Exodus - Beyond The Pale Lyrics

Sinners heart can't think or feel
The sharp sting of slicing steel
Punish, kill, repeat
The death caress, so bittersweet
I live outside the rule of law
My one decree is shock and awe
Black sheep of my kind
Progeny of hate refined

Suffering spreads like the plague
Reasons why, still oh so vague
The siren song of slaughter summons me
To inner demons I succumb
I know not that which I've become
Exhibit A in man's atrocity

Take the gun, take the knife
Take the pain, then take the life
My taste for homicide
Is rising up and amplified
Bloody deeds, my only friend
With me til the bitter end
Together we are one
And our work has just begun


Plea for mercy
To no avail
Killers of my kind live
Beyond the pale
In this world of mine
They say I don't belong
Something that feels so right
Could never be so wrong
Plea for clemency
You're wasting time
My routine
Is the scene of the crime
I make the Devil laugh
And Angels wail
Forever I will reside
Beyond the pale

Heartless bastard cold as ice
Victim of my own device
The strong prey on the weak
Dead men, they never speak
All part of man's condition
On this path to our perdition
We kill along the way
Death never takes a holiday



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Exodus Beyond The Pale Comments
  1. Bluexhox

    That closing solo...MY GOD!!

  2. Jeff Gough

    Gary Holt is as brilliant as ever

  3. Fighter 2019

    Those albums I mean both Exhibits are the peak of late Exodus

  4. Ramon Villafarra

    I saw them in a club in NOLA. Size of your living room. Gary fucking Holt tearing your face off in your living room. So fuck off. Hahaha

  5. SlaYeR0sD2x DSBR

    MotherFucker Song, this is EXODUS

  6. Master Betty

    Gary just about pulled that tremelo right off the guitar

  7. richard martino

    they should have kept rob dukes a and b. are the best b no doubt

  8. Den Sleske Mand


  9. Thomas Anderson

    Beg for mercy to no avail

  10. james poper


  11. Claudio Softez

    Incomparably better than any other AMERICAN THRASH band. Even Slayer is so poor comparing to EXODUS. Not mention about very mediocre Megadeth , Metallica.
    EXODUS and Kreator are the GREATEST THRASH bands in the world

    Gore4ever FulciLives

    Claudio Softez all the other major thrash bands, they simply pale in comparison. These albums with Rob Dukes are ridiculously heavy and more explosive and all the rest, Testament is the only one who still retains this heavy aggressive Style. These albums just sounds so much more Fierce and powerful than anything from Metallica or Slayer or Anthrax or any of the other major thrash bands

    Arin Chendwankar

    Megadeth may not be a all time thrash metal band, but you can't call them mediocre they might be the most technical thrash metal band. It's a shame that people can only appreciate Exodus by dissing other bands


    This should have been Slayer's natural evolution.

    Aris Koumbanakis

    Needless hate dude. Just needless hateful namedropping. I'm a fan of all these bands and they're all just amazing. Don't compare them. It's not 1985

  12. kuriakos Mamos

    Take the gun, take the knife
    Take the pain, then take the life

  13. Francis Duffy

    Now this is what you call metal my friends Fucking awesome

  14. hawk6111

    damn. that guitar tone is sick. lee and Gary nailed the guitar tone here. so much brutal

  15. The Titaknight

    This song has been My favorite since the first time i heard it! Everything in it is just perfect! I Love these longer songs Their just so freaking more epic than the shorter ones

  16. Lawrence Lepes

    Is it me, or does Exodus sound like a different band with Rob Dukes? AWESOME SONG!

    Jelmer van der Zaag

    I know right, so much more aggressive and diverse

    Claudio Softez

    1000 times better with Rob Dukes.

    Gore4ever FulciLives

    Claudio Softez Exhibit A and B are the absolute greatest and most intense thrash metal albums of all time


    Heavier and tighter. I got hooked with Tempo of the damned. Then I heard the Rob Dukes albums and was blown away.
    The ol stuff sound to me as raw and unpolished like ole Testament stuff, a bit boring, a few good riffs here and there. No wonder Mtallica, Megadeth and Slayer were the shit back then. They had the best music and the best sound. Overkill, Testament, Exodus - they all matured through the years to finally become the trash kings they are now, while Metallica, Megadth and Slayer just burned or ran out.

    Daniel Carneiro

    Yes it does, specially after Lee joined too! There's a lot of that Heathen vibe in the songs! Really awesome.

  17. criss bang

    Bang your head..!! 🎸🎶

  18. Intandem DJ

    I hear changing of the guard in the first 40 seconds or so

  19. channel surfer

    Ha...this sounds like Dark Angel circa Darkness Descends, cool vocals, like a primed up Doty.

  20. Alex Ferus

    brutal thrash metal at some of its best

  21. pONtosan Az

    goood sONg

  22. tccu hcu

    Can you please use another insult wich isn't homophobic? This is Exodus, not Meat Shits.

  23. Tony Thrash

    Hahaha that's right!

  24. ss3edgar

    FUUUUUUUCK! I love Exodus!

  25. JohntheBloodyBaptist

    It was one helluva show!

  26. gntonewall

    Gary Holt, thrash legend!

  27. Felix Kaltenhäuser

    3:03 best solo ever

  28. Zonex123


  29. KohlfromSD

    With over 20 member changes and 30 years of Thrashing, EXODUS remains heavy and kickass! Respect to Gary Holt.

  30. B100DWRATH666

    4:20 - 4:55 , FUCKING BRUTAL

  31. erinannbrady


  32. Anna|Traducciones|

    I <3 This Song... Is Fucking awesome!!

  33. Tzemii

    holy shit i had to change my pants when i got to 3:03 ... dayum. Maybe i should listen to shit music so i won't have to go through so much underwear

  34. Andre Neil

    That distortion causes Erections

  35. Naitsirc Zelaznog

    ¿como es posible que este tema tenga dos no me gusta?

  36. axelMETALlife

    i love all the riffs in this song but 3:03 is so fucking awsome

  37. RyuuzakiXIII

    diz iz beder zan diz justin biberon tihng lulzzzz

  38. Jimmy D

    And who cares, he is just a musician who sings shit we do not like, so what? Yo, they wanted the the guy from Amon to sign sign a fucking petition or some shit against this guy. Yo, it's fucking stupid. Half these guys would wear a dress and sing love ballads with him if they could get paid like him. Please, give us a Fking break with this shit.

  39. Sonicspartan118

    no dude you have every fucking right. don't apologize

  40. Ulsark

    i guess posers can't stop thinking about what they really like, same shit for u

  41. Arno Remorse

    This is a masterpiece my friends !

  42. towerfatality

    You just brought him up.

  43. The_Slayer

    @LORDGOAT1976 I too enjoyed the music on "Big Fucking Teeth" by Piranha. Baloff is not exactly awesome on this album though and there are only 2 songs.

  44. Arno Remorse

    This is an absolute Masterpiece !!

  45. Brady Harrod

    @redhemi86 you just brought him up by asking why you always see hime so congratulations your a hipocrite

  46. LORDGOAT1976

    I never though Paul Ballof was that great but the music on that album was great.

  47. KoolaidHorror

    Bleed for mercy..To no avial Killers of my kind live beyond the pale. in this world of mine they say i dont belong. something that feels so right can never be wrong. I can relate to this beautiful shit!<33

  48. Imrie Schroer

    @redhemi86 Who is Justin Beiber? Like I give a fuck? Stick to your guitar lessons.

  49. hjejmnse1

    @JohntheBloodyBaptist I saw them in Reading, for Hell on Earth tour

  50. LokiErdmann

    @redhemi86 and with your thumps-up-pushed comment this dumfuck shit gets even more attention..... btt: hail to the new wave of thrash and the glorious rebirth of our old legends!

  51. Ernstrom Entertainment

    EXODUS : Best Band Ever.

  52. asxjune1260

    1 person mistake or dislike

  53. Uriel Robles

    @redhemi86 because people like you bring him up, now shut the fuck up.

  54. JohntheBloodyBaptist

    I saw these guys in Reading in May! Kick Ass!!!! \m/

  55. VoteSkipper

    @redhemi86 you just mentioned his name!! and now your top comment!!!111111

  56. SinisterDesires

    1 person needs to go buy some rope and hang themselves from a bridge with the exodus logo on it.

  57. Dark Slayer

    @tanmoyamrita i knowi spelled that wrong xD

  58. Dark Slayer

    @tanmoyamrita THARASHHHHHH!!

  59. Smitty sMITH

    fuckink killer song!!!

  60. Dave Mustaine

    @ingofisch made my day :D noch nie eine dümmere Antwort gehört

  61. Dave Mustaine

    @IMBACHABRI You are right dude ;) let's make good friendly violent fun

  62. Agoraphobic

    @Makiki79 who cares about vocals?riffs are mindblowing.

  63. Mongun

    1 person went beyond pale

  64. georgequeue

    @grantanater So did I!

  65. Dave Mustaine

    I like Rob dukes and the new Exodus Albums...
    he given Exodus new Power..... -,-

  66. evilsurfo

    @redhemi86 Yeah. but you know what's the solution on that problem?: STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM, METAL IS IMMORTAL. JUST LEAVE BULLSHIT BEHIND!!! .l.

  67. Ivan Villanueva

    @redhemi86 i am also getting tired of people comparing metallica to any metal band on the video im watching

  68. grant torode

    during the solo, i started shaking uncontrollably D:

  69. drujbaciu

    @redhemi86 ...but then again, I wonder, does Justin Bieber watch videos like these? :)))))))))))))

  70. fuckitall780

    it gives me hope for the future when men in there 40s can still make an unbelievble metal album! I WILL BE A THRASH LEGEND OR DIE TRYING

  71. ingofisch

    ja genau der neue sänger ist echt kake und wer was anderes behauptet hat keine ahnung

  72. RageCage64

    i had never heard this song before the concert, and they were fucking incredible! had never heard the song, but i knew it was awesome.

  73. peter pena

    @skaterobban bet you can do it better since you post that comment,tell what famous band you play?... none,,, oh! you can eat you comment them.

  74. Connor D

    fuck yea! lol