Exodus - Nanking Lyrics

Sadistic soldiers of the rising sun
1937's when the rape had begun
The ancient city fell under imperial rule
By an engine of war and lust, savage and cruel

Assembly line efficiency of killing machines
Unbridled fury of the sick and obscene
Systematic sexual degradation
The more perverse the greater exaltation

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
They turned the waters of the Yangtze red with blood
Cast aside and brutalized
Terrific horror made to terrorize

Bestial and violent, six weeks of suffering
So black was the day they marched through the gates
Their fate was beckoning

Tanks ran over men nailed to boards
Decapitations with an officer's sword
Gang rape of women, both the young and the old
Frozen to death in waters ice cold

Disembowelment, some are buried alive
Suicide's preferred for those who survive
The stench of corpses everywhere in the streets
Dogs feast on the rotting meat

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
They turned the waters of the Yangtze red with blood
Cast aside and brutalized
Terrific horror made to terrorize

Bestial and violent, six weeks of suffering
So black was the day they marched through the gates
Their fate was beckoning
It was the rape of Nanking

Thousands forced into prostitution
So many years and still no restitution
The carnage of Carthage so easily outdone
Add all the blood you get 1200 tons

Massacre removed from history books
No mention of men hung from iron hooks
All counter to the rules of war
They made a city an army's whore

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
They turned the waters of the Yangtze red with blood
Cast aside and brutalized
Terrific horror made to terrorize

Bestial and violent, six weeks of suffering
So black was the day, they marched through the gates
Their fate was beckoning
It was the rape of Nanking

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Exodus Nanking Comments
  1. Why So Serious?


  2. lovemetalrock

    fuck japan

  3. Sensei HH

    any mecry

  4. Ken Bober

    My niece had to do a senior history report on nanking. Showed her the lyrics and she used it as a reference. She got an A.

  5. alexander ferus

    Heavy metal at it's awesomeness I love it

  6. alexander ferus

    Best history lesson on nanking

  7. R-TEX

    History lesson included in this great badass song.. Exodus lyrics always has something to learn of them.Always opened my mind. Wakes up my curiosity.

  8. Jamie Shawcross


  9. cappy from boston

    Hell mo fuckin yaaaa

  10. alexander ferus

    Excellent metal 🤘💀🤘🎸🎸

  11. alexander ferus

    Awesome metal 🤘💀🤘🎸🎸

  12. alexander ferus

    This is excellent metal 🤘💀🤘🎸☠️ excellent guitar riffs, drums , bass & lyrics

  13. 梁言




  14. Edwin Weirowski

    80 Years! Had to eat chinese today.

  15. Asa Red

    My great uncle was trapped there, but as an American, was not subjected to the brutality.  The Nanking atrocities have been overshadow by holocaust in Europe but should not be forgotten either.

  16. Trandafir Dorin

    4:29 - eargasm

  17. Scottish Trendkill

    That guitar tone holy Fuck it's like a chainsaw ripping through your brain !

  18. Nya Rvn

    what an intro ! it was my ringtone when I was in highschool :) memoriiiiessss

  19. Richard lemke

    This goes to whoever is dissapointed with Exodus ,get over it! After all it happened it is a fact proven history! Shouldn't you be really upset then with Slayer for "Angel of death" ? After all Joseph Mengela was an evil fuck just like the piece of shit being described in the song Nanking ! Hey, EXODUS keep up the great work and much love to all who are and have been in the band! You are in a league all your own,and are the Godfathers of bay area thrash!


    lol the piece of shit being described in the song was the japanese army

  20. zhen Heros

    I agree with you, chonghwa minkuo is the legit one , only for Taiwan.

  21. Zheng Slaughter

    chonghwa minkuo is the legit one

  22. Nonexistence

    yes, for Chinese people,it belongs to China but for Taiwanese people, they don't think they belongs to China.I have a lot of friends from Taiwan and they don't admit that they're Chinese.If you go to some tickets websites, when bands plays in Taiwan, It'll say Taipei,Taiwan instead of Taipei, China but if they play in the mainland China, It'll say Shanghai, China. so it doesn't belongs to China at some point. Sorry for this 'spam' I don't mind if people mark me as spam...

  23. zhen Heros

    中華民國 IS Taiwan, 中华人民共和国 IS China, two different countries

  24. Zheng Slaughter

    中華民國 IS China

  25. Juraj Horváth

    Super collider is the supreme piece of shit imho

  26. Joey James

    Ah but Endgame? That album has got to be one of the best Thrash albums of the 21st century!

  27. NoFunNoMoshNoCoreNoTrends

    I actually thought Th1rt3en was one of Megadeth's most technical and progressive releases. I don't like the other new stuff, though.

  28. strikeofthekyp

    Exhibit B is perfect, EXODUS rules!

  29. Joey James

    Really? I thought things got nothing but better from System onwards... missing out "Thirteen" as that was more of an EP.

  30. Nonexistence

    really??which city??I'm sure they won't play near me :( nice icon btw XD

  31. Nonexistence

    aren't you Taiwanese since your icon is the flag of Taiwan(中華民國)

  32. aiouh

    >No political discussion to be found anywhere

    Oh my god youtube you've let yourself go

  33. Wize Minsc

    megadeth sucks

    John Johnson

    Wize Minsc uncalled for

    Claudio Softez

    Of course, Megadeth is poor, boring, dull

    High On Nymphetamine

    Megadeth is way better technically and Mustaine's lyrics are far more diverse. Exodus is like Slayer in that they only sing about violence and most of theor songs sound similar. Still a great band though.

  34. crashdummy40

    slayer cmon i have yet to here a half ass decent solo from that damn band its awful overkill testament for sure are still smashing that shit as usuall

  35. Mike Christianson

    testament's last two albums have been amazing

  36. zac andow

    def the tone and recording is better than back then

  37. zac andow

    Endgame is my favorite Megadeth album, its so heavy

  38. zac andow

    not instead of metallica... instead of anthrax!

  39. zac andow

    world painted blood is awesome!

  40. zac andow

    exept the actual song 13 and sudden deaths alright too

  41. diba714

    Im a Chinese

    this song is good

  42. TooSirTeen

    Sure are these 3 records not as good as Rust in Peace or Peace Sells. But I think The System has failed is the best Megadeth record since Youthanasia. And Risk has this special atmosphere.
    But now I have to say.... Th1rt3en sucks.

  43. klemenmikus

    Megadeth is my facourite band but you must admit that trust, risk, system has failed aint as good as first albums were.

  44. griggs227

    thank god those bombs so killed more innocent civilains and not the guys who actually caused nanking right??

  45. griggs227

    im not really a thrash fan but damn this is badass

  46. Rafael de Mattos

    or even Destruction

  47. RefreshTheDemon96

    Hey! Don't forget my favorite MASSIVELY UNDER RATED METAL PIONEERS that influenced the newer bands like Trivium,Children Of Bodom,Arch Enemy,Bullet for my Vallentine and all those guys ... ANNIHILATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. Nicolea9000

    That's merely a response that spreads more hatred. The imperial Japanese government didn't exactly make it known to it's civilian population the horrors of it's campaign in mainland Asia. That said, there are individuals in Japan today that try to educate others of the severity of Japans crimes in world war II. To make blanket statements like that undermines those peoples efforts. And the bombing of another civilian population isn't exactly justice for the victims of Japans war.

  49. The_Buff_Guy

    Take out Metallica, there should be a Big 5:
    5. Exodus, they're the smallest of the large Thrash bands, but have an opening band like Death Angel for them.
    4. Testament, slightly bigger than Exodus.
    3. Anthrax, come on, cut them some slack, they're fucking awesome, which is why they're huge.
    2. Slayer, of course. They're the gods of thrash.
    1. MEGADETH of course... they're the biggest thrash metal band in history... always will be. Metallica is no longer a thrash band. As much as I love them.

  50. zLunex

    Agreed! Ha! Exodus + Overkill = Big 2!

  51. zLunex

    No one, sound matters! :)

  52. The_Slayer

    If you listen to Ironbound or The Electric Age by Overkill your opinion on that will change.

  53. Lewis Barclay

    Considered as one of the worst atrocities in modern history. In December, 1937, Japanese troops entered the former capital city of China, Nanjing. For 6 weeks after its capture, the Japanese troops slaughtered an estimated 200,000-250,000 civilians and prisoners of war and raped over 20,000 women. This incident is commonly referred to as "The rape of Nanjing". The brutality of this incident surpassed that of the Holocaust in Europe.

    Asa Red

    My great uncle was trapped there, but as an American, was not subjected to the brutality.  The Nanking atrocities have been overshadow by holocaust in Europe but should not be forgotten either.

  54. MetalCrusader7

    @audisport damn fucking straight. had there been no nuclear attack, Operation Downfall would have killed as many as 800,000 Americans when 250,000 had fallen in the entire war. 500,000 purple hearts were made in preparation. these are still being awarded today.

  55. HurriCanE17X

    it only takes one minute to make me wanna get any Exodus cd. god danm i wish my town sell better music

  56. Zheng Slaughter

    @audisport calm down and listen to this song

  57. SuicideFixated

    @Skissor666 or about the teutonic bands? like sodom, tankard, destruction, kreator, protector etc..?

  58. LD60

    @Skissor666 Not a fan of Slayer's newest album but it's definitely better than *****ica.

  59. asxjune1260

    I lovee IIIIT

  60. Johnny pooper

    @pedropeter731 yes it is excellent. they shouldve done one over kamikazis, the bataan death march, or a song about the imperial soldiers complete disregard for human life, and honor for the emperor was a solitary goal

  61. Johnny pooper

    @Skissor666 exodus has evolved beautifully...progressively heavier...progressively meaner...nearly all those bands hit and missed at points..but exodus is offering up material as mean as any death metal band with the perspective and style of a thrash metal great. its amazing.

  62. TooSirTeen

    Whats about Slayer, Testamanet, Megadeth, Death Angel, Heathen, or Overkill??

  63. Ennio

    Exodus are probably the only thrash band of the 80's that are just as good if not even better than their old days.

  64. AmericanNohbuddy

    Slayer's Killing Fields and Angel of Death are educational as well.

  65. Jeck Labrador

    Songs with Historical References
    Exodus - Nanking (The Rape of Nanking)
    Slayer - Unit 731 (Japan's dreaded version of the Auschwitz Concentration camp)

    this just proves that Heavy Metal is EDUCATIONAL!

    Jeremy Nelson

    JD Dominicus anything by Sabaton is a history lesson

  66. YaNNkiE

    Exodus Rulez, see you in Katowice on 10th August :)

  67. XxYamiHiroshixX

    this album is my personal top 10 albums of 2010 y fucking love this album!!!

  68. McNuggetButt

    @DietGrape It's very thrash. Just not old school thrash if that makes sense

  69. ali khan


  70. fuckitall780

    metallica, slayer, megadeth, whatever old school bands you compare this album to, it destroyes them all. Exhibit b is a metal masterpiece.

  71. Pablo Gomez

    @SarcasticS0B also "The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles" is base on a real life's scene

  72. Justrandomthingys

    @daniel245 Exodus made it fucking perfect, the whole album, its fuckin insanity at its finest ^^

  73. Daniel G

    this song is a master piece the instrumental goes perfect with the lyrics

  74. freakflag56

    wha wha shut the fuck up slayer this,exodus that who gives a fuck its all tight ass metal that dont get no matter,besides u comparing two different strains if u want to get tech shut up enjoy earspank

  75. freakflag56

    @brnleague99 hey it is awesome they all came from the same momma

  76. Daniel De Massari

    lol ya, exodus is cool, but, never, abs never will reach slayers quality, not with the music and surely not about the lyrics...

    and the vocals , c`mon, tom blows whole exodus away...its truth...

    and always that pissing on other fans is lame... always just teasing... u must be a retards with a very small ego...poor fuck....

  77. Pedro Ferraro

    0:39 until 0:54 BEST PART!!!!

  78. SuperOpposum

    @SarcasticS0B Counter strike, Cliffs of gallipoli, Primo victoria, Back in control and many more.
    Just listen to sabaton, great power metal and at the same time you can learn a lot.

    This one time a teacher asked me what year was the independence war, and I actually started singing counterstrike in my head

  79. TooSirTeen

    who cares.

  80. Atomik

    WHY did you write eXodus instead of Exodus? Fuck you man.

  81. TooSirTeen

    You love it to learn from Lyrics.
    Learn from Megadeth's Endame, United Abominations and Washington is Next.
    Because these Songs are not only about the past but also about the presence.

  82. bloodyfool23

    @razorslice17 Except that the new megadeth is way better.

  83. SarcasticS0B

    Damn, i love it when i learn from songs. First, it was "dead skin mask," then "44 minutes" and now this. All historical events, i'd never heard of. Too cool.

  84. ltq19900310

    Exodus will come to China in September ! Fuck Yeah !

  85. Henry14arsenal2007

    WPB was good too, but this record is better overall.
    However, Hate Worldwide from WPB is a killer song.

  86. TooSirTeen

    It's never to late for true love xP

  87. GarrettGrrt

    Damn Exodus... how have I waited so long to fall in love with you?

  88. brnleague99

    Slayer WISHES World Painted Blood was this awesome.