Exodus - The Atrocity Exhibition Lyrics

The glorious frailty of the human mind
Leads us to deceive the mother of mankind
Nature is our master, we serve her through our deeds
She teaches us that only death is guaranteed
If there was a hell, there must I ever be
Eternal life in heaven is but a fallacy
So if death is nothing, but a path to be trod
Walk with me and let me introduce you to your God

Come see an exhibition of atrocity
An ocean of eternity
One in which the shore you’ll never see
Or your God of make believe

You speak to the sky and no one answers back
And yet you wager the word of God is fact
The horrors we imagine in vivid clarity
Become a spectacle, your God’s atrocities
A mirror image, reflection of your soul
Just nature’s play, all her children have a role
God’s an actor, the world nature’s stage
Our fates are scripted like so many
letters on a page

A composition of atrocity
The Story of Christianity
A fairy tale of tyranny
Recipe for catastrophe

Man’s inclination
Is to bend those who oppose to our will
Does your great creator think
the good are better made by ills?
Dream after dream, time after time
he who conquers endures
The grand design of the mother
We the disease, and her the cure

Unsatisfied longing for the slaughter
The master often slays her sons and her daughters
Death is but and undress of skin and of bone
When you return to her, no sins to atone
The ending is the same for the vile and devout
Let all the poisons that lurk in the mind
Hatch out
She has predetermined our end
Nothing more she will portend

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Exodus The Atrocity Exhibition Comments
  1. Joey Beattie

    Rob Dukes is the fuckin man the original singer whatever tf his name is sucks balls and ruins all the music that comes from his mouth wish the MF would just retire and let ROB DUKES dominate the world of metal

    O 43

    You don't even know who the other singers are? Baloff and Zetro both have much more individual and memorable singing styles than what Dukes have. Nothing against Dukes, but he is not special in any way.

    Joey Beattie

    @O 43 memorable is not always a good thing....

    O 43

    @Joey Beattie Well there is a reason why the fans wanted zetro back. Blood in blood out instantly got sold more than the albums from the rob duks era. You can keep your opinion but dont exaggerate.

    And if rob was really that special he would have some other band just like zetro did with Hatriot. I also like the lyrics that zetro writes more. For example those super fast lines on fabulous disaster and impact is imminent lots of those texts were written by zetro. Rob has some really good stuff too tough.

  2. Stansfield DEA

    That's it. That's all. <3