Fabolous - Get Right Lyrics

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh, oh, oh, come on
Huh huh, yeah uh, yeah, uh huh, hey
What, uh huh, what, uh
Yeah, uh, yea, ho uh
Fabolous, ho, c'mon, huh
Yeah, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, come on, uh

Yo, y'all gon' hear this in the nightclubs for a year
When the song go on, throw on, ya tight mugs or ya stares
It's like bugs up in here, like thugs up in here
Throw ya fingas up like you gon' snipe slugs in the air
HATAS- might have a slight grudge when I'm there
See this froze on my wrist, like bugs in my ear
Ladies pass through, I might rub on her rear
Pop Cris' in her face, make her wipe suds from her hair
Even dykes tug on my gear, the way I like strud up in here
Look at the nice smuds that I wear
Drinks be flingin', minks be swingin', the way the pinky-ringin',
Link be blingin', you think we slingin'?
I wanna see the roof of your coupe, sittin' behind ya
18 inches and up, no sittin' on minors
After the club hittin' a diner
Spittin' the lines, and end up in a hotel, gettin' vagina, get it right

Ladies- Rub ya tits if ya gettin' right (HEY!)
Niggas- Grab ya dicks if ya gettin' right (HO!)
Don't be thinkin' bout that nigga that you wit tonite
Don't be thinkin' bout that chick, that you wit tonite
Ladies- Rub ya tits if ya gettin' right (HEY!)
Niggas- Grab ya dicks if ya gettin' right (HO!)
If gettin' right is the only thing you wit tonite
Ladies (HEY!)
Niggas (HO!)

Ma, it's hard to stop and not admit it
You like the way the drop I got is kitted, cops can't spot who is it
You wanna stop and jot ya digits
Must be how I hop on yachts and visit, tropic spots I did it
The top the watch is glitted
Make niggas wanna bop they knots, stop and plot to get it
Like I won't pop a shot in fitteds
I got the type of machine guns, that cops and swats be hitted
I wanna drop but not to hit it, stop we not committed
Think we hittin' shoppin' spots, forget it
Move ya neck, rock from side to side
Neva get checked, me and my glock side and side
This in ya deck let it knock inside ya ride
We in the 'jects of the blocks in the widest five
Spendin' a grands nuthin' for 'lous (lis)
You ain't got on a badge playa, so why you handcuffin' the chicks?


Y'all hardly see I be 'round
But when I do, I be, I be down, in a VIP lounge
I get in the club, I don't need ID now
Bulky nig, can't even see my 3-pound
You know how that kid from B-Stuy be down
Y'all see my C-pound, y'all see y'all be drowned
Skee-o, gotta, re-ply she down, which sheet I meet down
I know she gettin' right- HEY
Ladies tug me when I strut
So this thug be in the cut, takin' thug b's to the gut
Rays beamin', y'all think I be day-dreamin'
But I stay schemin' like, "Shortie could get it"
Next screenin', they see all this ice and grey gleamin'
They like "Damn, Shortie could get it"
And I may be crazy
But I see some ladies tonite that should be drinkin' my baby's baby

[Chorus 2x]

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Fabolous Get Right Comments

    Flat belli and big booty..
    Could eat tacos off her belli..
    Nut on her upper lip and slap her

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    Can’t believe that this song is on 2000 , we are in 2020 and when u watch it it’s like it’s today , the outfits the makeup the shoes the dancers the moves everything it’s unbelievable wow

  6. Myra Ida

    My plastic surgeon is on speed-dial. Seriously. Adios!

  7. Myra Ida

    The girl from the Bronx, a borough of New York City. She's of Puerto Rican descent but speaks no spanish of her own. For the purposes of marketing, she plays up her "latina" roots, or plays it down, its called corporate, baby, when in reality Puerto Rico is an American territory. Ha! We had Gloria Estefan who promoted her Cuban-Miami roots, this is a woman who does it her own way, a triple threat, thanks to her former manager Benny Medina.

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