Exies, The - Once In A Lifetime Lyrics

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself - Well... How did I get here?
Well... How did I get here?

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife
Not my beautiful wife

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

The same as it ever was
The same as it ever was
The same as it ever was

And you may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Where does that highway go to?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Or am I wrong?
And you may say to yourself
My god, what have I done?
What have I done?

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime

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Exies, The Once In A Lifetime Comments
  1. MrChunkyMaster

    Weirdest thing this song happened to me. Woke up one day to the whole package wife kids house car and a dog and before I knew it it was all gone just like that. Now I'm writing this in an apartment divorced watching my kids grow up in pictures. Advice from an old dude is when you get the chance, always, buy flowers. Don't take what you have for granted. One of the biggest mistakes you'll make in your life is not valuing what you have.

  2. EnricoPallazio

    Nice attempt. But doesn’t work

  3. Rock Axis

    bitch stole my look! (Kurt Cobain)

  4. dizzyfugu

    I like this one very much - BECAUSE it takes the original composition to a different level. There are many covers out there, but most are limited to copying the original arrangement, or reducing it to an acoustic set. This one is the first I come across that tries "something different", to an iconic song, and achieves IMHO a lot. Respect!

  5. Eye

    This is shit. An absolute insult to the original.

  6. Alan Smithee



    I don't much care for this cover.

  7. George

    lol. I mean I get taking a song and making it your own, but I think a good cover does that while still capturing the essence of the original. I mean this is depressing as shit, which musically is not what the original was going for (arguably lyrically too - it's certainly existential and weighty but it's kind of uplifting at the same time)

  8. MC Kaatt

    I like this better than the original and my dad used to play talking heads a lot on our road trips. This one I can just connect emotionally with more. They made the lyrics sad which from the original I always thought were supposed o be fun but after hearing it this way I think the lyrics fot better when sung sad.


    I absolutely agree. Being a CBGB fanatic myself, the song is a classic. But I think these guys made it so emotionally sublime.

  9. machinengage

    Modern day Nirvana

    Jonas Farah-Bumstead

    What the fuck is wrong with you


    +gillian “gfbjfb1215” farah I am right you know

  10. Denny Glo

    Well, I never thought I would hear this song sound like this. When I heard that this band covered this song I had a mix of doubt and curiosity. I can't actually say that I enjoy it but a cover is a cover. I guess at least I can say they did a good job at getting the song and transforming it to fit their format to a tee. It's like youre not even listening to the same song which makes it's a good cover. I'm sorry though I just really don't like hearing it in this style.. lol. Had to check it out though

  11. Eunsong

    lol so i can't find this video while searching from youtube but i can find it while searching from google wth is with that been way too long since i've listened to this song

  12. Fulgore

    153 butt hurt talking head fans, usually when a band covers a song it is a compliment, get over it.

  13. Ynys Lochtyn

    Pleasant take on this classic

  14. Daren Redman

    I don't for a fucking minute understand why there are so many dislikes. Fuck those people.

  15. megaton666

    No.. just no..

  16. machinengage

    this band is seriously talented and seriously underrated .

  17. ctrlsneak

    Too overproduced.

  18. from space

    I like this and other covers like it because they give a song an entirely new feel. If anything, it makes me appreciate the original even more. No, it's not as good as the Head's but they could have done much worse.

  19. tweak767

    this is so........mainstream it destroys what the talking heads did. good try though

  20. Christian Helvie

    Ok, if your going to cover a song at least translate the message plz. Ounce in a life time is an abstract view of the televangelists during the time. I don't think the band captured that at all. As a stand alone song they probably are staying true to there style which is commendable. In the end just way to emo for me.

  21. Peenworm Grubologist

    lmbo 9/11 hitler suicide lol edgy stuff here doof troops

  22. Grim Theologian


  23. Dustin_Gabert

    Again, why come to a video and diss the band. It's fucking music! Don't like the band, watch a different one. This cover is great, what more needs to be said

  24. King Rolly

    your all getting this band wrong, looking at them as an emo band wearing eyeliner, you got them all wrong, this is how they ended up, know the history of a band before you give them shit

  25. Lanedude

    Singer looks like a Trent Reznor knock-off. I call them as I see them.

    Only problem I have with this is that it's the same cookie-cutter rock that has grown tired and stale throughout the years, although these guys probably came on the tail end of it going bad, so I'll give them some leeway.

    Having said that, interesting interpretation, it just won't hold the test of time like the original.

  26. ritter89

    wow, this reaches a level of terrible that's simply beyond description.

  27. mjparlay

    absolute terribleness... i hope they paid talking heads a bunch of money to butcher a classic. not even close. i award zero stars.

  28. Callum Taylor

    omg..... this is great!!! talking heads would be fucking proud!!!!

  29. Michael Ion

    taking an extraordinary song and making it average

  30. Graham Ferguson

    Oh dear. Started slowly and I thought, hmm, could be an interesting take. Then they just absolutely murdered the song when it got going. Garbage!

  31. mcwilliams56441

    After hearing this for the first time I thought, "This is a decent song, how could the original be better?" I watched the original Talking Heads version and as soon as it started I realized I've heard the it a million times before, never would have connected the 2 as they're nothing alike.

    Yes, this is completely different than the original, less upbeat and I can't believe they would make it this way. Wait 20 years and show someone who has not heard the original this would be accepted.

  32. Derek Girouard

    Any kid could do this these days.. -

  33. thprmr

    @JaxsonJaguar Do you know what emo is?

  34. IndubitablyMe1988

    Seriously? ..shame, shame.

  35. JaxsonJaguar

    There are many songs from the 80's that can be covered successfully by an Emo band. This song is not one of them. The original is too upbeat, making it Emo just doesn't sound right.

  36. patrickvdw1969

    Jesus fucking Christ. You guys Spinal Tap or something?

  37. Moloth

    wow.. this is... kinda awful. :(

    How generic, soulless and uncreative.

  38. Jeffrey Webb

    this is phuckin blasphemy...

  39. HoldingMyHalo

    Why are people mad at this song? I think it's good. I mean, if you don't like it, listen to the Original. It's good, too. But, you shouldn't get angry at the Exies for covering it. I play this on Guitar all the time. I don't think I sound as good as the Exies, but I don't hate me for that.

  40. Michael Miller

    this is the sickest song everf anyone who things the talking heads is better then this doesnt know music

  41. David Hernandez

    i like this song sounds awesome dont get me wrong i love the talking heads version as well i say they both did an awesome job by the way any one know wat happened to the exies?

  42. lanslater


  43. nightwing4077

    This is horse shit!!! The Talking Heads verson is 10 times better!!!

  44. Eric Leippe

    If they were going to suck so bad, they shouldn't have left their song out where people with taste could find it! THIS COVER IS DOGSHIT

  45. Madoculos

    Definitely on my to ten worst songs of all time. Just wait for me to gain my composure to place the song somewhere...I need a drink.

  46. Darkman J


  47. joeyeatspuppies

    This is so cheesy.

  48. Jack Hayward

    I admire they took the song in a different direction and tried to do something new with it but it just feels like mediocre pop punk. Not bad at all - very inventive at times. It's just taken the original and put it in a different genre. The execution was done well but don't forget - a slower tempo, crashing cymbals and an acoustic guitar doesn't always make lyrics more meaningful.

  49. Sl1f3rDrag0n

    this version billions times better than Talking heads

  50. sivila17

    Well you may say whatever you want, I don't give a crap... I like this version very much so...

  51. Brad Zwart

    it doesn't matter what other people think. I like this version. You may like the original. That's like hating on Five Finger Death Punch's "Bad Company" as opposed to the original from Bad Company. They're both good. Some don't like the original, other's hate the new version because they took it from Bad Company. SAME FUCKING THING OVER AND OVER...

  52. Luca7x

    @001seetherfan F-U-C-K THE RADIO :)

  53. dardandian

    my dear exies... a pity i will never find thy on my local radio, tv or other mainstream medium... however the mere existance of truth will suffice!

  54. Josh Murray

    AIAFHQ.. I couldn't have said that shit better myself.. The meaning in the orginal is the exact same except in a extremely cynical and sarcastic manner instead of depressing, it is a song about never being content with what you have and living life on auto pilot "how did I get here" how did I end up with this life...

    How dare you snot nose punks dis The Heads.. The exies gave the song proper respect and understood it ... good version but nowhere near the brilliance of the orginal

  55. DXSwanton

    @Mattyniggz Didn't say it did, said I just personally enjoy this one more. Opinionated, I just feel more emotion, no disrespect intended to the Talking Heads' version.

  56. DXSwanton

    I actually enjoy this one much more than the original. So much more emotion eminates off of it, and the singers voice is addicting, to say the least.

  57. cloudboheme

    The Talking Heads version works better because it's uncontrived, it's not trying to sound sad and depressing, it's a neutral song - not quite happy or sad.
    If I'd heard this version of the song as the original I'd say it was OK. That's about it.

  58. vito purpura

    I agree the originals better as say every original to a song but it still doesnt hurt to enjoy a slightly different version not saying its better just a different taste in rythm

  59. x7xDOOMx7x

    At first I came on here just to hear some diffrent renditions of Once in a lifetime by Talking heads. Needless to say this one really surprised me. Very DIFFRENT tone but nonetheless still very worthy. Very impressed. Lead singers voice almost befuddled me for a second as i sensed a little "kurt kobain" in his voice.

  60. Supercell08

    this is so much better than the Talking Heads version...they put so much more emotion into it, it's beautiful...the lyrics are almost lost on the original

  61. MrRubarbo

    This cover sucks my left nut. The original is better.

  62. boneher15

    calm down your anger makes me think you hate your life...

  63. boneher15

    @redwngs82 this ruins the whole meaning of the song...it's supposed to be about not liking the things you have and always wanting more and not being able to get it and just being pushed along in life by time..not this emo crap this makes any fake depressed person want to have a skittles party and drink each others blood..

  64. LosTimeProductions

    @AIAFHQ ... Very good point. You win. Next time, make sure the argument's not a month old. Have a nice day!

  65. Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth

    Wait LosTimeProductions, The lyrics in this version are the exact same as in the (much superior) Talking Heads version, so any meaning that you find in this was in the original. It shouldn't take a couple of idiots wearing eyeliner stumbling through it for you to pick up the meaning...

  66. Cory Poppins

    Erm, why are people dissing Talking Heads? if this band covered this song then surely they like the original. The Talking Heads version is about a thousand times better than this.

  67. LosTimeProductions

    @Tearflow ... It's like their testicles are being crushed in a vice or possibly bludgened with a hammer. =(

  68. LosTimeProductions

    @Tearflow Sorry. I assumed you were referring to the horrid Talking Heads version...

    ... and it's nice to hear a voice that's not ear-piercing. Listen to the Talking Heads bullshit version of this and you'll be disgusted.

  69. LosTimeProductions

    @Tearflow Oh, my mistake. I thought it was a corky, silly song used in comedy trailers, retaining the same meaning as that masterpiece "I get knocked down up, but I get up again". But you must be right- singing in a high pitch tone and adding cartoon sound effects must add meaning to the song!!!

  70. Shawn Kaufman

    I kind of agree with drthed. This isn't a bad band but they really took a great song and made it very subpar and generic.

  71. LosTimeProductions

    Finally, somebody added meaning to this song!

  72. Brian Vernon

    This is the kind of cover that is kind of cool when you are dinking around on a guitar with your friends but the fact that it was ever recorded in a studio saddens me.

    Add The Exies to the 'Avoid' list.

  73. Nic Erdman

    Wow they really took a dump on a wonderful and quirky song.

  74. Alyshia Justus

    this is a GREAT band, i just now found out a bout them!!! i'm in love ALREADY!

  75. ALoveEternal

    Hah I had to go back and read my own comment.

  76. Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth

    D'oh! Sorry!

  77. ALoveEternal

    I said "loved", not 'love'.

  78. Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth

    I never considered Once in a Lifetime to be a love song. I always saw it as a person who has been moving through life in such a predictable way that he wakes up one day and realizes he knows nothing about himself and his own life.

    That being said, this cover is icky...

  79. LZT360

    The Exies shows to TH how the song must be done.

  80. ALoveEternal

    you're a fucking idiot. any douchebag with a guitar could make a cover this lame in10 minutes. It's shitty, unforgivable hackery; that's it. they used a loved song from a brilliant artist and somehow managed to turn it into a fucking alt radio rock turd, and not even a well polished turd at that! at least when rap steals they repolish the goddamn song a bit. pathetic.

  81. gamers1700

    (reply to ALoveExternal)

  82. gamers1700

    well dum-dum, as it may not occur to you, some people can probably relate; be it the song lyrics and their different contexts, style (yes styles, or genras, do portray a particular message/feel that could mean something totally different in another format), individual experiences and shit like that...or you know, continue being a judgemental dum-dum :)

  83. LordofGaels

    You know it's a cover... right?

  84. ALoveEternal

    jesus fecking christ. people really know how to destroy classics nowadays. what tool what like this shit???

  85. Lolpezatron

    Not bad but not really my style...the feeling is completly different but I hands down prefer the talking head's version

  86. KaiPandorica

    Oh man... I was checking some comments... it looks like Exies fans will always defend this version while TH fans will say it's crap and make TH pose as the band of gods. Because um... everyone has their opinion.

    I as an Exies fan find this version a thousand times better but hey, the original is funny, I like it too, only not as a song but as something funny. I remember I loved the video, back in the day.

  87. KaiPandorica

    Loved it

  88. WelkinAtDusk

    i agree

  89. dolli cash

    i love em cant belive i almost fergot about em.

  90. Eunsong

    stop fckin hating good bands lets see if u can do better if u cant then stfu thats the least i can say to all the people who dont know good music

  91. J.lee613

    agreed! let David Byrne sing it

  92. Kyle Hurley

    You say Akon-I say ACDC
    You say Britney Spears-I say Ozzy Osbourne
    You say little wayne- i say motley crue
    You sayJonas Brothers-I say Seven Dust
    You say Miley Cyrus-I say Shaun Morgan
    You say rap-I say rock
    You say pop-I say metal
    You say hip hop- I say just about any rocker that sings better drunk or hi.
    92% of kids have turned to rap,pop,& hip hop.If your one of the 8% who like to headbang and disturb the peace copy and paste to 4 videos that are metal or rock music

  93. pushbroom333

    I wonder if he knows "by" is pronounced "by." Not "bah."

  94. versace0908

    I like this song

  95. Jared Hummel

    EPIC FAIL, crappy bands should stop pretending to be clever and destroying classic songs so they can stand out in the endless sea of bands that all sound like nickel back.

  96. Seether2141

    Actually I know the talking heads really well. The Exies are an amazing group. You just judge them are there looks, when there just as good as Seether, Staind, Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, and all those other Hard Rock/Alt Rock/Post-Grunge bands.

  97. jlToolfan

    It's like they ate the original song, shat it out, ate the shit, vomited it out into the mouth of their dog, let the dog shit it out, let ten million people piss on it, and then masturbated on it.

  98. mattylane

    They made a great song really boring and depressing .boo!

  99. vootie99

    I'm a big Talking Heads fan... and this is an interesting version, but they don't really add anything to the song... it's like "If Nirvana or The Pixies covered Once In A Lifetime..."

    They should have taken it further...