f(x) - Butterfly (나비; Nabi) Lyrics


Uri dul uri dulmanui eoneoro malhae
Hana hana peojeul sup matchwo gallae yeah
Gallae gallaero giri peojyeo gamyeon
Neoui gwedo wi butterfly du nalgaereul pyeo

Ai gachi da cheoeumin gamjeong
Sumgyeodullae gamchugo sipeo

Nalgaereul pyeoseo ne pumeul naneun na
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi
Ne aneseon sarangi pieona
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi

Rojik soge tto eorkhin teoneoreul tamheom hallae oh
Amheungmajeo barkhin ne jungsimigie yeah
Bakhin noeri sok geu ane ne soneul japgo oh
Seonyul wiro tto nae butterfly nalgaereul pyeo

Tteollyeooneun taecho gateun sigan
Ne gongganen bichi ppuryeojyeo

Nalgaereul pyeoseo ne pumeul naneun na
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi
Ne aneseon sarangi pieona
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi

Nun kkamjjakhal sae
Nareul nollaekyeo singihan neo
Areumdapgo tto areumdaun neo sinbihan neo

Nalgaereul pyeoseo ne pumeul naneun na
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi
Naeryeoanja ne hyanggil mateullae
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi

La la la la la la la la la la la la
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi
La la la la la la la la la la la la
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah hayan nabi


우리 둘 우리 둘만의 언어로 말해
하나 하나 퍼즐 숲 맞춰 갈래 yeah
갈래 갈래로 길이 퍼져 가면
너의 궤도 위 butterfly 두 날개를 펴

아이 같이 다 처음인 감정
숨겨둘래 감추고 싶어

날개를 펴서 네 품을 나는 나
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비
네 안에선 사랑이 피어나
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비

로직 속에 또 얽힌 터널을 탐험 할래 oh
암흑마저 밝힌 네 중심이기에 yeah
박힌 뇌리 속 그 안에 네 손을 잡고 oh
선율 위로 또 내 butterfly 날개를 펴

떨려오는 태초 같은 시간
네 공간엔 빛이 뿌려져

날개를 펴서 네 품을 나는 나
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비
네 안에선 사랑이 피어나
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비

눈 깜짝할 새 나를
놀래켜 신기한 너
아름답고 또 아름다운 너 신비한 너

날개를 펴서 네 품을 나는 나
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비
내려앉아 네 향길 맡을래
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비

La la la la la la la la la la la la
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비
La la la la la la la la la la la la
Hey yey yeah hey yey yeah 하얀 나비

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f(x) Butterfly (나비; Nabi) Comments
  1. Junglitaeny Wskh

    The best F(x) song

  2. Jennie ;;

    Rest in peace sulli, my babe...

  3. Georgina YCH

    One of my favorites kpop songs too!

  4. Sara Curran

    SM Entertainment usually brings out decent music, and this song is no exception. Unfortunately, they are truly abusive towards their idols, which is one of the factors which did Sulli in. She needs justice. Speaking of which, she only got one part, but this is not much of a surprise; it is merely another example of how she was picked on relentlessly by her company.

  5. Abdulrahman Adel

    Red Light and Pink tape will forever be my two favourite kpop albums of all time


    You guys it's so sad to listen to this now bc Sulli is *DEAD*

  7. Cyntia chokyulate

    Las extraño uu

  8. michaels biggest fan

    such a beautiful song. i miss you angel❤️

  9. Philippe xD

    I will miss you so much Sulli with this song <3

  10. Cai Nashi

    I used to love this song. I thought i can hear them all again. But sulli's now gone. I cant do anything but to cry.

  11. Choi Minyuk

    Considering the current situation..... I come back to this song to help me cope we love you sulli. F(x) I believe in you guys....

  12. berudu02

    Dear F(X),
    will always pray for your happiness and will always be in my heart.

  13. Ale P

    This song is so underrated it makes me cry ;;

  14. HRISSA - هريسة

    هاي يا نبي

  15. Arab_Exo _L

    فديتهم تخبل الاغنية 😍

  16. Faith Heu

    Still listening in 2019 ㅠㅠ ❤❤

  17. sherry

    sulli miss u so much😭💔

  18. Hans__

    Love this song ♥응응

  19. Thalia Hwang

    This is so fantastic! OMG!

  20. Laura Evans

    1) This song is extremely underrated, and deserves more love
    2) Why did I original get a 17 minute, unskipable ad before refreshing the page? How can those exist?

  21. Mz0hld 4242

    I love the entire Red Light album, but Butterfly and Dracula Will always be my favorites ♡

  22. Liviahel

    miss f(x) s bad right now, this is the kind of song only they come up with

  23. Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    i love this song

  24. akio

    parts of this song remind me of mirotic by tvxq and they both SLAP. this album was superior.

  25. 坂田千幸


  26. Kry J

    I miss f(5) --

  27. fxpixies5

    one of my fav song on redlight .. i miss them so much TT redlight is my fav era tho

  28. KingSeonbae

    Can they change the name of this song to "bomb ass underrated art"?

  29. Heol! Daebak Sageon!

    I heard Jessica's Voice

  30. joji



    Sameee, is very relax and i love it, I also feel like I remember things


    Elias Nayeon biased Ikrrrr

  31. Vismaya Ks

    This is so gooddd... I want my queens to make a comeback like now.. NOW.. 😢

  32. uclastudent

    Still listening in 2018!
    Ear orgasm!!

    Bindiya Shetty

    uclastudent Recommend songs pleeease; can't find good songs like f(x)'s.


    Bindiya Shetty Still can’t find a girl group has such uniqlo style music...recently I think Taeyeon album-something new is good!

    Bindiya Shetty

    uclastudent I'll check that out, thanks! Any song(not album) that comes to your mind? Here are some songs I've found and liked:
    Love, love, love - not so popular EXO song ,and growl
    The rain - ladies' code
    Sixth sense, kill bill - B.E.G
    Tinkerbell - GaIn
    It's you - Neon bunny
    Something kinda crazy, ice cream cake, dumb dumb, stupid cupid - red velvet ( I didn't like red flavour at all)
    Catallana - Orange caramel
    Expectation - girl's day
    One minute back - Shinee
    Almost all songs of F(x)
    And that's all. I don't know how I can discover good songs, the streaming services I use don't focus on k-pop and have only a handful of them. Thanks again!

    I've listen to the album, it's good; the song something new is really nice!


    Bindiya Shetty F(x) Luna -my medicine,Gidle-latata, Sunmi-Gashina/Heroine, I think red velvet like sand+fx combination...I miss fx...I can listen their album all day...

  33. MewYoongii

    This song gives me goosebumps. It’s so freakinf good but it has minor key undertones which make it eerie in parts

  34. moonsun is real

    Ok so Victoria's transition from falsetto to full note in the bridge part is... Wow

  35. 송우기 宋雨琦Yuqi

    『I love this song』

  36. Joha Pak

    Working on those abs that Krystal has lol

  37. vhope is life vhope is love


  38. Ahyeahkkaebsong

    Everything about this song is so freaking beautiful. It's so hard to explain it. From the lyrics, the beat, and how they all sing so smoothly. It brings tears to my eyes. The chorus bewitches you. *SWEET WITCHES*

  39. Victoria Song

    what is the meaning of the song i am confused

  40. Ane

    This is art

  41. Kelly Lingro

    I thought they were saying "hi ya nabi" 😅

  42. Lashay Holmes

    Listening to this while I miss fx :(

  43. hyeopjjidan

    This is such a beautiful song ahh


    F(x) really have great b-sides. My personal favs are Beautiful Stranger, Shadow, Butterfly and Glitter

  44. Pedro Borges


  45. Dragon of the West

    Why does this song sound like it could be the ending theme to an edgy 90s anime that you stumbled upon in the middle of the night on cable tv?

  46. stream obsession

    This is such a beautiful song,🌙

  47. Almond Psychedelia

    most of my favorite songs from f(x) are upbeat ballads or hyper ballads (I just made those up). It has a very upbeat vibe but very slow..idk...tempo? lol. it has that dark twist to ballads. Like Beautiful Stranger from ES, Shadow from Pink Tape, Butterfly from Red Light, and Traveler from 4 Walls

  48. 미 미

    함수 컴백 ㅈㅂ

  49. esther

    What perfection sounds like

  50. Adilene Mijares

    Sinceramente una de mis canciones favoritas. No sólo de f(x), sino en general 💜

  51. NakamotoesSubliminals •

    Kinda reminds me of mirotic

  52. vousmevoyez

    This song is mysterious I love it so much ugh

  53. vousmevoyez

    The whole red light album is so underrated, everything is so good!! This song was one of my favourite songs in 2014

    Bindiya Shetty

    vousmevoyez I'm not able to find good k-pop songs, and you seem to have my taste. Could you recommend some songs (not f(x) - I've found all their songs:)) please? I'm randomly commenting to people who like f(x), sorry.

    Spinette Spyder

    Bindiya Shetty
    Try checking out Luna’s solo songs or songs like “Going Crazy” by exo
    A lot of infinite songs also might fit your taste
    Deja Boo by Jonghyun is pretty good too


    @Bindiya Shetty i highly recommend you f(x) and exo songs if you want 100% guarantee high quality music

  54. lala yoo

    This song can be tittle song, so good and dark and perfect

  55. riceycake.mp4

    I didn't even know Vic sung that part(the only part she had) but even so she did such a good job I thought it was Soojung who sung that part

    kenouz kenza

    you mean from 1.54? yeah,it's krystal and it's already corrected.


    +kenouz kenza oh ok thank you

  56. Niv Belem

    this is such a magical song. feels like something you'd hear in a fantasy, dark fairytale-like story.

  57. Mia Alexandra

    They need to play this live cause if they don't I'm gonna sue sm

  58. Pi Kei

    fx is one of the best girl groups

  59. daste90

    Probably is the best song of F(X)

  60. Petition For Seulgi Forehead To Comeback

    omg omg o mg where have i been when this song was released omg <3 the intro is just wow

  61. siansupremacist

    This should have been one of their title tracks omg

  62. 예쁘다단정한정한이의단발은


  63. decidnacandice

    Listening to this is like having an acid trip, so strange yet so heavenly whimsical.

  64. Jessica

    too bad they never sing this magical song live:(

  65. Béo Xô

    nghe toan giong cua krystal 💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  66. CHIA

    is it nami or nabi? mm


    err.. i think we need a korean or someone who knew hangul here to clear it out for us.. lol

    Cassidy Rae

    its "Nabi" = "나비" - which means "Butterfly" "Nami" would be spelt 나미

    Cassidy Rae

    i also am not sure what you mean nami island as i googled and cant find it, there is an island called Namiseom "남이섬" but if you google it it said that the name originated from the name of a historical Korean person, so i dont know

    Brian Ziegler

    yes, really even my cats name is 나비. Nabi equals butterfly.

    Kat Donahue

    It's Hiyan Nabi, which means "White Butterfly"

  67. Ferdaous Ismaili

    hey guys!! do you know any f x songs like this one !! this song has a mysterious vibe to it

    Sallie Tee

    Just listen to all their songs XD





    Signe Crym

    Ferdaous Ismaili Definitely shadow


    when I'm alone

  68. Rie

    I really love Sulli's voice. It's a shame she didn't sing more :/

  69. 사람스배하는

    이건 정말 어메이징한 곡이다. 어케 이런 곡에 뮤비 하나 안 만들었단 말이냐!

  70. Manar O

    I feel shocked by Victoria voice in this song

  71. Timmy Ye


  72. Alan Araneda R.

    this song is fire!!!


    not as fire as this kids chnnel, youtube.com/c/KevinSie

  73. Antonia

    Amazing song. What an underrated track.

  74. Aphrodi アフロディ™


  75. Hi There

    I need an instrumental version of the intro... lmao

  76. Jhobii



    Jhobii Sulli and Victoria also have one line. Krystal has two and Luna has three. It's fair.

  77. MryellowKy

    This is not the kind of song you expect it to be with a title "Butterfly". It sounds so dark and powerful


    ikr, that's what i was thinking😂

  78. listen to- exo monster you won't regret

    Luna sounds like Joy in This song 😨

  79. Bhea De Leon

    Luna my baby

  80. EhEmBee

    best song from the red light album, hands down!

  81. Burak

    I love this song, it is wonderful.

  82. PsychoKitty사랑

    Also I think the part you thought was Krystal was Sulli because she seems to have the largest vocal range and that seems more possible to be her then Krystal.

  83. PsychoKitty사랑

    How are idols so scary thin?

    Kryvid Jane

    Their companies force them to diet


    and they dance lots


    Not necessarily from forcing them to diet. I'm sure they do watch what they eat (which is most definitely not a bad thing and can in fact be very healthy), but also they dance like, every day. To be able to dance like these idols do is very taxing and is very much like a difficult workout. I'm sure half these girls could eat all kinds of junk and still be skinny because of dancing. Plus some girls just have the type of metabolism where they can literally eat whatever they want and still be skinny. There's all kinds of reasons and ways they stay so thin (and I don't think anyone of them look unhealthily skinny)

  84. Letícia Gomes

    so aesthetic, so creepy, i'm in love with this music


    IT'S NOT CREEPY but i like the song

    Carat*Blink*Army* Cringe Fest

    @joji they didn't mean it in a BAD way.


    Carat*Blink*Army* Cringe Fest ik lol

  85. nako's lily

    this song and dracula are my favourite f(x) songs. soooo iconic

  86. beamer boy

    One of the most underrated songs by f(x). I seriously wish they promoted this. :'(
    Sulli's voice is so pure and unique here. Miss her so much, I wish I could see her together again with Amber, Krystal, Victoria and Luna. At least, now she's happy.

  87. Deden Mimbar

    I found this in 2016


    check out the album before its too late. srsly one of the best hits ever, but the albun is from 2014. Check out dracula, Boom Bang boom, summer lover, rainbow as well from the album hurru

  88. Carlos Henrique

    I love this song so much! they really should perform it 💙

  89. MADPunkyHeartLESS

    They chorus give me goosebumps. It sounds so beautiful and whimsical. I love it. :)

  90. Maria Machuca


  91. Katarina Rolon

    This should have been the Main song.

  92. anii jovanovic


  93. Rae Hackathorn

    This song is like if The Birthday Massacre went K-pop and I think that is just awesome

  94. Will Edzy Hartwin

    my fave from the era

  95. choi jinri

    I love how Sulli sings all sweet. That's my princess 😊👑


    +Summa Argonza well, I was listening to this song and her voice appealed to me that much that I had to check here which one of them sang it, cos I don't distinguish their voices yet. really nice voice <3

    Tessa Yasmine

    I miss sulli😭❤️


    @Tessa Yasmine me too.....

  96. Autumn Wander

    f(x) my fav girlgroup in Sm <3