Ezra Furman - From A Beach House Lyrics

And what do we see here
Washing up on the beach in November
When nobody lives here
'Cause they've all left this beach town for the winter

Tables and bed frames
A complete set of tarnished silver
Photographs with no names
More items are left with every crash of the grey waves

I collect it all over the course of four days
Four days

Four days alone
Hiding in the yellow beach house
Full of beetles and stones
And a silence that's freaking me out
I broke the phone
I didn't mean to but I broke it
The waves sigh and moan
I sit on the porch and I hope it
Don't start to rain again
I feel muscle pain again
I wait for the main event

Which is your voice on the phone to me
Saying the operation went smoothly
And they still can't kill us, hopefully
And you're in the car on the road to me
With your brand new body

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