Fabolous - Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit Freestyle Lyrics

[DJ Clue:]
Yeah, live from the 718, the World Famous DJ Clue
Desert Storm, that boy Fabolous
Friday Night Freestyles
You know how we get down

Yo, two things fam I ain't nuthin' ta fuck wit'
My crew ain't playing and we ain't for the fuck shit
I'm ridin' wit whoever that I hop out the truck wit'
Slidin' with the sticks on some slap-in-the-puck shit
No hockey, just riders, no jockey
Chinese food, less beef, more broccoli
My fortune cookie said stay humble, flow cocky
Call the jeweler A$AP, time to go Rocky
My chain glisten, bright enough to change vision
Shortie see I'm everything that these lames isn't
Told you I could take your bitch, you ain't listen
I heard the friend zone feel like you in Bane prison
Fly little joint, her weave just hang different
Bought her that Malaysia, she went plane missin'
I put her in that fast lane no more lane switchin'
Told her keep curvin' them niggas don't change pitches
Benchriders, comin' in the game dissin'
Fame fishin', tryna-get-a-name mission
My team gon rush you niggas, we came blitzin'
My boy got that AK wit' him he came swizzin'
I bang vixens, main chicks and game kicks in
Hit it and fall back on em, game sixin'
Keep them broke bitches away, we ain't fixin'
You chasin' baby? I'm straight, ain't mixin'!
Dusse straight up, cause dues say paid up
It's go time Rugs, fuck who say wait up
You in ATL, then my crew may skate up
Like T.I. flick, handle B.I. quick
All my niggas bring em home, R.B.I. chicks
All you niggas talk to the FBI Quick, rats
Sprinter full of Splinters
I was gettin paper like a printer through the winter
Weather break I might get the Bent or the Aventa-
Dor, more, adventures of a center
Big nigga ballin', big figures callin'
She hooked on me, she a big-dick-a-holic
Tryna stay above water that's just some duck shit
Tryna stash a hundred mil, keep it a buck shit
We stay winnin' baby this ain't no luck shit
Rest of these niggas ain't nothin' to fuck wit

[DJ Clue:]
DJ Clue, Desert Storm
Fabolous, that Street Fam
Oh yeah!

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Fabolous Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit Freestyle Comments
  1. Prophets Of TMH

    Snaps on diss

  2. Forrest Smith

    Stay above water thats some duck shit!!🤬🤬🤬🤫🤫


    This verse is underrated smh

  4. Tar heels 215


  5. Keith Vincent

    Rats sprinter full of splinters took everybody a while to catch that line fab is the shit

  6. Ramone Findley

    You’ll caught my boy got the AK with’em he came swissn. Alicia Keys and swizz beats

  7. F AL

    Loso the truth on every track !!!

  8. Oliver Hernandez

    I mean fab

  9. Oliver Hernandez

    Fan is a beast

  10. Tre Hawkins

    Name of original beat?

  11. Lowercase G

    DZAM... After all these years... This ninja ain't slowin' down wit the bars... His double entendres and word play is ridiculous... But the bars just go over people's heads and they stay sleep... So underrated...

  12. Name Eman Think 1st

    how did this get thumbs down,, WTF

  13. Dr J


  14. Home Grown Inc.

    Remember everybody.

    Stay humble and flow cocky

  15. Poppabear819

    29 people dont kno they ass from a hole in the ground .,!!!! 🔥🔥

  16. baby face nelson

    actually hype af tho

  17. David Deine

    goose bumps on all his shit my nigga

  18. Tree House


  19. GamingWithDre

    how is this dude so underrated?? Fab is a beast!!!

    Oliver Hernandez

    GamingWithDre yea fab nice but he underrated

    Lea Mo

    Wordplay king...I love him...

  20. Bethebest 1

    This nigga said, "keep the broke bitches away, ain't fixen, you chasen baby I'm straight, ain't mixen" oh daaaam!

  21. Dougie Fresh

    what even just happened

  22. Dougie Fresh

    hooooly shit dude

  23. 1Fasterblade

    I bang vixens...main chicks n'...game kicks in...hit em' and fall back on em'..game 6 em'🙏🏽😮

    T Mack

    1Fasterblade 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Obofoni Okaisabor




    devin Dumbluck

    1Fasterblade mannnn what happened to the rap game 😔 we need fab back and these pop rappers gone

  24. Brandon Starks

    It still ain't as good as when wu tang was on it...but pretty damm good

  25. Travis Rogers

    What 18 idiots disliked this ? This shit so hot my car damn near caught on fire

    Charles Washington

    Travis Rogers i like that i gotta use that line lol

  26. JoeTheGreat08

    That bane prison line

  27. Pedro Navaja

    Gaaaawwwwd Damn Fab.

  28. rx7chip

    This joint is fire

  29. johnnyblaze3131

    i honestly could say this is fuckin hip-hop and OG's like fab, est will always keep hip-hop alive and new school niggas who claim to be rappers in this century is garbage!!

  30. Dee

    "I bang vixens, main chicks and game kicks in
    Hit it and fall back on em, game sixin'..."

    Travis Rogers

    Yeah that line damn near made me crash

  31. Mahad Elmi


  32. Michael Santo

    fabulous you're a beast everybody else's country

  33. Danny02585

    WoW!! Drake who? Meek who? Kendrick who? Wayne who???

  34. Victor Gojcaj

    Bought her that Malaysia, She went plane missing.... KuKu💯👌👍

  35. Naj Tv

    Loso & The Lox Pulse of NYC

    Jay Fe


  36. Fantasy Guru

    Gotta be one of the best beats ever for freestyle.

    G.E.L LEX

    fab just make it sound like that

  37. Tar heels 215

    Im ridin with whoever that i hop out the truck with......FAB

  38. Trevor Williamson

    Bench riders coming in the game dissing fame fishing trying to get a name mentioned

  39. Trevor Williamson

    Thanx bro needed that like a fish need water boy BROOKLYN 4ever son

  40. MrPMosley82

    Shit gave me chills #bars

  41. Ti_es


  42. Shmannel

    then the other "crew" shoots you, and by crew i mean a police officer

  43. lazaruschamber

    Fab buried this wu shit mother fuckers gonna need a Catholic priest to try to resurrect it

  44. ohhEzee

    "Called the jeweler ASAP, tell him to go rocky"

    Fab on another level

    Danijel Dje

    Fab is nice but that line wasn't that great. It's just the way he said it that sounds good

    Derelle Rideout

    You would pick the corniest bar out the song full of good lines

  45. SDS Overfiend

    "Told you I can take yo bitch you ain't listen/ I heard the friend zone feel like you in Bane Prison"

    Dafuq!!!! WHOA FAB.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    where's bane prison?

    SDS Overfiend

    @moneyindabank Go watch "Dark Knight Rises"

    Dante Goodman

    SDS Overfiend yeah, bruh. Thar shit was just rude!


    @moneyindabank - Bane's prison is where one learns about true despair. There can be no true despair without hope and that's exactly what the friend zone is. That tiny glimmer of hope... But like ship wrecked men turning to sea water, from uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying.

  46. Quan Bowens

    Damn Fab 🔥🔥

  47. Kare Tyree

    This why he's my favorite rapper
    Straight bars 🔥🔥🔥

    Deion Hubbard

    yea Fab dope!

  48. Larry Greene

    Bane prison tho...🔥🔥🔥🔥 #quality

    Anthony Morris

    That line was tough



  49. Romario Ramsaywack

    Someone call 911...a murder just occurred

  50. Andrew Blakey

    Dissing louie v smh


    I told u i could take yo bitch u aint listen

  52. Timothy Postley

    Sliding with sticks on some slapping the puck shit.... Dude been killing...

  53. ElectrikFunk

    Fab goin off on all the classic beats...Tiger Styyyleeeee

  54. Justin Freeman

    He bodied that shit. Damn!!!

  55. Danny Rodriguez