bill him (umm)
Interrogation 'fore he arrived, they tried to drill him (yeah)
It's hard for you to stay on one side when you a villain (hard)
Your heart sayin' yeah, but your pride won't let you kill him
(Kill kill kill) nah, that's what happen when you love a nigga (love)
Then he end up gettin' it from another nigga (uh)
The wrong way is usually how you rub a nigga (yeah)
Sometimes for you it's just easier to dub a nigga (one)
Whatever issues they have, just let 'em keep those
It's 'bout the morals, principles and the G-codes (sometimes)
You gotta give one to take a blow (woo!)
It's never 'bout the paper though, what?

The shorty get shot in the streets
'Cause he ain't pay his fees
It's never 'bout the money (never 'bout the money)
It's never 'bout the money (oh, ohh)
There's principles involved
These rules apply to all (all)
It's never 'bout the money
It's never 'bout the money

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