Exodus - March Of The Sycophants Lyrics

Do as they say, not as they do
March to the tune of the Christian right
Hypocrites, their rules they don't apply to you
Parading in the name of Christ
Former leader in a hotel room
Smoking crank and sucking cock
Guilty as sin yet innocence presumed
Still they talk the talk

Christian soldiers
Trudging off to war
Behind the cross of Jesus
And still they...

It's the march of the sycophants, they
March in time to the rhythm of the right, they
Here come the sheep, all promenade, they
Everybody loves a parade

Masters of hyperbole
They claim to know what's wrong or right
The mob led to believe so easily
Like a moth to a light
Pro-life, anti-life and so sincere
Battalions of the dull of mind
Obeying all they read, see or hear
The ignorant leading the blind



Brain dead plebeians
Rally 'round the Bible and the flag
Their prophets are a plumber
And a small minded rifle packing hag
One nation under God
And one under the thumb
Marching to the beat of a different kind of drum
It's the march of the sycophants!

Town hall rabble
Cry liberty and justice for the few
It's the end of they world as they know it
That's what they'll say to you
Conspiracy theories eaten raw like meat
Fed by the mother of lies
They suck straight from the teat
It's the march of the sycophants!

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Exodus March Of The Sycophants Comments
  1. Eye Above All

    fukkin A! I love this band. My first Exodus album was Shovel-Headed Kill Machine! I loved every song!

  2. KoPan

    Wish i knew these guys earlier

  3. Philip Bair

    These lyrics are fantastic, Gary Holt has to be one of the best riff and song writers in all of thrash...

  4. Bill Day

    I'd listen to this song a dozen times in a row if I could except I don't think my ears and my brain could take it!

  5. The Titaknight

    Second half of the song must be the best shit i’ve ever heard



  6. dead space

    sad only 27k views? This shit blows Metallica out of the water

    -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-

    dead space metallica are great in their own means. No need to compare.


    Great song. Goes well with Gay NATO Cop Orgies and Gay Military Suck Fuck in Uniform.


    Watch the Marines suck each others cocks online and listen to this song.Alternate back and forth between Gay Soldier Porn and Exodus.

  9. MetalHork666

    Rob Dukes fucking rules! \m/

  10. Kevin Anderson

    great song. wish rob dukes was still the exodus singer

    Asyraf Fazali

    Kevin Anderson Same. Souza has his own cool unique style, but I like Dukes' style a lot more. Sounds more badass and aggressive.

    Overthought Musik

    I love 'em all but Dukes fucking destroys.

    Peter Gosinya

    Paul Fucking Balloff was the only singer


    Cut this Music to all the Gay Military Porno. See how Uncle Satan gets down and sucks Big-Brother.  Fake CIA ISIS is STILL LAUGHING AT ORLANDO!!!

  12. Charlie Work

    I live in the fucking Bible Belt. This is my go to "pissed off at idiots" jam.

    Jacob Siegel

    Charlie Work if you play this instead of "children of a worthless god" you are part of the problem

    -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-

    Charlie Work I understand you very well...I would in your situation do the same

  13. Christiane Thibodeau

    C'est completement monguol cet album...wow!!!!!!!

    Christiane Thibodeau

    Wise women learn more than fools from
    the wise.

  14. alex ferus

    excellent Metal album ,exodus Rocks!!!

  15. cellphone424

    \m/ \m/