EXO - Been Through (지나갈 테니) Lyrics


Iksukagetji ttodashi
Gamgicheoreom tuk geollin
Millyeodeuneun jaetbiche
Sueopshi jinacheodo yeojeonhi

Chamanaeya hae
Jinagal teni jinagal teni
Jamkkanimyeon dwae
Jinagal teni jinagal teni
Jinagal teni imi

Hwesaekbit haneul wien
Bunmyeonghi deo balgeun bichi
Meokkureum geochin dwien
Nunbushige binnal teni
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
Oneure shiryeon kkeuten
Challanhage nareul bichweo

Dadada dadada dum
Dadada dadada dum

Jeongshin charigo
Dashi ireona tultul teolgo
Deo isang naegen
Gotongeun seucheoganeun sonagi

Modu chamanaeya hae
Jinagal teni jinagal teni
Jamkkanimyeon dwae
Jinagal teni jinagal teni
Jinagal teni imi

Hwesaekbit haneul wien
Bunmyeonghi deo balgeun bichi
Meokkureum geochin dwien
Nunbushige binnal teni
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
Oneure shiryeon kkeuten
Challanhage nareul bichweo

Ige kkeuteun anigetji
Deo jiteun naldo itgetji
Geunare kkeutedo neoneun
Ireoke bichweojugetji

Nunbushin bicheul garin meokkureum dwi hae
Byeonhameopshi neon nareul bichune yeongweonhae
Goyohan gonggi ttatteutan baramdo hamkke
Geogi geudaero isseo hangsang gateun jarie Yeah

Hwesaekbit haneul wien
Bunmyeonghi deo balgeun bichi
Meokkureum geochin dwien
Nunbushige binnal teni
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
Oneure shiryeon kkeuten
Challanhage nareul bichweo

Challanhage nareul bichweo


익숙하겠지 또다시
감기처럼 툭 걸린
밀려드는 잿빛에
수없이 지나쳐도 여전히

참아내야 해
지나갈 테니 지나갈 테니
잠깐이면 돼
지나갈 테니 지나갈 테니
지나갈 테니 이미

회색빛 하늘 위엔
분명히 더 밝은 빛이
먹구름 걷힌 뒤엔
눈부시게 빛날 테니
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
오늘의 시련 끝엔
찬란하게 나를 비춰

Dadada dadada dum
Dadada dadada dum

정신 차리고
다시 일어나 툴툴 털고
더 이상 나에겐
고통은 스쳐가는 소나기

모두 참아내야 해
지나갈 테니 지나갈 테니
잠깐이면 돼
지나갈 테니 지나갈 테니
지나갈 테니 이미

회색빛 하늘 위엔
분명히 더 밝은 빛이
먹구름 걷힌 뒤엔
눈부시게 빛날 테니
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
오늘의 시련 끝엔
찬란하게 나를 비춰

이게 끝은 아니겠지
더 짙은 날도 있겠지
그날의 끝에도 너는
이렇게 비춰주겠지

눈부신 빛을 가린 먹구름 뒤 해
변함없이 넌 나를 비추네 영원해
고요한 공기 따뜻한 바람도 함께
거기 그대로 있어 항상 같은 자리에 Yeah

회색빛 하늘 위엔
분명히 더 밝은 빛이
먹구름 걷힌 뒤엔
눈부시게 빛날 테니
You shine like the stars
You light up my heart
오늘의 시련 끝엔
찬란하게 나를 비춰

찬란하게 나를 비춰

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EXO Been Through (지나갈 테니) Comments
  1. Kim Sang

    2020 ♥️

  2. 곰탱이수어


  3. lilithsekai


  4. avis L

    Universe so perfect, one of my favorite albums💔
    Seriously, every single can be title

  5. Botayna Kadim

    exo are the best, forever and alwayss

  6. Botayna Kadim

    thank you for being here with us

  7. Botayna Kadim

    all the love in the world goes to exo

  8. CHANYEOL Wife

    It was very calm song of winter🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 now it is one of the sexiest song bc of Suho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. leilani nisperos

    "You shine like the stars. You light up my heart"
    My favorite line in the song ❤

  10. Little Miss Dust

    Wake up at 4 am earphones on max just to listen to this masterpiece. Never have life been this adequate

  11. Kathy H

    2019 GANG. one last time before 2020

  12. nevedha1207

    Chen the king of vocals .

  13. Rahaf Walid

    missing kyungsoo

  14. Rahaf Walid

    i love them

  15. Aeri Leepea

    Jonghyun. This song makes me think of you. I hope you're happily resting and am sure you're shinning brightly. Miss you.

  16. Alliteration or something

    I miss Ksoo's voice so much

  17. chogiwhat

    whenever i hear this song i end up thinking of the stuff i saw in suho’s solo when they went to our country lol

    Runner Up

    Well that stage have a very different vibe I guess 😂

  18. 예현반

    불순한의도 보다가 꽂혀서 계속 듣는 중..ㅠ

  19. Chenching EXO

    I don't know why.. But I'm so in love with Jongdae voice... Sweet voice from heaven..

  20. LAY can Lay Me Down :3

    Bro the steam is triggering me

  21. Heldi Gemuta

    I really love the part where Chanyeol and Sehun raps 2:35 uggggh~ It sounds so pleasant in my ears

  22. Ninja Kick

    Im not an exol but love this song so so much. Honestly, kyungsoo's voice is one of my fav singing voice, not just in kpop.

  23. Petrain van Exo-l

    Beautifull voice. I love you exo

  24. Fatyyy Yall

    I forgot how i was in LOVE with this song

  25. Kyungsoo is so precious

    I miss Kyungsoo...he adds so much depth to this song ❤

  26. Paula Vermon

    Been extremely sad lately and found myself wanting to end my life. Millions of war happening inside my head. I just want to end it. But as I listened to this song, I do not know why and how, but it gave me even a little hope possible to continue living. The message of the song is very wonderful. To exo-ls out there, you don’t know how greatful I am to your faves. Exo saved me. And to all of you who are stressed,depressed, feeling down whatsoever, don’t give up. You shine like stars.

    Pauline Martin

    Paula Vermon fighting!!! You are a star too!<3 Fighting!!!

    Loey Soo

    Paula Vermon stay strong!

    Aeri Leepea

    I hope and wish for you to get better, truly. I'm a stranger to you. Paula Vermon. I don't know you or your life or situation but personally I've seen people at the ends in the ER. But it get SO much better they're like completely new people and grow to regret those thoughts. Hopefully you're with good people or at least even one person even if it's a doctor that is helping you. I wish you luck and the best. One day you'll beat this, and honestly if you can beat this, you'll be able to beat anything.

    Sky Mi

    Heey wanna be friends ?? Please add me on instagram "skymiuniverse"

  27. Ligsoo Do

    los reyes del kpop regresaron escuchen todas rolas ysi
    stan exo reproduzcan obsseion prras :)

  28. LAY can Lay Me Down :3

    This song will forever hold a special place in my heart

  29. Lorena Grace

    only heard this today and at the first second i'm already in love

  30. LAY can Lay Me Down :3

    Universe will forever be EXO's best album

  31. Janice Tsie

    Just the way this song melts through a human's hearrt is such a bliss.... ●^●

  32. Hadi f.

    This song is forever Suho’s to me because of his solos ❤️ it was the first time I’ve ever heard it too by Suho live

  33. Exaggerating_Total Fangirl

    It's already at end of 2019 and I'm still here listening to this beautiful song😍🔥

  34. Ly park

    Best song ever

  35. 예현반

    하 들을때마다 소름돋고 너무 좋아서 미치겟당 ㅠㅠ

  36. im izzani

    Sehun so cute

  37. Nowsin Promy

    My God
    I was shook

  38. 리에

    My heart is crying😭

  39. memory elhana

    I LOVE this song so much ❤

    From the lyrcis and the way they sing it. The lyrics really suits my mood and condition now... it feels like someone giving me hope to hold on and be strong through this song...

    dear EXO .. thank you for exists... I really love all you guys ❤ ❤ ❤

  40. 4minute60

    Chen makes this song!

    Millie Boy

    4minute60 no. Chen makes Lights out.

  41. chanyeol_ EXO

    Looking at comments section i cried..this song was all over europe..and That makes me hate SM so much..exo deserves so much better

  42. Arohan Mushahary

    The bridge is Xiumin not D.O.

  43. no one

    Comment section is all about this song being played at H&M from all over the world 💁‍♀️

  44. Dil Deol

    I'm inlove.

  45. madeleine durbie

    This is my favorite song by EXO❤ I love y'all!

  46. 박연우

    The instrumental sounds like The Eve's instrumental! ♡♡♡

  47. Doit Likeidoit

    Who sang the high note ??

  48. kkaebsong yehet

    no one:
    sehun: daradaradara dum,daradaradara dum. YEHET !!😂😂😂😂



    H&M love this song 🥺

  50. fks b

    i'm new to exo and i was just listening to a random exo mix while doing some work, this song was so calm it caught my attention and when i open the tap you hit me with soft barista boys.... too much for my poor heart

  51. KookieMonster

    Damn y’all got to hear this bop at H&M must be nice

  52. LAY can Lay Me Down :3

    Man, I wished they played this at my H&M, instead of some shit by Cardi B.

  53. LAY can Lay Me Down :3

    Welp, another one added to my Playlist

  54. Khaled Alh

    لازم اتفاهم مع اللي ترجمت المقطع لان ترجممتتهاااااا ولا غلطه بليز حطي تويتر او اي شي

  55. mnzy mnyz

    really king

  56. Mina Visda

    i wish sulli just play this song rather than the song she was listening when she did that insta live.

    Jiggly Rose

    what other song was it?

  57. Lucy

    this song got me through today. it echoed in my mind in school and somehow kept me from breaking down when people talked about her.

    Flower Road

    I am happy that you found strength from this song. But I also hope that if you have hard time and you wanna cry, just cry. dont hold it in. Dont hide your feelings. EXO told us to express our feelings no matter who we are. if it gets too hard, just breath. Share your thoughts, feelings with others. Kai said when he feels down and wants to cry, he cries. D.O. said its okay to be not to be okay. We are all human. We all get through good and hard time. So we should be able to express our feelings when feel happy or down. I hope you stay well wherever, whoever you are.


    Flower Road 💕💕 thank you ☺️


    Flower Road can i say thank you again? this comment always rings in my head when i’m feeling lost. i scrolled down to find this comment again, thank you. thank you for helping me, i just wanted you to know that this comment means a lot to me 💗

    Flower Road

    @Lucy I am so Sorry, I am so late in replying. Engineering, Job, its a vicious cycle. I am really happy that u are getting through your hard times with your strength and didn't gave up. Rmbr we are all so proud of you. We are all human and we will have ups and down in our lives. I hope in the year of 2020 even though we cant ensure everyone to have only good times, we hope to gain strength to fight the hard times and live our lives to the fullest. Happy new Year, wherever you are, My best wishes will be with you. Maybe one day we will be part of the same silver ocean of EXO concert and will listen to EXO singing "Been Through" together. Until then, good luck. 💕


    Flower Road aw thank you, please have a new year and decade filled with happiness, health and strength. thank you so much again. please keep at whatever you are doing... and if you ever want to contact me here is my instagram - @peachylulu.lucy
    thank you for making an impact on my life even though you may not realize it.

  58. # lovingly

    This song got into my head rn and i just had to search it up. I love this song.. 💜

  59. Lenise Martinez

    Haha, just cried in the shower while listening to this song 😃👍 love this song, feel much better. Love you Exo 💖

  60. Lee Taeyong Marry Me

    I was listening to this when I heard the news of Sulli’s sudden departure. I cried a whole lot. I hope Exo oppas are doing well😭

  61. Stay Bin

    The song is meaningful. Because if you think you can't do it. Just think of this song and you will have a positive thinking about yourself. You will pass.
    The lyrics relates.

  62. Baekhyun

    Still not over this master piece


    This song is honestly one of my favourite Exo songs of all time.

  64. ATaylor Productions

    Exo how do they do it?
    It's like their songs speaks to me in their own ways and language.

  65. Weareone Vip.233

    اسطورة الاغاني وربييي😭💘

  66. Nma Husseyn

    No group can replace EXO, no group.

  67. Finn Sumeo-Shaw

    The ending is just so fantastic

  68. Vanessa Santana

    Oi que alguém fala minha ligua

  69. Kare Karedad

    Suho's abs reminds me of this song! <3

  70. Baeked BaekonS

    *so many feelings attached to this song+*

  71. SuperMsnapped Andthatsjustfacts

    Came to cleanse my ears

  72. Lam MuiMui


  73. HappyVirusChanyeol

    I love this song C:

  74. Rebecca Rice

    I've only heard this song a couple of times before and I keep forgetting how it goes. But like, wth?? Why don't I listen to this more??? And how can I forget how it goes??? It's so damn good! I'm gonna sit here and listen to this over and over until I die. Or at least until it's time to go to bed. <3

  75. Yibo's potato

    I thought the name of the song was" EXO been through " and I immediately thought of their misery in their vacation trip💀

  76. Byun Baekhyun

    Al of them look so cute in this 😍😍😍

  77. Julia Btrsy

    One of the best song ever

  78. Юлия Матвеева

    аааааааа это прекрасно я хочу плакать

  79. 환상의 나라네버랜드로

    시우민 컵 들고있는거 너무 뽀쨕해 커여워 ....

  80. Bianca Bautista

    one of the best kpop songs imo

  81. Aiza PM

    I like the lyrics. And the song is very beautiful, I can't even count how many times I've played it already.... I want to make it as my motivational song🤗🤗.

  82. تم تعقيم 2019 بواسطة اكسو

    Really kings

  83. DanielaMT

    This give me such nostalgic vibes. 😭❤️

  84. Sevket Yilmaz

    Who is here after Suho's SOLO STAGE

  85. Lee Ashley

    when suho and chen and D.O said your light on my heart i started to scream inside like OMG!!

  86. 나 따위가에리해서 미안해

    무엇무엇무엇무엇무엇 애들음색 무엇무엇무엇무엇 이렇게봐도 잘생김 무엇무엇무엇무엇

    아씨..... 응원봉 꺼내야 겠다....

  87. NaD EXO-L

    I am obsessed with this song

  88. El Diario de Zoraida

    Siento que me desarmo. Es una sensación tan de enamorados, las mariposas, el ligero sofocamiento, el sentirme flotar.

    Do kyungsoo, ¿Qué me has hecho?

  89. etchavú

    song never die

  90. 도디오가됴됴됴됴

    아니 그냥 엑소 다 해먹어라 진짜...... .

  91. Steph


  92. lam 31

    اغنية قلبي

  93. Yehet :3

    I cant stop playing this like,,,This is the shit ♡♡

  94. come into the train called vagina

    I was sleeping through a car road trip and was listening to some kpop songs, and from the only songs I listened to, I could only remember the phrase "you shine like the stars, you light up my heart" and the "ddada ddada ddada dum" and this is how I got to know EXO :)

  95. Mistumi

    If you haven’t seen Suho's legendary Been Through performance,you are missing out.

  96. EXO_Suho We are one

    Suho’s voice💜💜💜💜

  97. 나 따위가에리해서 미안해

    we are one 엑소 사랑하자

  98. 너 캐럿이야?당근이지

    미쳤네 미쳤어 응?? 아주 그냥 엑소 다 해먹어라 진짜 미쳤어그냥 아주 니들은 아주 사랑을 받고 싶어서 안달이났구나 그래 내가 열심히 덕질해주마 ((사악한 웃음
    사랑한다 엑소야 내가 많이 사랑해ㅠ
    아주 그냥 사랑해 아무말도 필요없다 엑소가 최고야 그냥 엑소가 최고지 그럼 엑소가 최고야 솔직히 엑소한테 비빌 그룹 거의 없다 진짜 엑소 너무 좋아 진짜 어우진짜ㅠㅠㅜ
    솔직히 안티들도 이 노래 듣고 엑소엘 될 듯ㅋㅋㅋ
    지들이 싫다고 해봤자 안티팬들이 아는 노래 1/3이 엑소 노래일듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  99. 너 캐럿이야?당근이지

    나는 진짜 종인이랑 경수 목소리가 내 취저인듯ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    다른 멤버들 목소리도 겁나게 좋은데 갠적으로 너무 좋다....... ㅎㅎ

  100. bakedunicorn

    Hi guys.. wanted to say that it is such a beautiful album and all songs are full of feelings so please support EXO as much as you can WE ARE ONE 💞
    AND I am sorry there is something wrong at 2:07 the person singing is Xiumin not D.O 😊

    Şura Demirci

    0:20 is chen not kai :)

    Yo Xoxo

    It’s actually D.O. singing at 2:07 with Xiumin sings at the background