Expendables, The - Burning Up Lyrics

I want to run away
From this awful place in my mind
Don't want to do no more time
I do what I love to pick me up
But lately now I do not think it's gonna be enough
So I sit and I pray and I hope that someday
These problems will move far away

I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way I can stay in control
I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way

My life is like a sunny day
Always bright out never ever in the shade
Now that has all changed
There is nothing you can do to make me drown
Stop me right now
I'm not going to be the one to be held down
Even though that I'm low
I want you to know
It's time for me to ditch this heavy load

I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way I can stay in control
I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way

Don't want these feelings in my head
Don't want to cry my self to bed... no more
Don't want these feelings in my head
Don't want to cry my self to bed... no more

I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way I can stay in control
I'm burning up... in the fire of my soul
I'm burning up... there is no way

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Expendables, The Burning Up Comments
  1. Aaron Wheeler

    Love this shit...

  2. kamikaze 13

    I love this.

  3. 8:16 am

    From this awful place in my mind

  4. Ryan Russell

    My favorite Expendables tune

  5. Leo Roth

    that first guitar solo is...... heavenly

  6. Leo Roth

    the guitar in this track is absolutely awesome. actually everything is awesome

  7. Zak Wixson

    I love all music, but this one song, is my absolute favorite of all time, and specifically this version

  8. Harmony Rose

    Always good music been listening since highschool haha 😂

  9. gothic stink

    First band I ever saw live, and still one of my favs to this day!

  10. T-O -B-D

    4:54 RIP to my neck

  11. buddha bless

    pussy cat dolls hush hush last part

    very good creativity right there

    7 years after listen to this song good vibes

  12. buddha bless

    tears dont fall- bullet for my valentine

  13. Dnielle C

    Nice sound!!!

  14. TheFlyingCrud

    I love this band, and though they aren't my favorite I have to say that the drummer is more similar to my style and influences than any other. Not to mention the raw sound of the recording of this album, just sounds so great.

  15. Victoria Tumilson

    im a metal head and i love the whole song

  16. 8:16 am

    Exactly what rebuilding my self confidence sounds like

  17. 8:16 am

    I'm burning up

  18. HockeyPwnsBaseball

    When they played this live a few years ago while joints were being passed around the crowd is one of my favorite music memories ever.

  19. Skyliines

    This song embodies what The Expendables soubd is. 10/10

  20. pooner fulton

    points me in the right mind set

  21. Michael Guest

    The riff at 4:54 is sick as fuck. shout out to Miles on the track from SS Been jammin expendables and Stoopid since 06. Theyre still the fire

  22. Cody Roberts

    first time hearing this song, did not expect the ending, fucking rad

  23. Nick Waffle

    That sounds like Kyle McDonald from Slightly Stoopid midway through the song!

    Saxon Johnson

    Nick Waffle I'm pretty sure it's him. He has a distinct voice.

    Juicy Joel

    its Miles not Kyle

  24. Babek Crew


  25. BakedInHell

    Loading the first bowl in my new bubbler I created while I was high as fuck listing to this song. respect to a amazing band

  26. Nico LaRocca

    Aaaand slow clap them out👏🏼👏🏼🤘🏼

  27. Tim Petraroi

    What better song to toke the governor's cheese to then this one. Good Vibes

  28. BRO Hammer541

    i want to run away

  29. D spot for change

    one love to my ppls

  30. Ashley Aaron

    I want to run away.... from this awful place in my mind

    Mike Gould

    Ashley Aaron don't like these feelings in my head I want to cry myself to bed. ...

  31. Spencer Hartlage

    I'm smoking triple kyripto chronic double thunder fuck white rhino widow with AK 47

    Spencer Hartlage


  32. MaxMercZ

    vapein up ☝


    better then burnin da herb

  33. John Gomez

    burning my last bowl of kosher kush to this song

    benden lastin

    is that the only type of weed jews smoke? kosher kush? im curious

    Ashley Aaron

    John Gomez kosher is on point for taste.. I needs a cut!!

    Jess Mayo

    benden lastin lol tf

    Lana Sparklez

    John Gomez burning my last spliff with a little bit of extra hash to this and a camel red

  34. Charlies Angel

    love this ♡ seeing them live tomorrow!

  35. SensiRippah420

    Miles and that sax solo from 3:01-3:24 make this song so bad ass. the heavy guitar solo at the end shaves a star off though a solid 4/5* rating in my opinion though.


    Good to know.


    You kidding me? that riff is what initially made the song stand out in my mind. It may be out of place but it's definitely heavy as shit and not unappreciated


    guitar best parts

    Megan Vance

    their loud/quiet/loud style is what makes these guys kick so much ass

    Colin Garza

    Love love love when a song makes me go from laying down chillin to wanting to get up rock out and kick shit! Love that shit!!!!!!

  36. Skeeter Teeth

    hate this guitar solo compared to lyrics. shoulda kept singing all through song without guitar.

    James Arnold

    If you don't already know, there is another and older version of this song that doesn't have the breakdown at the end (if that's what you were referring too)

  37. Duncan Price

    a good song imo is one inch, now this song imo 999 country miles!!! Much love from Canada , Fuking EH!

  38. Maddy Betts

    i just want these lyrics with Miles included...

  39. mjweed420


  40. Jesus Haro

    So much more badass live

  41. alberts1985

    A fat joint rolling up

  42. Alex Gray

    Burnin up my last bowl of kush to this


    hey its me from a different account. still burnin kush to this song lol

    Aaron Pyles

    @ProfitOfDoom513 you still burning kush to this song? Lol


    Aaron Pyles I’ve moved on to better things... like dabs lol

    Aaron Pyles

    @ProfitOfDoom513 dabs are good. Man the weed world sure has evolved since it was legalized medically and recreationally llmao toke up man!

    God n' Guns

    Same but with og🤣

  43. Musical Galaxy

    I love this song so much. It just automatically makes me feel better. Good Vibes.

    Leo Roth

    its awesome man

  44. Tyler F

    Is that dude from Slightly Stoopid at 2:10? If so why isnt he credited anywhere?


    Tyler Feliciano yeah it is.. slightly stoopid took the expendables under their wing. They released this album while signed with stoopid records


    Fuck yeah that's Miles.. He's credit in the album liner notes.

    Grant Erskine

    zojakworldwide, INgrooves, The Orchard Music (on behalf of Stoopid Records);

    Sean Wyte

    Yep it's Miles....they signed to stoopid records

    drew c

    I've thought this too lol

  45. Gabriel Garcia

    High af right now

  46. Purple Dank Lady

    Damn, good song

    Matthew Quintanilla

    Yeah I know, my wife sang me this song after we got into a fight; and it made me completely forget that the argument ever took place.

  47. TheNoiseYourParentsComplainAbout

    That solo tho.

  48. Luis Echegollen

    Sick always has been

  49. Chris Horvatich

    yes fits well

  50. Tyler Sinclair

    holy shit, metal and harmonizing guitars. Like Bullet for my valentine and Maiden's twin riffing infused.

    Ethan Wharton

    Keep your sick hobbies to yourself Brofessor..

    Not Carmen

    +Robert Williams faq u

    Raul Maza

    Andy Shrock lol

    james cole

    Cant miss 😎

    james cole

    Steady burnin the soul up

  51. Molly Harris

    This song fits so perfectly right now...

  52. michelle noriega


  53. John Ull

    Beautiful riffing!

  54. TheChildOfTheSchwa

    Damn this is a very tight tune

  55. Bryan Garder

    I'm burning up this big ass bowl of Sour Diesel, right now, baked like a mother fukkah cx ;) lol

  56. Hale Baugh

    this song is like cocaine on sex. like on a strippers ass

  57. Wes Johnson

    Love it !

  58. J M

    Too chill

  59. christian gcf

    cant wait to see ya guys at ventura theatre!

  60. ronald norsaid

    Great reggae rockers ! ,\m/

  61. yt8181

    One of the BEST!!!!!! Cant wait to see em live!!!!!

  62. daniel sumi

    this song is so good

  63. Brandon B

    Completely agree, just gotta "be" and let the music flow through you. I'm not high and I do that. Music is something we all get high off of

  64. eAStcOASTEr91

    talk about getting lost in this tune..... i so many different styles

  65. Roadkill722

    wow is that Miles Doughty from Slightly Stoopid @ 2:10 ?

  66. secretsquirrel4204

    Bitchin ass tune!! I was grooving to it, then it all turned heavy and I was like,, hell yea!! And Yea,, I smoked a phatty just before I listened to it!!

    © o 0 O

  67. RoweHowe

    Yup so's tea, and coffee, and milk (casein-protein in milk-partial opioid agonist); they all agonize with certain receptors in your brain. If only weed was properly placed in its rightful category. Yes its an intoxicant but so's pu-erh (fermented 'black' tea), so many semantics!

  68. DrPlatamapus

    As a sufferer of depression I relate to this song so much. Weed is the greatest thing to ever happen. I was losing control to heroin pretty fast though

    Shaun Tiggelman

    weed is life man doctors put me on methamphetamines for adhd i quit my meds cold Turkey like 8 years back and started smoking more frequently that shit just works wonders

  69. Nick Kent

    with that said.. Ive done many more drugs then just weed.. I was strong enough to know the difference between what is right and wrong.. I believe marijuana is a helpful drug to many many people and should be legalized without our eff'd up gov trying to make doe off of it.. Thieves and criminals all of them.. anyways music is crazy powerful! I like a lot of dif music.. Listening to george jones, waylon, shooter, hank 3.. Those boys make me wanna get rowdy and drink..But thats me im country/hippie

  70. Nick Kent

    I agree with XXarcane.. I did "drugs" for a long time, if you consider marijuana a "drug".. Haha anyway.. This shit is crazy good tunes. I listen to it sober all the time!! Its all about where you are in your mind and where you wanna be.. I like feelin Irie, nothin better.. You dont have to do drugs to listen to Marley do you.. Music is very powerful, but hopefully you have enough strength to listen to certain stuff and stay sober ;-)

  71. patrick duvall

    The dude abides

  72. patrick duvall

    Ganja isn't a drug so you're good man

  73. Marina Morales

    The intro really draws you in

  74. Brian Hopper

    i dont smoke and i love this friggin band

  75. markussuarez

    well DUDE

  76. Mitchell Ocampo

    Expendables are the best band to ever come out of Santa Cruz

  77. Javier Miranda

    haha i feel ya xD

  78. shook one

    The expendables are amazing

  79. Andre Plaza

    daaaaamn this is the jam!!

  80. Josh williams

    Imperial beach cali

  81. Albyint

    If my baked is what?

  82. demanda galvin

    Love the vibe. Living life in ocean beach Cali

  83. Jonathan Jarvis

    Having Miles in this song makes it perfect

  84. Sergio Alexander Trujillo Garcia

    la voz se parece un poco al vocalista de red hot chili peppers

  85. XXarcane

    You don't have to do drugs to be mellow. It's all about going with the flow!

  86. djcygnusx1

    Iron Maiden!!!

  87. Tyler Rogers

    I feel like a poser when I listen to this song since I plan on never doing drugs

  88. RobNyou


  89. Sacha Chapman

    Beautiful! (:

  90. tsrif tsal

    santa cruz locals representin

  91. Liz Mercado

    shout out to the expendables. sick ass show in SD house of blues!!!!! 4/12/13 <3

  92. andrew

    never stop rolling spliffs people, that means we lost our dignity as as a species

  93. The Cubster

    This is a pretty late response, but it's always important to be able to enjoy sober times. Yeah bud is not addicting, and I enjoy it as much as the next person, but it's really important that during your sober times you can enjoy everything as well. Cheers

  94. Skrewby Myers

    I wanna talk to SAYMSON!

  95. OneBigAsMistakAmurca

    you dumb yo

  96. taylor schuss

    miles 2:10?