Fabolous - Bish Bounce Lyrics

Let these niggas know your worth
Ain't no discounts
They ain't got it better get it
Tell a bitch bounce
All dimes see a nine point that bitch out
She get ejected and corrected like a miscount
Bitch bounce
Had to tell that bitch bounce
Vinylz on the track and that bitch bounce
Bitch bounce
Had to tell that bitch bounce
Ass like that make that bitch bounce

You should make more moves and make less announcements
Ain't with that talking bitch save that for counseling
Looked in here brown skin just keep that shit bouncin?
All of these boys wit me bring large amounts in
All of these gold chains weigh 36 ounces
All of this foreign shit can’t even pronounce it
Is it g-vin-chi or is it Givenchy
T- seater seats and now its a givaungy?
Top off that wrangler
You know me no stranger
Hang like a dangler, bitch look like Topanga
That boy meet world I swear you are in danger
Its time to score I don’t choke I’m no strangler
I ball
I'm ballin' my nigga
Ball on these bitches
Thats word to scott digga
Gimme my shot and I’m squeezing my trigga
My homies bust two and thats word to Rah Digga


Bounce up and down, need no trembling
Made it slow down, no promethazine
Run me my money, no hesitance
You no my work need no resume

Look, ain't go to say that I flex check my biceps
In your bitch mouth like I’m gossip
That boy be so fresh to death burry me in my closet
Don’t make excuse make deposit
Ain't even suppose to be here boy I come from the projects
Shawty just fuck with my progress
I swear I came here with nothing, all this shit is profit
Should look at me like a prophet
And when these niggas throw subs It just confirm my gangsta
Scared to say my name now ain't cha
No disrespect we just on different sides of the wave
I’m providing the wave you just riding the wave, bounce



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Fabolous Bish Bounce Comments
  1. Devon James


  2. Katoni W.

    All positive comments i see. 🔥

  3. Katoni W.

    Ahhh im lackin...

  4. Steve Ab

    Best rapper alive fuck everybody else

  5. Fever Forever

    Ain't even posed to be here boy I come from the projects shorty just fuck wit my progress

  6. Michele Eichler

    Wish Chinx was ft on this for some reason

  7. Yomi wickliffe

    Beat is fuckin retarded in the whip. Facts

  8. steven abram

    Bish bounce ✌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. wiz sharif

    "in yo bish mouth like I'm gossip" lmao loso a damn fool

  10. LK Lakisha

    "I'm PROVIDING the wave
    you JUST RIDING...."


  11. TYG PROD

    This sounds like a track that would be on a 2k game

  12. steven abram

    This my SHIT one of my Favorite songs by my nigga

  13. 401 Kellz

    I am still listening to this in 2018

    jae flyyboii williams

    Kelly Belly gone bump it til the def

    401 Kellz

    I just saw these comments a year later 🤣🤣still listening to it too

    Charlie Hustle

    401 Kellz, I’m with you!

  14. Jayy Jayy

    Underrated But Dis My Niggah Yo!

  15. Jontae Willingham

    This shit should be at least Two Million Views

  16. Michelle Cepeda

    Tell that bish bounce .

  17. Michelle Cepeda


  18. Michelle Cepeda

    Tell a bish bounce smh lmaooooo

  19. Michelle Cepeda

    Tell that bish bounce 😂😂😂😂

  20. Gwuapo

    “we just on different sides of the wave, i’m providing the wave, you just riding the wave” straight bars 🔥💯

  21. Michelle Cepeda

    Keep that shit bouncing .

  22. Renn Lafay

    Love this!

  23. Oneal Geiger

    Bitch bounce....u heard

  24. Marquince Hamlin

    is givenchy or is it givenchy

  25. cheeb87

    Big Sean bit off this hook for Bounce Back. I'm not beat.

  26. Mario M

    Still slammn' OG

  27. Keosha Price

    love how the beat slow down at the end and did anybody think this was +yazzthegreatest rapping??

    Melissa Hogan

    Keosha Price l knew it was fabolous but he do sound like hakeem from empire

    Paris Caroline

    +Melissa Hogan 😑okay?

  28. Bryan Roberts

    If em says you a top 10 all time emcee then you are. This man got bars for days

  29. Frank White

    Don't make excuses make deposits

  30. John Delgado

    that's my Nike town rival the game ft fabolous

  31. Nacresha Billington

    Fab is my guy... always been one of my favs Point.Blank.Period

  32. Anthony petrone


  33. Low Siento

    you should make more moves and make less announcements ain't with all that talking bish save that for counseling- well damn . . . Topanga was one of my favorites hahahahahahah

  34. Phillip Calloway

    fab was always one of my favorite MCs out of New york

  35. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    one of my favorite mcees

  36. Sheri Hotchkiss

    How to get away with murder....

  37. Sheri Hotchkiss

    Death to us all i can see my life ending in a blink of an eye

  38. Naimul Karim


  39. charmsjs26

    This still my shit!!!!!!!

  40. C-Phill Music Page


  41. Malik Noriega

    I love how the beat slow down at the end

  42. Yaya meade

    I had to tell my thot bish bounce. almost turn a sucker for a moment. Not letting pum pum control my actions or movements thank god I'm Bless.

  43. shaileshmaskare1

    fab is one of the best writers of our time

  44. B-Rocka V

    love fab!!!!!!😘

  45. Steve Al

    This song just too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Mike Hector

    amazing production by Vinylz.

    kendall hall

    & boi -1da

  47. DramaKingMusic

    This is the shit that makes the money niggaz its big sean bitch u better bounce

  48. GIIO X

    Slowed Down, Shit Is Dope

  49. Jacob Richardson

    my bday for this song

    Jacob Richardson

    what if my birthday song is like this I would smoke some blunts

  50. KingDavee


  51. KingDavee

    U should make more moves nd make less announcements ain't wit tht twerking bish save tht for counciling

    Rob King

    @KingDavee he says taking not "twerking" bro, which if you liked that verse if it said twerking you'll like it even more knowing he says "talking" haha sick ass song man

  52. Qu3 Gaskins

    Dat boy meets world homie you are in danger...... crazy.... another funeral service.....

  53. Knikkaknikk86D

    Who wants to hear chinx on the remix #cokeboys


    @Jeremy Smith ...NO ONE !


    @mon3ybagz continue listening to bieber

    Matt S

    Damn def posted this before he died obviously

  54. Brandon 1984

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bish bounce!!🔥🔥

  55. gift from Virgo

    shit KNOCKS!

  56. agomez6163

    Fab FUCKIN dope

  57. Gotem_Clothing


  58. Luckyjr_2k_legen

    Smh this shit right the truth good shit fab

  59. Ross Deason

    fab killin g

  60. ReLL T

    Dats hot

  61. Mr.Armenian

    This dude is too good. Can't stand rap nowadays but this guy is a breath of fresh air

  62. Alta Christina

    You don't like this song BITCH Bounce!

  63. FojoBro

    This is some funeral service flow

  64. Benger2185

    "No disrespect, we just on different sides if the wave: I'm providing the wave, you just riding the wave" MEME that!

    Tiye King

    I was just thinking that!

    Samuel Brooks

    Please bring 🎶 bck like this

  65. Josh Allen

    All dimes u see a 9 point that bitch out
    She get ejected and corrected like a miscount


    Double entendre: Fab also is saying if anyone see a 9 mili pistol, point that bitch out lol

    kareem edwin

    Lit bar

  66. lurenzo774

    I use this title a lot more now. Ain't got time for these Bishes

  67. Tip tip tap tap

    This nasty

  68. Briana Stallings


  69. SickaThnYaAvrge

    Fab you kilt this one!!!! VInylz ripped this beat!!!

  70. jason trar

    too sick

  71. James Jennings

    My homie bust 2 and thats word to rah digga ....busta rhymes flipmode. Stop it los

    David Beltran

    What does he mean by that. Can you please explain it to me?!

    Z fern

    James Jennings ball on these bitches that word to Sky Digga

    Female basketball player.

    Loso too much with punchlines

    Charlie Hustle

    David Beltran, Busta Rhymes is a lyrical spitter and his homie and protege Rah Digga is one too.

    So he’s playing off the “bust” (referencing guns in this case) and saying his homie can bust too.

    In other words, he dropped Rah Digga’s name in the lyrics to play off the word bust in Busta Rhymes and having a homie (like Busta had in Digga) that can do the same.

  72. Masculine Confidence Building - Max Bugatti

    Fabolous - Bish Bounce | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oaSTBBFcb4 | Fabolous - Bish Bounce

  73. Elijah Collington

    Know Your Value & Cherish Your Time If They Don't Respect It Then Bish Bounce ! 😕

  74. Larry Ross

    Fucking with it Mizery 

  75. Shavonne Corbett

    This shit is hard idgaf

    Rico Moye


  76. mondizzle quinones

    All dimes tell them other bitches bitch bounce

  77. nick eisensmith


  78. MrVinny91

    Funeral Fab..

  79. Grape Kush


  80. Jeremy Martin

    Shit fire loved it first time I heard it
    Shout out that boy Funeral Fab

  81. Rain Man

    need a Chopped and Screwed version ASAP...

    Brian Stan

    Rain Man asap

    Juelzz reyes

    They have it on Spinrilla

  82. DozaNaseem

    I want to like this song more than I do, but after the first verse this shit takes a full blown nose dive.  Autotune and harmonizing? The fuck is this? 

  83. Fox7seven

    Stupid bass real nasty shit.......

    Fatazz Dick

    +Fox7seven is that good?

  84. david tate

    Omg slaps to hard

  85. William Healy

    Fabolous is the best to do it, dead or alive