Expendables, The - Drift Away Lyrics

How can I comprehend the consequences of my decision
It's so frustrating
How can my life reflect upon my envision
My concentrations failing
People say it's time to stop pretending
The answers will come my way
Time can only heel wounds that need mending
That's just the price that we pay

Watch me swim away
From this place that I don't know anymore
Watch me drift away
From this place that was my shore

How many time have I told myself to stay away
Countless numbers
How many times should I have left when she told me to stay
I can't even remember
If I could easily escape this situation
If I only could
If I could easily control my hesitation
If I only would

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Expendables, The Drift Away Comments
  1. Johnathan Schmidt

    I fucking hate reggae but i love this song and this band

  2. Evan Vujnovich

    G wizzz how cool is this song

  3. Miguel Lopez

    this song makes me sad, i really love it, happened to me <3

  4. MaxMercZ

    fck this sounds so muffled... damnit im not hight enough, hold on..

  5. Mario Lira

    this is the jam

  6. S R

    Still plays never no expiration to music 🙏🏽

  7. Edgar Escobar

    I think i might b the only one that doesn't smoke weed or notin and listen yo raggae


    lol do you realize collegiate athletes get drug tested? 


    +Share The Music ok in this case I am talking about athletes. No where do I mention asthma. If you are caught with THC in your system as a collegiate athlete your career is over.

    phanny pack

    Ethan Dossett marcus vick got caught with actual weed once...his career is shit.


    Wim hof breathing will achieve the same results with no weed.

    Oziel Navarro

    Edgar Escobar dame herr

  8. 5150madawg

    dabbs all day cali grown to the fullest 


    dabs are wack tweaker shit

    Chris Dat —Membaaa?—

    Sneaky.amxx you’re dumb, learn a thing or two before opening your dick sucker!

  9. surferchick797

    g-13 in my blunt...

  10. cajungage123

    @rollingchase, weed was here before jesus

  11. Dylan Baker

    Enjoy the tunes. Open your mind. Close your eyes and embrace the ganja :)

  12. Matt Pruitt

    Fourteen year old's talking about waking and baking... awesome.

  13. dave bowles

    jeez ..the comments...can't we all just enjoy da muzic...seems we all agree on one thing......9:20 is 4:20's cousin......long live Bob Marley... ~Kheper

  14. joshdavies2009

    Love reggae, oh so much

  15. dustin bridgeman


  16. Jim P

    Dude seriously go fuck off with your bible hugging preaching. nobody here seems to give a shit, go jerk off to Joel Osteen and leave us alone

  17. Shad0wcat

    driffttt awwayyyyyy -__-

  18. DKavic

    good song

  19. JohnMarchant22

    This music is GOOD!!

  20. JohnMarchant22

    Jesus is REAL!!

  21. J-Quik Vegas

    To the place that I dont know anymore!

  22. Garrett Carrico

    No proof..

  23. Garrett Carrico

    Marijuana is real. Jesus isnt


    Garrett Carrico god made plants god made buds its hard to believe but everyone has there own opinions

    Gerard Malazarte

    You sure?

  24. Nick Jones

    you sound just like my cousin john

  25. Fabs

    are you fucking serious? Jesus smokes weed with me that niggah taught me how to roll my joints

  26. ThePotatoChef

    Haha I'm fourteen too! I had a wake n bake this morning. Cool shit.

    E G

    21 now fool

  27. miguelsul20

    word xD

  28. Clarkem


  29. coolduck007

    You got me excited because, no one understands that weed is for everyone. I'm 14 and only two kids in my grade smoke. All yeah and 4/20 is in a few days, and I'm excited

  30. Sun Ray

    mmmmmmmmm makes me feel so good inside, beautiful song

  31. Rob

    4 years? hahaha, I remember my first bong hit.

  32. Spencer Hawkins

    life is good

  33. Pete Rodriguez

    @1xDistortioNx2 I dont think kids as young as 14 should smoke but i can't be a hypocrite. I'd say 16 is an acceptable age to start.

  34. SilentSage

    @rollingchase Roll yourself a joint mate, it'll calm you down enough so we can help you off that pedestal.

  35. Philosopher419

    @NinjaChicken831 Drunk? No, you don't get those kinds of hallucinations from booze, those guys were on mushrooms or something

  36. MarK Speer

    @1xDistortioNx2. Preach on, brother.

  37. MrTenseMan

    this song is awesome

  38. TheRedfury96

    @1xDistortioNx2 Dude your fuckin awesome

  39. Clarkem

    Superb, Smoke Herb, Everyday.

  40. Raider Dave

    @SikTooFye YES man ganja was send from shiva to feel you free and good in the brain
    and to feel the universe. At least i ve never heard about someone who died at an marijuana overdose.
    If you exaggerate smokin you re very very stoned but the chemical shit kills you faster u can say the name of it.

  41. Frizzle Fry

    @PurpsAllDay420 there are good ones though like the Australian pink floyd show and dark star orchestra are great bands tributing a band that no longer is around

  42. PurpsAllDay420

    @undermisensiOPC fuck cover bands. make ur own music. be original goddamit

  43. Sean Knipe

    @rollingchase Dud, god put marijuana on the planet. It's not like he put crystal meth or xtc on it, and we're not doin any of that, so kindly chill the fuck out.
    Jah bless, smoke on everyone.

  44. MrBlazinbuds420

    @rollingchase why are u even listining to the expendables??

  45. Oliver Neet

    @TheMelonPiranha wow then i guess i don't have a penis:(

  46. teets mcgee

    @rollingchase prove it?..

  47. Peter Randazzo

    @rollingchase just looking at Jesus sparks a similarity to a stoner lol

  48. Fielo Music

    i cant wait to cover this at an open mic

  49. Nate Kenley

    @CamCanter1324 have fun being able to smoke weed when your older without ur parents caring i envy you

  50. 1xDistortioNx2

    @PLURshit brother you need to learn something quick. Herb is for everyone and anyone. If some 14 year old stoner wants to talk about how stoned he is listening to these guys id say hes pretty chill with me. Ive smoked herb alot longer then you have and i still like to act like im 10 when i smoke. So chill the fuck out and enjoy ur high and the tunes.

  51. pheelgoo d

    @yougotityesyou i saw him in los angeles. it was INSANE.

  52. pheelgoo d

    @yougotityesyou although hes not really underground anymore, im seeing bassnectar live next week along with big gigantic

  53. pheelgoo d

    @yougotityesyou same :) and for the record i dont rave or any of that shit, in fact im the complete opposite, im just saying to that one guy who is flipping out with the word 'PLUR' in his username..you kinda get what im saying?

  54. pheelgoo d

    @yougotityesyou cool story bro

  55. pheelgoo d

    @PLURshit plur man.....wheres it at. just relax

  56. Marcus Montes

    today was a good day

  57. Ian young

    damn this song is the equalivilent of sticking your own cock in Nutella and being able to suck it off while high on exctasy .

  58. isaac guzman

    @DGKskater757x maby not yours buddy!!!

  59. isaac guzman

    @PLURshit fuck off

  60. mike fox

    @PLURshit you just made a weed related comment. Oh it appears i have aswell. Oh well

  61. nig nug

    @PLURshit kook

  62. nig nug

    @paintblr64 haha classifing is genre is not irie

  63. michael provenzano

    @jueenieboy its not fucking ska dude...

  64. michael provenzano

    @chupacabra747 not ska dude...

  65. TCharlieA

    I like this song, and ska is shitty, thus this song is not ska. End of discussion.

  66. Toolzyyy

    this isnt ska. where are the horns?

  67. Robert de la Rionda

    dislike it to keep the blunt lit!
    you cant dislike this for reals...

  68. Vincent Donahue

    The Expendables are definitely not Ska. They're type of music has lots of common names, but its pretty much Island, but definitely not ska. Look up Ska, and this isn't Ska.

  69. chupacabra747

    Top 3 ska bands: expendables.... I dgaf about any others

  70. Bo Huggabee

    @cubensis4life and. some. hooka.

  71. Clarkem

    who could dislike this, you fucking deaf?

  72. Melanie N

    from all authority, my high is unknown ;)

  73. Laura Pinzon

    who can put a dislike?? how is that possible?

  74. WigSpliTTeR6661


  75. cubensis4life

    @Airshot06 haha smoke on brother, from ottawa canada

  76. surfingmavricks

    Holy fucking shit I can't even comprehend how intense this song is its just like... I'm drifting away.

  77. Clarkem

    @cubensis4life oh, trust me cannabis should be my middle name! 18 and iron lungs, thriving. Stay Lifted - coming to you from sin city! (las vegas)

  78. bill boyd

    Enjoy life, and be kind to everyone.

  79. Walker Arrington

    @PLURshit you literally have no life at all do you?

  80. blazdsktr1

    u dont need to smoke to like any Expendables jamz but there's nothing wrong to bump this during a blaze session Peace (;

  81. nezz40

    It pisses me off when people come into my office while im listening to this music and i hear this comment. " Oh i have to smoke weed to listen to this type of music" Well my friend you lead a sad fucking life!

  82. TheDoctorCHCH

    2 people are listening to this song on mute.

  83. SurfOrDie1122

    the expendables are all i listen to anymore <3

  84. richie vasquez

    @missykim9 dude there drummer lives on my street

  85. Hernan Cortes

    @patriotsurfer16 Fuck the law

  86. jahusafex

    2 people didnt drift away

  87. missykim9

    @mjvg123 you're kidding right?? 311 is one of the greatest live bands. why else is their fan base so big and loyal? you won't see for yourself unless you actually go to a concert of 311's.

  88. Chris Rogers

    best song by anyone in a long time

  89. jentlefer

    @xXTRaDEmAStERXx LMAO, good one

  90. Clarkem

    i packed a bowl, just for this song.

  91. brewskii559

    yeee my shit

  92. cubensis4life

    @jello6451 The Next Episode by Dre?

  93. jello6451

    @cubensis4life Theres some rap song that says that as like its last line or first line, and i cant remember and its killing me

  94. CRE8T0R

    Seeing this dudes LIVE is the shit! ganja smoke is everywhere, you dont have to take a hit in order to get high, just go to to one of their concerts and your already guaranteed faded! damn i fuckin love this band!

  95. camerin G

    @joshpgnut assssssssshoooooollllllllle you are the product of a castro butt couple

  96. senoritaErickah

    @bwalks0610 haha "hoochies" i'm gonna go see these guys in a couple of hours!

  97. BiLL03590

    i used to do my own drawing and it looked almost exactly like this album art