EXO - With You (가끔; Gakkeum) Lyrics


Hwanhi bichun jeo byeoldeureul bomyeon
Neoreul boneun geonman gatji
Banjjagineun modeun geol daleun neo
Bamhaneuri jiteojyeo gamyeon
On sesangeun biche muldeulgo
Jayeonseure nae soneul jamneun neon
Eoneusae naege jeomjeom muldeureo

Geureon saenggakae gakkeum nan
Hwaljjak useul ttae neoreul bomyeon
Du nungwa ipkkori modu da
Nareul daleun geot gata boyeo
Saekkaman du nuneun naran bicheul meogeumeo
Namankeum hwanhage binnaneun geot gata
Gakkeum nan neoreul bol ttaemyeon naega boyeo

Jami oji aneul geot gateun oneul bami
Nan ireokena joeuljin mollatji
Neol geuril su inneun sigani
Yunanhi yeah
Urin bamsae yaegil nanugo
Oneul haruneun eottaesseonnyago
Jigeumi jeil jota haneun neo
Nan neoro inhae deo binnaneun geol

Geureon saenggakae gakkeum nan
Hwaljjak useul ttae neoreul bomyeon
Du nungwa ipkkori modu da
Nareul daleun geot gata boyeo
Saekkaman du nuneun naran bicheul meogeumeo
Namankeum hwanhage binnaneun geot gata
Gakkeum nan neoreul bol ttaemyeon naega boyeo

Maeilmaeil neoreul barabogo inneun na
Nareul bogo inneun neo
Geoulcheoreom jageun pyojeongbuteo maltukkaji da
Nae moseubi neukkyeojyeo
Jeomjeom hanaga dwaeganeun neowa na
Neoui sesange nan eotteolkka hamyeo
Seupgwancheoreom neoui nundongja sok nal chaja

Neol baraboda gipeojineun bam
Siganeul jamkkan meomchugoseo nan
Nae nune damadugo sipeo neol for me

Geureon saenggakae gakkeum nan
Nawa kkok daleun neoreul bomyeon
Sasohan geotdeuldo modu da
Daleun geoyeosseo naega neol
Jigeum naege yaksokae
Modeun bichi sarajil ttae
Kkok oneul bamcheoreom eonjena
Nawa yeongwonhi binnajwo
Love you


환히 비춘 저 별들을 보면
너를 보는 것만 같지
반짝이는 모든 걸 닮은 너
밤하늘이 짙어져 가면
온 세상은 빛에 물들고
자연스레 내 손을 잡는 넌
어느새 내게 점점 물들어

그런 생각해 가끔 난
활짝 웃을 때 너를 보면
두 눈과 입꼬리 모두 다
나를 닮은 것 같아 보여
새까만 두 눈은 나란 빛을 머금어
나만큼 환하게 빛나는 것 같아
가끔 난 너를 볼 때면 내가 보여

잠이 오지 않을 것 같은 오늘 밤이
난 이렇게나 좋을진 몰랐지
널 그릴 수 있는 시간이
유난히 yeah
우린 밤새 얘길 나누고
오늘 하루는 어땠었냐고
지금이 제일 좋다 하는 너
난 너로 인해 더 빛나는 걸

그런 생각해 가끔 난
활짝 웃을 때 너를 보면
두 눈과 입꼬리 모두 다
나를 닮은 것 같아 보여
새까만 두 눈은 나란 빛을 머금어
나만큼 환하게 빛나는 것 같아
가끔 난 너를 볼 때면 내가 보여

매일매일 너를 바라보고 있는 나
나를 보고 있는 너
거울처럼 작은 표정부터 말투까지 다
내 모습이 느껴져
점점 하나가 돼가는 너와 나
너의 세상에 난 어떨까 하며
습관처럼 너의 눈동자 속 날 찾아

널 바라보다 깊어지는 밤
시간을 잠깐 멈추고서 난
내 눈에 담아두고 싶어 널 for me

그런 생각해 가끔 난
나와 꼭 닮은 너를 보면
사소한 것들도 모두 다
닮은 거였어 내가 널
지금 나에게 약속해
모든 빛이 사라질 때
꼭 오늘 밤처럼 언제나
나와 영원히 빛나줘
Love you

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EXO With You (가끔; Gakkeum) Comments
  1. DforDirectioners 1D

    Did sehun just say love you to me?

  2. Hyunjae wang

    Okay wow it's such a fluffy song and then my love shot album says the original title was f**K you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍

  3. Zanna Doodles

    oh to be a pretty kpop boy with a love and connection to his members that no one else will ever truly understand because of the life we have experienced together

  4. Daja Everett

    Suho ATE this song

  5. Yas

    Makes you feel all tingly inside

  6. Lucia Tamang

    *okay, everyone just needs to listen carefully at the end. "Love you" I know that it's Chanyeol, and not Sehun. But, am I going crazy or can does Baekhyun also say it?????? help*

  7. exo hates you

    "Love You" is sung by Chanyeol

  8. 도에로이사

    hahah there's a fight on twitter over who says ‹love you›. . . it's our park chanyeol for sure 😍😍

  9. monique hwang

    Chanyeollie says Love You not Sehunnie

  10. STAN EXO

    Chanyeol is the one that says love you ^^

  11. stream EXO's MV's for better grades

    YiXing: Don't mind me..

  12. Eun eun

    Is it just me? Or does the first six seconds of the song sounds like Yifan's song "Freedom"??? Anyone else???

  13. Laixlaii

    So are people honestly not gonna talk about how Lay didn't get a lyric? ;(

  14. Rheina Fatima Casal

    Sehun has the shortest line but his part is the most wonderful for me. Hearing him sing is like a medicine for me. I'm so inlove.

  15. Jordan Mister K

    0:42 D.O‘s voice is so warm beautiful... hands down my favorit part! And why is this song so underrated??🥰😍

  16. Gloria Npl

    If chanyeol really wrote this for baek, i'll cry happy tears. This is so precious. Imagine a love like this one.

  17. Shams Ayad

    Where was this song all this time😢❤️

  18. h se

    is it just me or does the part from 0:00 to 0:07 sound exactly like oxenfree
    im talking about the part where alex was spinning the tape player

  19. Fae Tolkien

    Bro, it's so obvious they're together I mean 👀👀👀
    I'm happy for them. ❤

  20. Honey Honey

    I hope to see the day when chanbaek will confirm they're together and they'll be able to express their love freely to the world. ❤

  21. Seden Bhutia

    Chanyeol wrote two songs in this album one is breakingup song gravity n one falling in love song with u.. for two for his close members. Kind of explain something... it seems lk that..

  22. Sarada Uchiha

    That part when Kai and Suho sang together is thrilling

  23. blue clouds

    "sleep disturbance" that's chanyeol lyric style :D

  24. 양념

    경수 파트 점점 적어진다..

  25. Annie is waiting for Kyungsoo

    Kyungsoo's DEEP voice 😍

  26. yeolarchivee

    to those who still denies chanbaek then i dont know this song

  27. Have you ever been to a restaurant?

    This is so calming :(

  28. Vivi TV

    I just realized that "with you" is not the original title... The original title amazed me so much. Good job Park Chanyeol, you did well..

  29. Fajrina Greecalyne

    do you guys really think that this song is made for chanyeol and baekhyun? because i don't think so.

  30. Fajrina Greecalyne

    sehun's voice fits this song well.

  31. sOOaDOrable KyuNgsOo

    The tune of this song always reminded me of cold foggy mornings on winter😌

  32. Suho Stan

    Please follow our leader in insta @kimjuncotton
    Your voice is the best ❤❤❤❤

  33. exol ananya loves leo

    The last part "LOVE YOU"
    SEHUN I love u too❤❤

  34. Jay Al

    Still my favorite song 😍💓💕

  35. Dessy Kartika

    I think Park Chanyeol really in love with bbh

  36. Happy Loey_61

    2:07-2:22 Chanyeol and Sehun part ❤❤❤

  37. K Ga


  38. Sir Ooh Sehun

    2:15 eargasm 2:19 EaRgAsM 🤤🤤🤤

  39. JURI JURi JURi


  40. Qyuzacew loves art

    I love this song ∞
    Love Chen's part the most 😇
    Favourite album💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  41. mikaela jurado

    so you’re telling me chanyeol wrote this song with SPECIFICALLY baekhyun in mind when writing the lyrics and ended the song with that ‘love you’ at the end?

  42. Gail Paguia

    everybody here talking about chanbaek, but can we talk about how cool sehun's line is? i keep repeating it lmao. i feel like every lines sehun get are so precious 😂

  43. Judith Christabel

    sehun : love you
    me : *screams*

  44. N B E

    I always end up liking the least favourite song from an album

  45. E_C 453

    No one is going to believe that the original song title before it was finalized was Fuck you

  46. 楊絮子naomi

    This song makes me so soft and happy every time I listen to it, I love it

  47. Brishti #shawol

    Just read it in koreaboo that the original title of the song was : *F**K YOU* 🙃

  48. JK K

    i can only think about Chanbaek 😥😂😭❤

  49. Sirat

    why is this song so underrated :< also hear the background vocals because sehun and chanyeol harmonize and it's so beautiful ;-;💜❤

  50. drabble bee

    in case if u'r did'nt know, every title song in DMUMT album is related to each member symbol/sign in MAMA era, so this is why ppl assuming chanyeol writes this for baekhyun because actually, chanyeol just writes 2 songs in this album, which the title is 'Gravity' and 'With you'. 'Gravity' potray D.O symbol as strength, and 'With you' potray Baekhyun symbol as Light. Thats why..

    chanyeol_ EXO

    Its not damage its gravity that chanyeol write and represents kyungsoo's power

    drabble bee

    exo_ chanyeol yass.. i'm thinking of gravity but typing damage 😂 sorry & thankyou 😃

  51. Hana Prieto

    I'm just wondering why it says the original title was fuck you 🤔



  53. Keyza riga putri Keyza riga putri

    Chanyeol d.o

  54. Do Kyungsoo's wife

    Wtf! I suddenly miss xiumin so much 😭. Kyungsoo drought was killing me already 😭😭😭

  55. Lenise Martinez

    Did you know the original title of the song was supposed to be called Fuck you

  56. B E L A

    My fav song in dmumt album cause so easy listening 😄

  57. Yurajax

    My fav bg song tbh

  58. Wilted Carnation

    Have they ever performed this song live? If so, can someone send me the link? I can’t seem to find it.

  59. K Musume

    This was originally titled Fuck You 👀
    Wonder what the english lyrics were like

  60. Niyati Nakhva

    Chanyeol : *writes heaven
    Sm : Can you be any more obvious about ur relationship with Byun, Mr. Park???
    Chanyeol : *Say no more*
    #withyou #chanbaek anthem

    Victoria Lewis

    They aren't real

    exo milktea

    @Victoria Lewis they are

    Giovani Sinaga

    Excuse me, I think EXO-SC's song which called Closer to You is way more obvious than this one. But this one is also gold

  61. Niyati Nakhva

    *Now, this is the official CHANBAEK ANTHEM......*

  62. Niamh Butler

    This is the best song from the album idc

  63. Dandanie Exo-l

    Kyungsoo 💓😍

  64. Serge Jotojot

    the song really feels like baekhyun. my chanbaekist heart ohmygod

  65. We Are One!

    1:53 my favorite part😍

  66. Kai Mangulabnan

    I want Suho and Kai to have a collab NOW!

  67. chanyeol_ EXO

    After watching some of the lines all i can think about is when i watch chanbaek synchronization video

  68. sPriNklEoFbanGTan ?

    Umm why is this song so underrated

  69. sehun’s cheesesticks

    chanyeol: love you
    me, crying: i love you too

  70. Nande Salam

    Chanbaek 💙

  71. Lusi Ana

    Kok aku baper sihh

  72. Dannii

    Lay doesnt have a single line why is homeboy up there

  73. pratistha lamsal

    Oh my😇👌😍... Beat is so soft ❤and lyrics ❤😍😍💘💘 fav one right now😁

  74. Galaxy Girraffe

    Chen first lines was the best

  75. Galaxy Girraffe

    Chen first lines was the best

  76. M'Kailo Simpson

    they need to make this song English

    M'Kailo Simpson

    but this my fav song

  77. Sally Mostafa

    You all slept on this one and it shows

  78. SpringLove

    Okay,it just can't be me right? WHY this song lyrics exactly matches how Chanyeol describes Baekhyun? It has star,sky,brightness,smile & on the top of that it describes the things what he told about his ideal type in that Wkorea IV..No,no- just keep the shipping stuff a side , they feel real for real but still there is a but & what if (till they confirm) but this song makes me think & think so hard..Off!🤔
    Damn the rap!Chanyeol is the one who looks after Baek & Baek actually looks at him like..Okay..
    I n e e d some explanations..

  79. wayo's sissy drink

    *geot gAtAaaaaAAA*

  80. Exoloey 21

    It's definitely Chanyeol who said 'love you' not sehun

  81. aphrodite loves chen

    That's not Sehun saying "love you" in the end. That's Baekhyun and Chanyeol. I'm 100% sure it's them.

  82. 김다영

    세훈이 목소리가 세훈이 목소리 같지않아서 그거 확인하려고 공부하다가 멈춰서 13번을 들었는데 너무 좋다..... 절대 공부하기 싫어서가 아니라 (( 핑계

  83. Gloria Npl

    I wasn't a fan of this song until I realised Chanyeol wrote it for Baekhyun. It grew on me and now I absolutely love it.

    Anonymous trying to leave every beautiful trace

    Actually he wrote it for us!

    Gloria Npl

    @Anonymous trying to leave every beautiful trace if that makes you feel better, okay.


    Xiumin Elsa what if he wrote for Baekhyun? What if he wrote it for his girlfriend? What if he wrote it for his crush? What if he wrote it for his family? You are not him, you don’t know what he really thinks, what he really likes, stop, you hate when people is shipping chanbaek; why?

  84. Hobies TxT Infired Jams

    Song perfect for soulmates and the last line where it’s all of them together, seems like it’s for exo-ls in the future ♥️

  85. Stace Lilith

    Listening to Heaven
    OS "Can you make it more obvious, Mr.Park?"
    ChanYeol "Hell yeah"
    Then we got this beautiful song, or maybe not "We".

  86. bleach my soul

    i remind myself the original title was supposed to be f**ck you

  87. Holland Aponté

    Yaas chen with that goet GATAAAAHH

  88. BB H

    this song is soooo beautiful

  89. trauma healer

    Chanyeol wrote this song with Baekhyun. ChanBaek wrote this song with love; twinflame. 🎶

  90. Melissa Guimarães

    3:04 it's not sehun who says "love you"! It's Chanyeol, and it makes totally sense because he wrote the song for Baek. ❤️❤️

    Persephone 1410

    I agree with you. I can hear Chanyeol clearly. And I might be delusional but I also hear Baekhyun's voice too.

  91. lasalrin


  92. Crystal Ching

    Another chanbaek song 😍

  93. - Taekk

    a 43min long video explaining why chanbaek is real makes me questions lyrics of every song

    Rebecca Thalin

    Same here! Her videos were so nice but then she deleted those videos.. like literally all her videos.. I was sad because I am gonna download all her videos..


    @Rebecca Thalin omg saaame! I wonder why she deleted all of her videos :(((


    I also Wath that video today & now I understood that chanbaek is real..

    Victoria Lewis

    Please just stop

    Oh Daddy

    Where's the link?

  94. Byunnie Channie

    Can someone tell me why this song is originally called 'f**k you'????


    That was just the name of the demo version lol this song is completely different

    Jongin's Thrust

    HAHAHA where can I find this??😂


    @Jongin's Thrust its written at the album lol

    Ha May

    The english demo version

  95. Saeed Mohamoud

    i love this song but does lay ever sing?

    Z'maria Howard-Smith


    Anonymous trying to leave every beautiful trace

    He barely showed up in the MV.. :"!

  96. Urooj Fatimah

    This song is for baekhyun ? Cause his power is light

  97. Ratih Fitriani

    Love you too

  98. Yeol_My_ All

    Someone explain to me why this song was originally called "f ** k you"😂

    000 xx

    @Ba dum Tiss dam what make you so sure that both of them are hetro?

    Vanessa G64

    Fae Tolkien Makes sense 😂

    Vanessa G64

    Where did that original title come from?!! 😧😂 where tf can I find this??? 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Emily KS

    I bet Baekhyun made a bad joke and Chanyeol said "you know what? Fine." Or maybe he dared him too

    Eddie Stonem

    @Anonymous trying to leave every beautiful trace U are just a homophobic, this is disgusting.

  99. Mau Comia

    I swear Chanyeol...