Ezra Furman - Love You So Bad Lyrics

You know I love you so bad
I don't believe in love
You know I love you so bad
So bad

You know I love you so bad
Like the kid in the back of the classroom
Who can't do the math
'Cause he can't see the blackboard, so bad

You know I love you so bad
Like the kids skipping class in the bathrooms
Sneaking cigarettes underneath the football bleachers, baby
So bad

You know I love you so bad
Like the kids growing up to be criminals
Tearing pages out the back of the hymnals
For love notes baby, so bad

Still remember so bad
The nights mom got drunker than dad did
She told me, "Never hang out with the bad kids"
Well, what can you say to that?

I always knew I was bad
Always dreaming so they called me the Spaceman
You first kissed me in your parent's blue basement
Wanted you baby, so bad

Sometimes we got out of hand
We bought drugs from a parking attendant
But sober nights in your car were transcendent
Loved you baby so bad

You know I loved you so bad
Somehow you got yourself accepted to college
You said there had to be a way out of all this
Garbage small town rat trap

You moved away, that was that
You still send me the occasional email
I got a dumb job working in retail
I miss you baby so bad, so bad

I drew your name in the sand
Came to the beach 'cause we used to go here
I watched the blue wave cover it over
Do what the ocean does best

I know the past is the past
But then again, the present's nothing without it
I feel fine, don't even feel sad about it
I just love you baby so, so bad

So bad, so bad

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Ezra Furman Love You So Bad Comments
  1. Bukalemun

    Thanks to sex education everyone thinks that i listen to this music just because i heard it in the series, youtube brought me here while i was studying. That's F

  2. Shyam Tripathi

    Who's waiting for season 3??

  3. Roman Pekárek

    Maeve and Otis belong together!:)

  4. Enderbee 339


  5. TheReady_ - _Gamer


  6. Anuj D

    Okay GOOD NEWSS everybody...!
    Season 3 is happening!!! 2:53

  7. Miffy

    season 3 please!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  8. tinderenmetkinderen

    Ezra looks like queen

  9. Manu Shukla

    Came here to listen "Wa Wa Wa Wa" enjoyed the song instead

  10. totally original channel name

    I found Ezra through some playlist on Spotify of trans and non-binary bands/artist and I've fallen in love with her music since,,

  11. Léna

    I need a season 3 of Sex Education 😭

  12. Q i

    here becouse of gold digger

  13. NadeQueen

    Sex education s3?

  14. saf asf

    During the „Wa Wa Wa“ part i always imagine riding my bike thorugh a beautiful english forrest like they do in Sex Education


    subtle close in on 'Queen of Hearts'

  16. Moon Dancer

    This song reminds me of young love. The good kind. Not like my neighbors in their 20's wasting their lives fighting and screaming constantly. What a waste. 😥

  17. SDA YT


  18. Tiaan Jelander

    Sex Education brought me here

  19. Adarsh Kumar

    Hello Aditya 😂😂😂 comments v pdta bhai tu?

  20. Chaira Chaira

    Sounds like The Waterboys!

  21. Winter rosse

    <333 ვა ვა ვა

  22. NONO play


  23. LatlasGG

    I need a season 3 now.

  24. Marcel. D

    I defenitly need to break a wheel chair

  25. CharlieShooters KnowHow

    I can't stop playing this! It's nearly as addictive as Sex Education itself! Great song!
    Reminds me a tiny bit of Mika!

  26. John Nguyen

    Sex education got me here and oh yeah FUCK ISSAC

  27. MsKankuro


  28. Bernardus Pandu

    this song only appeared once on season 2 sadly:(

  29. Deno Manzo

    I know y'all are here bc of Sex Ed but give my girl Ezra Furman a try, all of her music is amazing it's like classic punk rock meets indie and its all tied with Ezra's unique voice

  30. Toxic Company

    2:52 this is what we find, this is really hard to find this song, but actually it's just 1 minutes before this song end

  31. hermione00801

    I am glad to say that I have no intention of watching sex education.

    Haju Thesni

    Your loss cuz its a great show.

  32. MR- POROSI

    It reminds me of free falling (probably similar chord progression)

  33. Diego Sales

    Fav 2:50

  34. Chrissy Ain’t cool

    High school the song

  35. CIFRÃO &

    Vim pelo sex education lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá🇧🇷🇧🇷

  36. MasterStvoritel

    Season 2, let's go!

  37. Mac McCaskill

    At first I thought this might be a Bryan Ferry or Roxy Music track I'd never heard of. Catchy.

  38. E R

    but Chip Taylor and "On the radio" is missing ;/

  39. Janet Gardiner

    Brilliant show gold digger what a class song from Ezra Furman 🎶🎵🕺

  40. さあ

    Season 2 was also great

  41. Rahul Sanam

    Sex education season 3 was sooo amazing Otis migh be end up with maev in s03!

  42. Greg Brennan

    Season 3 sex education like NOWWWW

  43. Durusu İnci

    sex education :)))

  44. WerBoy Finch

    Wanking has never felt so good

  45. Hertegovinul

    I feel like the season 2 ending is everyone's nightmare but still it's best way they could end the story


    we will probably see bastard isaac amd meave relationship alongside with this song and at the end of the s3 meave knows about isaac's shitty move and we will probably see otis and meave happly ever after s4 comes out


    @Bukalemun but how ? That mf has got no charisma at all like wtf how could they be together


    @PaulBeen maybe maeve fall for isaac because of his disability... ☹️


    @Swaraaj lmao she wouldn't. This guy is a fucking dick, at least Jackson was treating Maeve well

  46. Ryuki

    i love how they still play this in season 2

    Tyler Howell

    Ryuki did they? What episode do you know?


    @Tyler Howell the first episode

  47. Pamela Jones

    Love him! Amalgamation of Bryan Ferry, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed to come together as Ezra Furman. Perfection.

  48. Achitapol Phetphirun

    Ah shit here we go sex again!!!

  49. Tatiana Blackthorn

    Season 2, episode 1 of Sex Education brought me back here again! Woo! Time to hit that repeat button way too many times. ❤️❤️❤️

  50. Robert Parga

    Is everyone here brought from sex Ed? Cause I was only recommended to listen to Ezra's music

  51. Harun 28789

    Season 2 Released!

  52. Aubrey Heartburn

    Reminds me of Jarvis Cocker/Pulp

  53. Moon Dancer

    Is the fire at the end representing burning bridges?

  54. Kevin Mcewan

    Love this song so bad

  55. awkward potato

    Sex education Ssn2 coming out on Friday I'm so freaking hypedddddddd

  56. Tige Burns

    0:07 ...RUN

  57. I'm Totally Confused

    So... I'm here not because of sex education

  58. Ladybird

    Season 2 soon

  59. Kraken

    i like u so bad

  60. Claire mmm


  61. Luciano Martiniuk

    Actually, I'm going to admit it. I feel identified with some Sex Education stuff. Things I'm ashamed to say to others or even my own parents.

    But I think I'm going to change.

    I don't care what they think of me. It's me and I have to proud myself.

    In my case, I'm very embarrassed to tell her that I like her. I just can't.

    I wish I was a normal kid on that side. I can't express myself sexually.

    But I said I'm proud of myself. And so it is. My feature makes me proud because it makes me unique. Just like their characteristics make each of you unique.


    Luciano Martiniuk God damn right yo


    Hey, no such thing as normal :)

  62. 0en U

    this video is brilliant. Music brought me here, but video is greater.

  63. Kev M

    Incredible song

  64. smcmanus201

    Gold Digger ... what a fantastic track

  65. SdmAngeL

    This is a good song - very catchy . Love his voice x

  66. André H. Hofman, DairyBeat

    Unusual, but very good song and lyrics! Got to know it through BBC's Gold Digger.

  67. seadog365

    Gold digger brought me here

  68. Nem Nefti

    qwena es esta cancion dvdd 🎵🎶 floto literal

  69. El Diez

    Sounds very much like Robbie Williams. Brilliant song 👍🏻

  70. david pike

    Gold digger brought me here, great song

  71. boujee.

    guys i cant find one of the songs, it’s the one that plays after aimee/amy asks adam if he faked it and then it plays the title and evrything, otis wakes up and gets ready to masturbate but dan walks in blabla. It’s in the first episode, can someone help me please.. it’s my favourite song in the entire show and i only heard less than a minute of it

  72. Craig Benz

    The song is an old story told in a new and exciting way.

  73. Kinga Rz

    Start sounds like start the Metallica's „Sad But True”

  74. Daphne Philomena Green

    Had to google it after hearing it on Goldigger - wanted more 😎

    david hepple

    Daphne Philomena Green The same. : )

  75. Martina Prause

    My God this is a masterpiece... Forget the Netflix show, Ezra Furman is simply a brilliant artist

  76. Kharole Aznanzes

    I'm here just for "wah, wha, wha part'

  77. Brian Donkin

    Great catchy addictive song- is he similar to Mika and Bob Dylan?

  78. Lorraine Cameron

    Discovered this tune after watching Gold digger.
    Very catchy that I'm singing the tune in my head constantly..So Bad😉

  79. Alexandru Amuza

    For those who don't know yet.Season 2 for Sex Education is coming on netflix on 17 January 2020

  80. John Fox

    Me too - love it so bad!

  81. うずまきナルト

    God it’s so good

  82. Scott Walker

    I watched ‘gold digger’ on the bbc which played this twice too many times . My skin is crawling! This wetter than a Venetian doormat 🤮...
    if I live to be 1000 years old I will never understand the part of my brain that said “go on, search for it on you tube” 😂

  83. Kate W

    Gold digger!🙌

  84. Peter Mccormack

    Also used in Gold digger

  85. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here from Gold Digger?

  86. Sheemal Johnson

    Here after Gold digger

  87. tommyshelby

    BBC's Gold Digger brought me here.

    Isabella Presley


    Elle M

    tommyshelby me too 😂

    Alenka Harden

    tommyshelby Same here!

    Alenka Harden

    tommyshelby I only now realized how many hints at the big reveals from the finale can be found in the lyrics of this song.

  88. Auri Faen

    This makes my heart ache with nostalgia and I’ve never been in love

  89. Duranota Felaxy

    is there a pure wa wa wa wa version of this song???

  90. Marcus Delfin

    This guy's songwriting is god

  91. Moon Dancer

    I've never seen Sex Education. I learned about it on my own. You know, the RIGHT way!

  92. Moon Dancer

    I always knew I was bad. They called me Space Cadet.

  93. Melo Rose Defalco


  94. Angie Barker

    this dude should be way more popular

  95. Angie Barker

    fucking great

  96. mv2006

    I’m just thinking of Otis and Eric on their bikes...

  97. éléa datreuil

    jean i love you

  98. Moon Dancer

    How many people still know how to mail a real letter in the post?

  99. Ava Meyers

    We both know we are here for the wa wa wa part😂