Everything Everything - Yuppie Supper Lyrics

How do you know so much?
How do you know so much?

I can see the flames rising up
I can feel my bones screaming out

...my brain boiling

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Everything Everything Yuppie Supper Comments
  1. - s c a r c e -

    I really want to play this on a speaker in an abandoned city or something, really awesome

  2. Josiah Aristizabal

    This song apparently had lyrics to it. But they had cut them out.


    There are lyrics at the end.

  3. GlitchedManatee

    The layers on layers in all their music amazes me! You only see it's true complexity on headphones or a speaker. Fantastic

  4. Michael Charlton

    Burnout 2 soundtrack vibes

  5. The Perpetual Procrastinator

    This needs more attention than it gets.