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Я юзал вчера, бля, я вроде даже не думал не о чём, но всё ровно я не чего не чувствовал
Опять [?] чё то?
Да, заебало слушать о чём они говорят: "Сколько поднял? Сколько на себе носишь? Какую уведёшь? Какую завтра? Какой день недели?". Разве не проще, не думать, блять, об это? Вообще, какая кому разница?
Уехал почти как год, а ничего по итогу не изменилось, тебя устраивает это?
Да, я привык
Я задыхаюсь здесь, но не могу без этого. Это вообще, все эти заботы, деньги, время, девочки, всё это петля. Но по своему прекрасная петля

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  1. Antonio Rivera

    I would think that using the up/down/left/right arrows is easier and requires less step than using the shift key and tab or enter. More intuitive too.

  2. misopaste27

    Best way to learn! This was great!

  3. Mario Flor

    This was a well done beginner video. Very informative given in a very concise manner. I loved the examples!

  4. Mag Wence

    thank you!

  5. That’s So Genesis

    GREAT video!!!

  6. Mahdi Malekzadeh

    *I'm here to maintain a job*

  7. Ian Dooley

    i had to use this in class.

  8. Paras Limbu

    Well taught!!

  9. Wennah Tejedal

    Thank you sir for this very informative video..It helps me a lot

  10. Steven Hulbert

    Haven't used Excel in years, will watch again. Thanks for posting

  11. AJDubs __

    They don't teach this in high schools

  12. Adaobi Juliet

    Thank you. Explanatory!

  13. Laura Amos

    Very good teaching. Easy to understand. Never used Excel, but now I'm looking forward to learning more. I just started a business and need to keep track of my inventory, my cost, sales and profit. Thank you so much for this video.

  14. Soho Yankee

    I’ve trying to get a job that requires I know excell. So, here I am.

  15. Caddie Frichickenisha

    Thank you so much for posting this video! This has really helped already. :)

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  17. Akosua Aikman

    Thank you for this review it was very helpful

  18. MEL DD

    WOW! I'm 55 & just learning Excel. This is so helpful & very clear to me. Thank you! God bless! :)

  19. María Helena Cornejo

    Absolutely clear and concise explanation, great teacher. want to move to the next level. thank you so much

  20. Cee Cee

    Best video and teacher ever man 😂😂 I know I'm going to secure this job for sure. I haven't used excel since I've graduated HS over 7 hears ago!

  21. Janine Samji

    when you have a project that requires excel and you know NOTHING about it ----->

  22. Monica Chang

    You are the best teacher I have ever known. Thanks so much. I seem not to be able to find your name anywhere. Would like to know.

  23. Lemuel G

    Wow that's the best and most meaningful Excel basics explanation I ever had. I wish you were my teacher.

  24. william brown

    Thanks for the helpful information for the mostly computer illiterate like myself. Very easy to understand.

  25. Michael John

    nice one brilliant clear easy

  26. ParadymShift Music

    I am very very little about yourself before watching this video and found it extremely valuable! I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to spreadsheets.

    If you're like me, this video is best enjoyed on 1.75 x speed.

  27. Christian Costello

    I'm married now, thanks!

  28. Matteo Ferrari

    Great video

  29. kickinrocks 926

    I HATE Excel. Haven't liked it since being introduced to it way back in the day in school and haven't had to use it for years....Medical is my strongest background and there are more web based data forms being used these days and Excel is more an HR office thing in those offices, well recently I took a pretty simple PT receptionist job at a large private community real estate company in the sales/rental office that uses it lighting and then they offered a bump up to FT admin position that uses it alot and I HAVE FORGOTTEN MOSTLY ALL OF IT over the past decade or 2 that I have not had to bother with it really, outside of a simple Excel forms I used while managing a small retail location...and like I said, I've never really liked it. Its annoying and touchy and boring and takes forever to figure out things if you haven't done them in forever. Wish offices wouldn't bother with it for simple things that don't need calculating and formulas...and the page breaks are stupid and the work book pages are stupid for simple documents and the grids aren't showing on my print lay out, so it just looks like randomly placed words with no columns and rows or colour shading to help it make sense as a visual that the staff can take out with them. Plus I'm not the fastest typist in the world, so add this up with the task of recreating a 13 page MLS document with tons of sub boxes and tiny texts related to all kinds of required data ""Only...per my director's request) so it can be a10 page MLS listing doc with only the required info present for the agents to take out and I'm like...Oh F...and whatever, lol...just typing, typing, typing and playing around with it trying to make it look decent, professional and like it makes sense. All of the real estate world and profession I'd 100% new and unknown to me, so sometimes I'm feeling a little submerged and over my head, but I'm a smart cookie, but I have to get 100% committed to this, like internally, and there is alot of room for serious financial and professional growth, especially if I continue on my path to become an agent myself, and this could be a phenomenal way to learn the biz from the management aspect down....but, IDK...because of all this Excel BS....

  30. Justin Williams

    Thank you, your channel makes excel less scary.

  31. Abdulsttar E

    you are sir awesome thank you for every word you have sir said it is really brief and useful explanation thank you so much

  32. doing63

    do u have to play to use that ?

  33. yasir Arafat

    Really helpful 🙂

  34. one studio

    Subscrib my channel for new excel vedio

  35. TommyBoy Beats

    He sounds like Joe Goldberg from “You” 😱

  36. Kathy Peck

    So helpful

  37. Hailey Miller

    Thank you so much. I just got my first job at a doctors office and this is one of the only things I needed to to be advanced in and this is SO helpful and concise. You’re a life saver ❤️

  38. Carpe Diem

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you

  39. whatever whatever

    to save time, copy the same information and paste the same information down the cell. remember it's the concept you need to learn.


    first day at new job= boss- " i can send you my excel template if you like"
    me- uh.... ya, thanks so much.
    goes home and comments on an excel video.

  41. Munchielous Dixon

    2020 anyone I lied on my resume and got the job but I no a fuck about ms excel but I'm here for the tutorial🥰

  42. ciz sam

    Damn you sound like Pete Buttigieg lmao.

  43. rawdawg29

    This is an absolutely wonderful production. Thank you very much. This is like having a tutor in my living room. Thank you and GOD bless!

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    Quack Quack

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    You're an awesome teacher.

  46. j kish

    Very clear explanation, thank you very much

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    U r a great teacher it's help me very very very easy to learn from ur channel

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    thump up bro. really Apprecite

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    2020 here

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    Lots of 'ahhh yeahhhh' moments for me. Cheers!

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    thank you sir, God bless you !

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    2020 anyone?! lol

  54. Nish Shanmugam

    May I know what software you use to make this video?

    The Atlantis

    I think he is using the screen recording and then adding his voice in a basic video editor.i too want to make videso like that.hopefully very soon.

  55. Peaceful Ghost

    Thanks a lot bro ! This was a lot of help.

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    This really helped a lot. Thanks

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    thank you for clear information's

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    You’re so good at teaching I wish if my college instructor was like you.

  59. Ms Queenlyminded

    Before my new job has me creating spreadsheets, let me learn how to do one wit my lying ass..lol like the rest of yall

  60. Jesse Harris

    Really Helpfull tysm!

  61. Sam Ancona

    Love your videos however I noticed at approximately 12:09 when completing your data entries you say that when you hit enter it automatically moved down one row and to the far left column A. I dont find excel performing that automatically. Is there a way of programming it to move let's say down 2 rows and to any given column?

  62. Immanuel Hirani

    Thanks man im a accounting so ITS help me a lot

  63. Big money Lele Xo

    I’m here so I can work at government jobs and will put this on resume 😂🤣🤣fake it til u make it right I live by it

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  70. Eric

    What are numeric values? Does this mean any cell that contains a number?

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    Easy and good explanation!

  72. ahmad ameen

    beautiful... exactly what was needed

  73. Juan Cruz

    Excellent video, you have just taught me....now I can support my "lie" on my resume ... many thanks !

  74. sylvia euale

    I like many others here are very thankful for this clear and concise video about excel basics. I subscribed to the channel and will be watching a lot more of it. Thank you so much for these videos.

  75. Lex Wolf

    6:32 the word is “L7 weenie”. A square.

  76. Malachi Bartlett

    Pretty useful for the certifications you need to earn for computers class

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    Thank you for the big help. I learn a lot.

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    Great video I’m taking a computer class in college right now and you have taught me more then my teacher has lol

  80. Paul Piscopo

    Very interesting and well explained. I have a question. When I use mail merge with words it always gives me the dates in the American way. I want the dates with ddd/mm/yyyy. Is there a setting from excel or from word. Thank you

  81. Taylor.

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    thank you for making this video this video is easy to understand and to learn

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    excellent tutorial . well explained mate . thanks for the help

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    You owned a Hyundai Excel. On your job application you said you have experience with Excel. Now you are here.

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    EXCELLENT! Thank you so much

  86. Amy Schmidt

    Thank you! Finally just a simple introduction of how in the freaking world to use and what simple things to expect from Excel. Thank you for understanding that I knew nothing more than how to click on the excel app before this instructional. I continue to look forward to all your videos and feeling confident in taking a class. Seriously, thank you!

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