Ezra Furman - In America Lyrics

We were born in America
Twenty years in a torn-up America
And it's not so terrible in America

And if you go to the movies
Don't believe what they show at the movies
The whole world's in 3D, it's incredible

And if you pay me the ransom
I will write you a national anthem
Against the wall with your hands up
Don't try anything funny

Mexican on your dad's side
Every town has a good and a bad side
And you were born on the sad side of America

And I don't have to defend it
I don't give a shit what Ben Franklin intended
What slaveowner men said, glad they're all dead

And there's too many rock songs
Put it all in a two-minute pop song
A really-mean-it-a-lot song for America

All alone in America
I wanna go back home in America
Clean me out like an enema, Miss America

We were born for America
For the highways and corn of America
How you're not even dead yet when they bury ya

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