Everything Everything - The Mariana Lyrics

I don't know where I have been lately
I found myself in somewhere strange
The devil took me underwater
He filled my lungs so I could change

My God, how did I get here without
My God, someone always has to be the man
(Mariana, are you there?)

The ice was forming all around me
The plants were climbing me for light
I fell into the Mariana
I was a mirror for the night

My God, how did I get here without
My God, someone always has to be the man
The man
I know
You have
You have to be
Or not to be
The man
The man
I know
You have
You have to be
The man
You have
You have to be
To be
The man

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Everything Everything The Mariana Comments
  1. Fandango Brandango

    Go on ste you filthy sausage

  2. - s c a r c e -

    I’m all for equality but I hate how with the rise of feminism, man have really been trampled and ignored for really important issues.
    This band is so lovely.

  3. md monwar

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  4. Joe Fyodor


  5. biopsicossocial


  6. Micah Neverson

    it looks and feels "FIFA-ish"

  7. Rembrandt

    I'd rather have liked to catch a glimpse of them all soaping up in the showers, after the match. In fact, you could have made that the entire video. Balls and all. 😂

  8. Dazai Joe

    What a Blast !!! Beautiful.

  9. Andrew Burns

    Once again I am shocked by what you are creating. Your keep being an inspiration for my own music making. Keep doing what you doing!

  10. bre bohach

    This whole thing made me fucking sob. So beautiful...

  11. MissEleanaa

    radiohead vibes with this track, love it

  12. Adam Emm

    How are you guys not more popular? Please advertise yourselves. I want people to know of your genius. I mean I even heard you on the radio the other day but still!!!

  13. L C

    Once again this is absolutely stunning. The last two shots hit home like a sledgehammer.

  14. William Cowan

    Yes, you Brit's do have the best, most talented band on the planet! Can't get enough of Higgs vocals. Simply stunning.

  15. platypusboy

    How is it I can like Everything Everything so much but Radiohead not at all? I mean I can hear great similarities in vocal style and instrumentation in songs like this but, while I can listen to this song over and over I can't listen to Radiohead without being bored and depressed.

    Deborah Meltrozo

    platypusboy cause you're a fucking pleb

    Shael Riley

    I feel similarly. I have a sort-of academic appreciation for Radiohead, though I rarely listen to them. EE I listen to all the time.

    L C

    Deb you fucking minge


    Why not like them both

  16. Kai L

    Musically fantastic and catchy as hell, just as always guys

  17. Sean Doyle

    Love the more sombre tone both in Jon's vocals and the instrumentation. Very refreshing.

  18. Andy Wilson

    Stunning. Poignant. I could add an almost infinite number of adjectives and it still wouldn't do this justice. Can't wait for ally pally tomorrow night!

  19. Marihuanové Eso

    shit music shit video... worst song ever.. so boring and stupid

  20. Arif Anuar

    amazing video, awesome song, you guys deserve better outreach.

  21. Bob Brear

    What a great song and video. Looks beautiful and the guy at 1.46 with his hands on his knees is well handsome!

  22. Bensun 77

    Beautifully mesmerising, love it👍

  23. lyra

    1:33 has tony almeida joined the team?

  24. Sir Ronnoc

    Please tour Orlando Florida!

  25. The Winged Phoenix

    This song is different to the things they've released before, it feels really refreshing and calm, its good.

  26. Diana M

    Everything Everything's awesomeness is steady, and I love it.

  27. Ash Bartlett Parkour

    How!! How do you do it again and again! Love this! Wonderful song!!!

  28. Pale Blue Dot

    This song makes me feel like I can win the champions league with Sunderland.

    The Winged Phoenix

    Pale Blue Dot that is if they get anywhere near the premier league

  29. Brent D Groenendijk

    Was in my recommended, not dissapointed.

  30. Antonio Flores

    Great as always.
    Never Change, your the masters, you deserve Success

  31. diogo andrade

    Please, I'm so filled right now, give me more songs and please do not stop, you just made my day again

  32. Space Rock

    Good job, Everything Everything!

  33. Benjo Bitcho

    Men's mental health is such an important topic, thank you guys for speaking out about it

  34. TheSalamanderGamer

    Wholesome video hours

  35. William

    No matter what tone they're going for... they never disappoint.

  36. Chris Heaword

    “The ice was forming all around me” 1:21 .......so poignant for Saturday night in Birmingham, but can’t wait to hear this beautiful track live, when you guys return 12th April 😍🤞🏻🙌🏼

    Jess Clay

    i'l be there :)

    Tom Mulchinock

    it's describing feelings from men on the verge of suicide. it's not talking about how the weather's holding up in dudley😂

    Chris Heaword

    Tom Mulchinock - OK chill man, t’was just a jest, I do get the lyrics 👏🏼

    James Bennett

    I'll be there on the 12th too 👍🏼

  37. Jero Estrella

    Amazing greeting for puerto rico

    Wichi M

    Jero Estrella Viene corillo! Aqui otro boricua tambien.

  38. Flo Ryan

    This makes a Monday much better

  39. benethicc cumberswag


  40. Theodora R. Soetamar

    So you guys don't rest, do you?

  41. LowleyUK

    Love it. "The fate of the ball don't enthrall me at all".

    Jack Warr

    Please, son, it's only a sport.

    Max Keane

    Who have you seen? what's with all your means?

  42. demaytri narashita

    i''ve listened to this song approximately 15 million times since it was released.


    It has 55,000 views... i think someone is a liar


    @Kirsty do you eat your own shit? I was joking too, also this reply is literally from 8 months ago so calm yer cock son.

  43. Audi Yordana


    nice elbow save btw

  44. The Cinematic Mind

    So happy with these new tracks!

  45. kamucho

    This is awesome

  46. Necia Navine

    Incredible ♥️

  47. Benjamin G

    Im so happy now

  48. Jakub !

    Sick c:

  49. sophie pendragon

    this is so good

  50. Mason Thomas


  51. wren


  52. Tom bread

    Another great music video by my favorite boys across the pond

  53. Aisha


  54. Caleb Campion

    Everything Everything! I am so stoked by every single song you put out and this song has the best vibes, and I sense the meaning and hard work behind it. Good on you guys!

  55. Nebulilac


  56. mastersoftoday

    is that Jeremy at 3:30? wonderful song

    John Wilson

    it's me :)


    oh wow! sorry, I'm bad with faces. congrats!

  57. Honor Cave-Toye


  58. Alexander Vladimir Tahaov

    Everything Everything is Everything 💙

    The Cinematic Mind

    Alexander Vladimir Tahaov and never Nothing, Nothing.
    Which what the film Everything, Everything is.