EXO - Lights Out Lyrics


Sum shwineun geotjocha
Himgyeoul mankeum
Nunmuri chaoreul ttaen
Nae ane sumeo ureodo gwaenchana
Geuraedo dwae
Jinagal tenikka

Nae pume jami deureo
Idaero kkaejineun mayo
Dashi tto achimi ol teni
Oeroum kkeuteseon geudaega
Pyeonhi kkum kkul su ittorok
Oneureun geuman bureul kkeojweo

Gogaereul deureosseul ttaen
Misoreul ttieojweo
Apeum ttawin ittorok
Jageun chueokdeul modu ganjikan chae
Jami deul su itge

Ijen honjaga anin geol
Deo isang weropjin mayo
Idaero achimi ol teni
Seulpeume kkeuteseon geudaega
Pyeonhi useul su ittorok
Oneureun geuman bureul kkeojweo

Haneuri gureume garyeojideut
Geudaedo jamshi garyeojindamyeon dashi tto
Geudael geudael
Geudael bichweojulkke

Nae pume jami deureo
Idaero kkaejineun mayo
Dashi tto achimi ol teni
Weroum kkeuteseon geudaega
Pyeonhi kkum kkul su ittorok
Oneureun geuman bureul kkeojweo


숨 쉬는 것조차
힘겨울 만큼
눈물이 차오를 땐
내 안에 숨어 울어도 괜찮아
그래도 돼
지나갈 테니까

내 품에 잠이 들어
이대로 깨지는 마요
다시 또 아침이 올 테니
외로움 끝에선 그대가
편히 꿈 꿀 수 있도록
오늘은 그만 불을 꺼줘

고개를 들었을 땐
미소를 띠어줘
아픔 따윈 잊도록
작은 추억들 모두 간직한 채
잠이 들 수 있게

이젠 혼자가 아닌 걸
더 이상 외롭진 마요
이대로 아침이 올 테니
슬픔의 끝에선 그대가
편히 웃을 수 있도록
오늘은 그만 불을 꺼줘

하늘이 구름에 가려지듯
그대도 잠시 가려진다면 다시 또
그댈 그댈
그댈 비춰줄게

내 품에 잠이 들어
이대로 깨지는 마요
다시 또 아침이 올 테니
외로움 끝에선 그대가
편히 꿈 꿀 수 있도록
오늘은 그만 불을 꺼줘

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EXO Lights Out Comments
  1. 도채희

    위로된다 사랑해

  2. 행복하고시퐁

    카이가 들었다는 노래가 이것일까 pH1노래일까

  3. Stephanie Gemino

    Such a beautiful song...but a lil worried about Kai if this is what he's been listening to in the new year 😥 maybe missing DO

  4. Jonginini_ Kai

    Im here because kai Listen to this song and he's stuck with this song these days🐻💖

  5. Adan Nassar

    Who’s here after jongin’s birthday party?~_~

  6. Uzma Kanwal

    Chen is super talented. Beautiful lyrics👍and Chen's voice is amazing too.

  7. deception8055

    How comes you dont make anymore lyric videos. Urs was my favourite..

  8. Keerthana Manoj

    RIP to those 41 people who disliked this video. Have a good life.

  9. NCTzen WayZenni

    If this song has been Chinese.Lay will singing in it.Always BaekChenSoo in both ver and Suho in Korean ver and Lay in Chinese Ver.

  10. Jmyeon Kim

    0:48 omg junmyeon voice

  11. Merci Beaucoup

    This song makes me cry everytime i hear it ;;;;;;♡♡♡♡♡

  12. LetItGo

    This song is such a prayer... It feels like talking to God and the He talking to us back.
    So proud of Chen for writing this.

  13. Kenan Rustamli

    If you have difficult times, then listen to 'Lights out", "Been through" of EXO, "Paper cuts" of CBX, "Good night" of Jongdae, "That's okay" of Kyungsoo

    Millie Boy

    Kenan Rustamli don't forget to Chen ft Dynamic duo - Nosedive

  14. Kenan Rustamli

    Such a wonderful song, such bewitching voices, such beautiful lyrics

  15. Soph Neen

    Are u ok? U don't post anything since the last year 🥺

  16. Michelle Vwijngaarden

    my fave exo ballad like ever. honestly who understands why Jongdae is underrated when he writes such masterpieces.

  17. Muthmainnah old

    I forgot that exo has this beautiful song... It hugs my pain for real. 😢😢

  18. Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars & a sprite

    You might of done these but some suggestions
    You might not even make vids idk
    3racha 42
    BTS Boy with love
    Stray kids Double knot
    TXT Crown
    TXT Cat & Dog
    TXT Run away
    RM moonchild

  19. 언제나고마워요


  20. 언제나고마워요

    이조합ㄱㅐ좋다 특히초반

  21. 小林恭平

    The main vocals of EXO did this?!!

    Soph Neen

    And Chen wrote it 🥺💕

  22. 엽선여

    Chen solo this song, make me so amazing.

  23. Eri_ 7EXO9

    main voices of any EXO song, EXO's golden 4

  24. Xosh Xl

    thank you exo.

  25. Melanianiaa

    I miss you sulli 😔 Rest well bby 🖤

  26. Shreeradhey

    I'm crying after reading lyrics. I miss you all . please be safe and happy. I love you all. We are one.

  27. mk films

    here after losing another angel in the industry. exols, please listen to this if you ever feel down. were for you

  28. gėø

    This song always makes me cry so hard. Their voices are so powerful

  29. fluffyears

    Did the four of them ever perform this live?

    Scarlett Lawson

    nope, only chen has ever performed this as solo

  30. I stan GIDLE

    Thank you chen for these lyrics thanks EXO 💜

  31. Park_Baekhyunee

    I remember the first time I listened to this song (with lyrics) and fucking cried my eyes out (I still do).
    I felt like someone actually cared about me..

    Thank you, Jongdae... and thank you, EXO! 💕💕

  32. whatdoyoumean

    I miss D.O

  33. Manal Khazi

    I still cry


    Really them voices its heaven


    no one in the world can be having voices like exo and singing like them . breathtaking


    Really vocal legend


    Im miss D.O when chen singing in the concert .

  38. Alice 2076

    Everytime I hear this song, or any other song on Universe, I feel depressed and endlessly sad but at the same time hopeful and warm. I live for these songs. Whenever the last sounds of this song fade, I feel like my heart is dying, not even lying, and I think this message fits good with the Instrumental. That not for every bad time you can say "It'll get better!", sometimes you just need to sleep and forget everything

  39. 도디오가됴됴됴됴

    보컬 천재들이 만나면 이렇게 됩니다 여러분.....

  40. Havana Ohnana

    i just..... miss EXO


    al minuto 1:46 , Dios, su voz, adorable

  42. Don’t mess up my tempo.



  43. Aprilia Nurul

    Baekhyun ahh 😭😭

  44. Maharanii 17

    Healing song:)

  45. EXO_L Forever

    Beakhun Voice Omg😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. ελλεν V.

    Honestly this song is kinda out of this world. I can not put in words how precious this song is.

  47. M 1485

    The best vocals, the Kings 🐰🐶🐱🐧

  48. Fioralba Sula

    Thanks to EXO and Jongdae who wrote the song, I finally can sleep so peacefully every night. I listen to this song everytime when I'm going through bad moments or when I'm sad. I just close my eyes and cry cause it makes me feel better and I say to myself that everything is going to be okay. Thank you EXO
    WE ARE ONE 사랑하자

  49. Heooudone Yotsavath


  50. Marina Welter

    Every time i hear it, i love it more and more. These lyrics are perfect <3

  51. Wai Wai Lynn Myint

    Anyone stan for our kim jongdae??

    Soph Neen

    Me 🥺

  52. 보경

    '자고있다면 깨지말아요'

  53. EXO INVADED my mind

    I'm crying..I couldn't even focus on the beautiful lyrics 💔their voices💔 I just can't describe how beautiful they r how emotional they r...I stanned the right group

  54. Claudine Teodosio

    Yes, the man who wrote the lyrics to this is the same "AH WAEEEEE" man

  55. Regatta Ringga Hanessa Putry

    I'm here bcs i miss kyungsoo's voice 😭

  56. Trixie Gwen Pocoy

    how to marry a song

  57. EXO For Life

    My heart aches

  58. putri rahmah

    This is why i stan them. Their songs always has deep meaning, and not always just about love. I'm proud being an exol l💙

  59. EXO-L Ananya

    Nothing is more perfect than this!!!
    Angels are singing,Blessing to my ears!!!

  60. Abraham999

    We have singers

  61. 림귤림

    노래㉮ 나무 좋아요 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  62. امو امو


  63. Onee On

    Why am i crying? Omg my tears like river

  64. 고차돌

    경수가 정말 많이보구싶다 눈물이 날만큼....

  65. valerie

    Im here after chen’s solo stage in exploration!

  66. PCY•KS

    1:30 is the best

  67. hellbound

    yankat pls come home :(

  68. iiAnimeChick_K-Pop

    How do you make these?

  69. Maryam Naqvi

    Hey I hope you're doing fine you haven't uploaded for a year

  70. Monika G

    The lyrics are powerful as they are, imagine with a MV, I'll be crying actual tears😪

    I can imagine each member turning off the light at the end of the MV and leaving the house...
    Simple yet impactful ending💔

  71. arfa rean daneswara

    oh no what happened

  72. arfa rean daneswara

    oh boy another kpop music

  73. Monika G

    Including this song, anyone reading this, please listen to this whole Winter album... Its full of deep, beautifully lyriced songs like this one💘🙏🏼😘

  74. Gloria De Icaza

    Suho voice! 🥰🥰 lovely song!

  75. kpop vibes

    Thanks exo because come to my life..and make my day always happy😍 saranghae..

  76. Hobi My Lifeu

    I was listening to Lights out while I was reading 10080 and this song made it even harder for me to not to cry (ಥ͜ʖಥ)

  77. Mirza Putri M


  78. KYE

    2:27 my heartttttttttttttt

  79. Melody heart Donguines

    I am now having a hard time, and listening to this song just made me cry. It's good to let it out with EXO☹️

  80. كّيونغسو ,

    kyungsoo ~~☁️

  81. Ricardo Pereira


  82. อิทธิพล หลานหลี

    Exo is king of kpop they song are legend.

  83. Ricardo Pereira


  84. Maryana R. Pimenta

    Everytime I want to vent out my sadness and loneliness I put on this music and imagine myself hugging Jongdae and thanking him for pulling me through my days, it hurts but it also heals me to a certain level that allows me to go on.

  85. morgiemo

    this is why Chen is my bias

  86. itsatemar

    I really feel down these past few days and deactivated all my accounts. Because the more I spend my time on them (messenger & twitter), the more lonely I feel. I feel lonely because even though I have friends, I felt like I have none. Even though there are people who care for me, I can't feel their sincerity. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    Plus I do have a secret account that no one knows, and I was really upset that antis are bringing up the 2018 Baekhyun mistranslated/taken-out-of-context depression statement. That was the issue that made me totally hate that certain fandom and to drag Baekhyun again with that false accusation, I feel so mad and more down. Damn.

    Idk why I'm sharing this here but I'mosjxkzmfkks sorry

    exo is my strength

    It's alright. We all live secret lives. Antis used to always make me mad on twitter and I always tried to suppress my anger but it was so difficult. It does not help that they do it together, with a lot of similar-minded people, the hate is just overflowing on twitter. I left it in 2017, it affected my mental health quite negatively. And I've also come across very unsincere people online, most of them are just there to pass their times. Don't invest in them.


    @exo is my strength for real. The ugly side of stan twitter really affected me negatively too. I became more aggresive and easy to trigger. I became more harsh with my words. I feel so down whenever they drag exo with false accusations. I really miss the days when I was just beginning to enter the fandom and all i care about was memorizing their names, knowing all of their songs, and going through their history.

  87. deebeezee

    and then she was never seen again..

  88. 내사랑김로운

    슬프지 않는데 뭔가 슬퍼

  89. Some Weirdo


  90. Jenika Curup

    Exo aku pikir merupakan grup yang sangat berbakat namun mungkin diantara mereka lebih merendahkan diri dan aku sangat suka dengan lagu balada nya mereka adalah raja nya mereka bisa membuat kamu terhipnotis dengan sebuah lagu dari vokal mereka ,ada sesuatu yang special diexo ,aku bahkan taj bisa mengidolakan mereka hanya satu namun aku cinta mereka semua

  91. shesun

    Chen's first chorus is just AHHHHHHHH they said babies don't cry when chen carries them and they said it's because he has a warm chest god let me feel it too ehilr listening to this songgg

  92. shesun

    Kyungsoo's I'll shine on you then straight to Baek's voice AHHHHHHH Chen's voice is sooo comforting, Suho also. They all make me want to lie on their arms while crying (╥﹏╥)

  93. 내사랑김로운

    이노랜 뭔가 묘하게 슬퍼ㅠㅠ

  94. Mee ee

    This song is a masterpiece

  95. Marie B

    i cannot stop crying

  96. jessica jackson

    THE 👑 s'they sound so Beautiful and Amazing what a Beautiful song💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

  97. Sumaya Nur

    Came here after yet another mental breakdown

  98. B E L A

    King of slow /ballad song 💙