Fabolous - Breathe Lyrics


One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
Then you gotta (gasp)
Then you gotta (gasp)

[Hook I]
Yo these niggaz can't breathe when I come through, hum too
Some shoes, gotta be 20 man
It's not even funny they can't BREATHE
The choke holds too tight
The left looks too right
You know what? You right
These bitches can't BREATHE

[Hook II]
Look look, they hearts racin'
They start chasin'
But I'm so fast when I blow past
That they can't BREATHE
In the presence of the man
Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man
You betta BREATHE

You niggaz can't share my air
Or walk a mile in the pair I wear
And I'm gettin better year by year
Like they say Wine do
Cops couldn't smell me if you brought the canines through
And I pace myself
I know these money hungry bitches wanna taste my wealth
But I keep em' on a diet
Embrace they health
Or either keep em' on a quiet
And space myself
And just take a deep breath
I got em' grabbin' they chest
Cuz it's hurtin' em' to see Fab in his best
And they in they worst
They rather see me lay in the hearse than lay in the back
And I ain't just layin a verse
I'm sayin the facts
I came back with some sicka stones
That got these broke niggaz lookin at me like they chokin' on a chicken bone
Every chick I bone
Can't leave the dick alone
So I know
It's one of them everytime I flip my phone




I see em on the block when I passes
Lookin like they need oxygen mask-es
I make it hard to BREATHE
But I keep the glocks in the stashes
Cuz the cops wanna lock and harass us
And make it hard to BREATHE
They has to react
Like havin' a asthma attack
When they see the plasma in back
You dudes are wheezin' behind me
My flow is like a coupe, breezin at 90
That's the reason they signed me
It's quick metaphors and hard punches on the cuts
Feels somethin' like hard punches to the gut
How I address the haters and under estimaters
And ride up on them like they escalators
They shook up and hooked up to respirators
On they last breath talking to investigators
I'm a breath of fresh air
And a fresh pair
Face it boo and do it till your face get blue
And then BREATHE




When the crew walk in it
Pop a few corks in it
As quick as a tick in a New York minute
Catch a breath, fore u catch a left
Even worse, catch a Tef
Only way u catch a F
To the A-B, its in the maybe
Rollin with my baby
Grippin on a toy that you won't find in +KayBee+
I rhyme slick on ya
I'm a have to put the Heimlich on ya
What you know bout lettin' dimes lick on ya?
While you inhale the weed
And it won't stop till they inhale ya seed
And it don't stop I tell em' to breathe
Like a doctor with a stethoscope
I don't see no fuckin hope
Unless these motherfuckers BREATHE

Yeah, Brooklyn gotta
Uptown gotta
the Bronx gotta
Queens gotta
Staten Isle gotta
You niggas gotta
You bitches gotta
Everybody BREATHE

One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta.. BREATHE
Then you gotta..
Then you gotta..

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Fabolous Breathe Comments
  1. Hawa Dukuly

    Y’all peep a young Erica Mena



  3. Patricio Antonio Garcia Rodriguez

    Yeah, Breathe

  4. anthony ivan abella

    This single track can murder all of the mumble rap of today's generation.

  5. Brad_Chanderson

    Dude this shit used to SLAP in middle school.

  6. clyde alexander

    Iran france

    UK am revolution

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    The people have a right to understand the situation

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    I see it Riyah egypt Jerusalem

    R.o.i. iran tel Aviv covers haley

    Saudi cuba 66

    Russo Japanese

    Find land 1939

    Sino Japanese

    Cuba revolt
    Scheme is evil

  9. clyde alexander

    Ja rule really dont understand us

  10. clyde alexander

    So suge dre shyne ditty el chapo, his son, brother three by judge not Jay naz

  11. Станислав Корягин

    I was breathing all the video

  12. Julien Haskins

    Who came here from the Netflix tv show with Erica mena

  13. El urbano city dweller

    Niggas can breath when roll through lol love that line

  14. George Haggerty

    Then you gotta breath!!! Still🔥🔥🎼

  15. Kevin Hudson

    One of hottest tracks but seems so long ago fab with the long big white ts oh those were the days

  16. Future

    So fucking good

  17. Wagner Oliveira

    I love you hip hop

  18. Winston Churchill

    Seen fabulous live in England when he was on tour with 50 Cent in 2007

  19. Amigo Sami Arslan

    2020 BREATHE

  20. Rita Samuels

    Ohh.. So havoc messed around with Erica and prodigy fingered her in a club...?

  21. Romieo Montique

    I bought a big pot bad boys bad boys how bad are you fab

  22. Qhairy Mohd Nor

    2020 🤙🏻

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    Ric Flair WOOOOOOO

  24. Sam Haider


  25. mandla makhabane

    How the hell does this vid have 1.6 million views after ten years. It was big here in South Africa 🌍 I thought it was big worldwide

  26. afrogatsby

    australia?? mxm

  27. Marcin Słomski

    279 haters... Just breathe...

  28. Roy H

    Fabulous one of the greatest rappers of all time, he’s very underrated

  29. john mausteller

    Lots of coke ... gone

  30. Asteroid Boy

    Just wanted to say that this is one of the top 5 songs from 2000-2010. Pretty amazing. Wish you had more recognition. Peace.


    Apparently, 270 people don't know anything about letting Dimes lick on them.

  32. Eric G


  33. dna dna

    Slappperrrrr in 2020🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😤🚫🧢💯✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  34. Uncuckable

    2:35 isn't that the dude from The Wire? The one who shot Wallace?

    Charley Carey

    Yea thats Bodie.

  35. Eric Betts

    2020 shits hot still

  36. TheLevobjk

    20.01.2020 ... Still Listenin' ... FABOLOUS IS A REAL OG ... RESPECT ...

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    *this shit killing me 🔈🔉🔊2020!*

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    Who still likes Fabolous's flow in 2020?

    Roman Saiz

    i put 1like for my own comment cuz nobody put a like yet, damn.

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    This was big back in 03 or 04 I'm surprised it doesn't more views

  47. Gunnel Gainey

    For thos who doesn't know just blaze is the one saying breath

    K.I.D. Beats

    Damn that's Blaze? I know it's his beat but I thought its sampled

  48. Rusty Shackleford

    I love finding new music through whosampled

  49. nick seven

    2020...still breathin' this!

  50. PS3GamerSyKe

    2020 and #still dope. ✨

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    Old school at its best😁


    Old school and it's only 10 years old?.... I cannot tell you how old that comment makes me feel 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣


    Omg it's from 2004.. 15 years old! I'm practically geriatric 😱🙈🤣

  52. Chris Goffe

    ..my favorite Fabolous jam ..thanks brother from New Zealand

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    1 and then the 2, 2 and then the 3, 3 and then the 4

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    StILL bUmPiNg In 2o20

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    Like in 2020

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    https://youtu.be/aUC7KL53Sx0 Litunechi Napoleon Breathe

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    Erica's talking ass brought me back here

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    Why was this originally private?

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    Erica mena brought me back here from dropping cash Los Angeles on Netflix didn’t know that was her on the passenger side in the Bentley

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    When he dropped this, this shit was a fucking statement track.

    Punchline GOAT

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    Almost in 2020! fabolous is nasty

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    Well Directed music video, with a message.

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    2020 who still listing 😎

  66. Sun Tzu

    Classic !!

  67. PYT29

    Aside of his skills, Fab is a handsome man, 40+ looks like a 20 y/o! Gorgeous

    Gunnel Gainey

    He in hes 40s

  68. Mesut 1905

    RIP HIP HOP RAP RnB 2020

  69. Amigo Sami Arslan

    fuck that shit 2019 best

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    I remember watchin this on Rap City & be mad they didn’t play the whole video lol..

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    Volume maxed.


    Fuck yeah

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    that Piano combined with datBeat they just SICK / iLL or whatever. str8 2 da heart !!! peace \/

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    My dumbass was scared of this song when i was younger lol

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    Remember seeing this on 106 n park a while back I was like 4 😭😭 damn

    Gunnel Gainey

    When new York was new York

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    31 augyst 2004

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    True story..was on the south conduit and saw fab in a yellow lambo back in 2006. Will never forget that day

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    Still breathing my Gs

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    This was dope back in the day love the aus jacket too Represent australia i want a us jacket like that and i want that jacket where can i buy that from

    Gunnel Gainey

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    Xbox Won

    @Gunnel Gainey I'm from Australia

    Gunnel Gainey

    @Xbox Won and I'm from Philadelphia and nggas ain't where no damn Australia jacket they not in style anymore over here

    Xbox Won

    @Gunnel Gaineyit's a fucking sick jacket bro well I'm that dam nigga that wants one i don't care if it's in fashion or not I just like it I want one in my wardrobe to wear in winter it's dope as

    Rheanne ASTLES

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    Gunnel Gainey

    @Hiarahki Music no he wasn't

    Gunnel Gainey

    No he wasn't

    Hiarahki Music

    Gunnel Gainey huh?

    Gunnel Gainey

    @Hiarahki Music he said jay z turn down the beat

    Hiarahki Music

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