Exodus - Hammer And Life Lyrics

Born again harder
Than I was before
Bringing the hammer down
Is more than metaphor
I live by the steel
Die by the blade
What reason is there to be
If you're living life afraid?

The hammer is my symbol
The banner that I wave
The motto of my creed
Carved upon my grave
I life for the here and now
I live for the knife
My coat of arms
Is the hammer and life

Fear and cowardice
Harbingers of demise
Strength and the will to fight
Will lead you to the prize
Glory to all of those
Who conquer to the end
Honor the hammer
On it you can depend


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Exodus Hammer And Life Comments
  1. Derek Burgoyne

    I swear Exodus has the coolest fucking riffs in metal!!

  2. Tiago Ferreira

    Fucking Rob Duke's era was amazing

  3. alexander ferus

    100% metal🤘🏻💀🤘🏻

    Filip Vašíček

    alexander ferus 666%

  4. Th3DrunkGuy

    Fucken Awesome song

  5. scott rose

    Favourite song on the album....Gary fucking Holt.

  6. Trandafir Dorin

    This riff is the meaning of life

    alexander ferus

    Trandafir Dorin agreed🤘🏻💀🤘🏻🎸🎸

  7. Lin Yao

    fuck me just bring back the 80s i know this is a 2010 release but it wouldn't have existed without the most golden era in metal.

    Brandon Kallhoff

    This is probably Exodus' 2nd best album dude

  8. Ruairidh Mackay

    new favourite song and band

  9. Etienne RICHARD

    This skeleton looks threatening

  10. santiago luquerna

    yo tengo la camiseta  

  11. Jonathan Jimenez

    gosh I need this album

  12. Mark Bryant

    I miss Zetro, I'm still not a fan of Dukes, especially after he talked shit about Paul Baloff . Gary Holt still writes great riffs !!!


    Zetro is back in Blood In, Blood Out. And about Dukes talking shit about Paul Baloff, he can sing about it for all I care, he is NOT Paul Baloff.

  13. Bret Maness

    fuk ya the leads scream "EXODUS"!

  14. Rusty Schackleford

    Is it meant to be mono or is my iPhone connection shit right now? Either way. Annoying.

  15. Filip Österberg

    This is the first and the best song i heard from Exodus!

  16. D'mtry Ivanov

    Is it weird that I found that riff really sexy??

  17. victor .ms

    i fuck love this band

  18. Perpetual Paralyzis

    Hammer and Wife

  19. Pablo Leroy Jerez

    This is the first song that i hear from this band and i love Thrash Metal.

  20. OrsimerOfficial

    they cud be good combinations too

  21. Andre Trigueros

    They said it's going to be like a sequel to the Black Album, just heavier. Kind of like how Death Magnetic was to ...And Justice for All.

  22. Andre Trigueros

    Kreator? Dark Angel? Evile (don't care if they are new)?

  23. InSanityThrashBand

    HAHAHAH gnarly, Channel dood <3

  24. Ole Joshy

    I raped Jimmy Page

  25. Ole Joshy

    remind me of megadeth but much better fuck you

  26. metalkillerist

    i saw a t shirt of it i was about to buy it then i thought it would eliminate so many of my dress codes at school \m/

    Aris Koumbanakis

    Fuck the dress codes and fuck your school. Exodus for fucking life

  27. DrunkenGodMode

    settle down now. I personally don't care but hell why not build a kick ass lineup. Exumer, vio-lence, dark angel, and Venom, as the D would say "It will make your ear pussies bleed". As far as record sells you are right the big four are far above the curve and that's why they are the big four.

  28. DrunkenGodMode

    wheres the vio-lence lol

  29. venom6622

    Best song I've heard in 10 years

  30. DMU555

    You don't see some kind of connection between number of records sold and people thinking they're good? I know why the fuck they're called the big four. What I'm saying is that Metallica should never have got as big as they were because they didn't really deserve it. It puzzles me how many people liked them.

    Did I make a "Personal Big Four List"? Nope. I was commenting on someone else'. "Personal Big Four List" = The bands that should have sold the most because of superior musical ability.

  31. venom6622

    fukin a man

  32. DMU555

    @ladiesman19100 I don't think Metallica should have ever been in any big four combination.

  33. The_Slayer

    @SUPERCHARGER2001 What does Metallica have to do with this song?

  34. OrsimerOfficial

    @SUPERCHARGER2001 A thrash band from the philipines

  35. venom6622

    My band plays this. Its sooooo fukin fun to play! Exodus delivers another stunner!

  36. OrsimerOfficial

    why are these guys not part of the big four? then again i have some big four combinations top 3:
    3 Overkill Testament Exodus Anthrax
    2 Megadeth Metallica Exodus Slayer
    1. Death Angel Metallica Megadeth Exodus

  37. OrsimerOfficial

    @Flauschi13 nu metal fans who hate thrash should be punched in the face kicked in the nads and then burnt with a cigar so they can get it

  38. Smoked Pork Ribs

    @metalhead7127 More like deadLY.

  39. StanleyYelnats123guy


  40. georgequeue

    @FirePower3006 I think the same as you. But, man, MA's new album is disastrous! :(

  41. metalhead7127

    They say therash is dead, i say bullshit

  42. MasterOfPuppets762

    I love how on the cover the skeleton is holding guns, grenades, a machete and then a Bible. It shows man-made instruments of death. lol

  43. Thomas Dankerl

    A Fitting tribute Song to the New THOR Movie...May 2011

  44. pepemordor

    Awesome cover

  45. Jordi van Dommele

    @penguinofhell he doesnt

  46. Jordi van Dommele

    love the quality of this album

  47. Mauricio Contreras

    love that bass sound in the begining

  48. doolb666

    i will say i liked exibit a better but this album is killer too, exodus keeps makin great music

  49. lathe mccollaum


  50. paulera65

    EXODUS mudou minha vida totalmente com o clássico "Bonded By Blood" e me enlouqueceu com "Fabulous Disaster". Deuses do Thrash Metal!! AMAZING!! EXODUS FOREVER!!

  51. ImInsaneWithSanity

    good stuff, exodus is beeeast for their age
    and legend guitar playerrr much ?

  52. joe blow

    Just happened to hear this one wasn't even gonna listen after the last one. WOW!

  53. ThrashPowerMetalGuy

    Finally, Exodus is back with the music I know and love by them. I will forget everything from Shovel Headed Kill Machine and forward up to this album just because this album is so bad ass.

  54. luigi1456

    The best bit was from 0:00 to 3:34

  55. Bret Maness

    Exodus still rules!

  56. ACE101896

    @ellinasethnikos the 5 people that disliked this song will feel the strike of the beast from the exodus attack

  57. Russell Thrasher

    ok ok world painted blood sucks. slayer went into studio with unfinished songs and they went from there in the studio. thats why everything sounds so basic and there is extremely easy drums and guitar solos.

  58. McNuggetButt

    @Dank0786 dont forget testament

  59. ian bokesch

    @quickyway1 dude world painted blood is amazing album. you cant deny it

  60. Sean Acker

    Awesome song \m/

  61. Razor Tongue

    This song rules...but all i can think about is how better it would sound if Zetro was singing it.

  62. monkeymagoo47

    Paul Baloff is headbanging in his grave right now.

  63. surgpath1

    these fuckin guys are the best....hail exodus!!

  64. James Emmott

    love that solo. its just so exodus. a welcome return

  65. Simon Youel

    @metalbound7 Indeed! RIP Mike \m/

  66. metalbound7

    Its great They dedicate this album to Mike Alexander

  67. MetalHeart8787

    @slaughteredremains1 anyone who has heard 80's Metal grew up on it Knows theres alot of different singers sounding different. a Girls like who? Queensrych? Judas priest? More of a distinguished sounds make it better.
    NOT singer sounding ALL the same. i like bands where you can tell who it is
    By the singer once you Hear Ozzy or Vince niel you know what band it is

  68. MetalHeart8787

    @slaughteredremains1 Lame 80's vocals!!??
    Ever LISTEN to Exodus songs from the 80's?!
    besides 80's singers were Original NOT like todays Horseshit
    where singers are imitating the cookie Monster on every Fukin song

  69. MetalHeart8787

    @Jakster840 his best stuff was on Fabulose Disaster.
    im just glad hes with them since last 4 CDs.
    there for awhile i thought Exodus were done & never would record again.

  70. Misshapen Ape _

    @flv2358 Nor Tom Hunting with his atomic time keeping.

  71. Cory Bayless

    i personally think this song is the best off exhibit B

  72. Alex Vallerand

    @Thomasreichenberger Kreator is still alive.

  73. monkeymagoo47

    Holy shit. This new album is gonna be fucking amazing,

  74. Volker Garde

    Pity the rest of the album except Devil's Teeth and Class Dismissed isn't really tolerable for an old schooler like me.

  75. lubbocktx35

    Yeah dude I agree not too many left, don't know if your into Overkill but their new one is pretty badass also.

  76. ymiappf

    @GreeDy122 I did already say that

  77. hakametal

    So they've finally gone old skool???? THANK FUK!!!!!

  78. ryan mays

    @quickyway1 u sound like afuckin idiot!!! ive been here in los angeles all my life and u make no fuckin sense u loser!!!! u talk like u know what the fuck is goin on but u dont u fuckin loser!! anthrax is not anthrax without joey not bush u piece of shit!!! endgame is way better than the last crap dave put out!!! STD, ATL, and POT r the best shit ever!!!! FUCK YOU U FUCKIN BANDWAGON FOLLOWER!!!

  79. GreeDy122

    OH holy fucking shit, This is kickkk ass. Shitt. Dukes sounds alot better. I found his vocals quite annoying in the last 2 albums, but this. is woah.

  80. Rattlehead0605

    @ToaJoe ...Think you maybe forgot Fistful of Metal, and Spreading The Disease.

  81. ymiappf

    this sounds so kickass thrash!
    sounds more like the sound they had on fab disaster.
    Im a hardcore exodus fan but their last 2 albums were bollocks and they didnt do rob's vocals any justice. Rob sounds alot better here.
    cant wait to buy this album!!

  82. lordofleaves

    Sick tune, love it

  83. TooSirTeen

    just one day :D :D :D

    tomorrow is the best day in the year

  84. Boyan Donchev

    @vicgarcia30 had the exact same thought haha

  85. TrepaliumXIII

    Im uploading all the songs offf the album very soon. The album is beyond legit.

  86. Niamorg1007

    @SpartanDFM18 you're so right man... This is a pure thrash solo.
    my personal favourite part of it is when the licks start at 2:11

  87. Niamorg1007

    Faceblowing solo.

  88. yoyoyoimonhbo

    @razorslice17 Ironbound is the shit, but it ain't Exhibit B

  89. Agoraphobic

    On this one,Rob reminds me of Hetfield....really dunno why.

  90. yoyoyoimonhbo

    Fuck yes! Exodus's relevance in 2010 far exceeds other classic thrash bands.

  91. demos182

    @quickyway1 Exodus was always criminally underrated and overlooked.

  92. demos182

    @NixxerJixxerWixxer I think he's really kicked it up a notch here though eh?

  93. Per Semb

    @PinkPantherPunk It leaked January 1st, and it was released in Europe at the end of January, and mid February in the US.

  94. TooSirTeen

    fuckin eXodus \m/ number 5 of the big four!!!

    insane song btw

  95. Sara MZK

    @WuduFever: Agreed totally! Rob Dukes sounds awesome on this song, much better than his usual vocals. And this song kicks ass! It has a vibe of Force Of Habit, which I love. Rob has a hint of Baloff in his vocals here, which is very kewl. :) This, and the other new song Ive heard ''Class Dismissed'' are both awesome. I thought most of Exhibit A was dull, but Exhibit B is sounding like it might be a lot better. Exodus! \m/

  96. Steve Jones

    sick song can't w8 for the album

  97. flv2358

    kickas thrash, as always from Exodus! Gary Holt never fails to deliver those crunchy riffs.

  98. M Jeckel

    See You In The Pit!!!!

  99. Rémi Gauthier

    @SinisterManiac thanks for the insult jackass sorry for not hearing about it

  100. SinisterManiac


    You're an idiot! They already put out a new album!