Everything Everything - Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread Lyrics

Their hands loom heavy with only an hour to go
I hold my breath but the seekers will find me
Priest and pauper, the leper can't change his spots
The King knows and I know it, and everybody knows

[Chorus x2:]
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread
I don't want to get older
(No way, no way)

Are those my people or are they barbarians all?
I need a shoulder to talk to about it
Swing the hammer
The fragments (the fragments)
A skull exploding on you, on all you
And showers on the infant's bed

[Chorus x4:]
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread
I don't want to get older
(No way, no way)

You are a thief and a murderer too
Stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
And you did it before and you'll do it again

I know that you are a thief and a murderer too
You stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
And you did it before and you'll do it again

I saw that you are a thief and a murderer too
You stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
And you did it before and you'll do it again

I know that you are a thief and a murderer too
You stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
And you did it before and you'll do it again

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Everything Everything Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread Comments
  1. ForSheepSakes

    Phenomenal band! i would love to meet these guys someday. the lyrics are beyond esoteric and present day prophecy. outstanding sound.

  2. Tobias Vreeken

    Wie is hier vanwege mr fc glorie

  3. Betty Phage

    Hey, I've been here many times before, i just want to remind you that you're all incredible!!!!!!

  4. Cutequeen

    Can we just appreciate Dave Sardine and his trumpet!

  5. Nobody

    *slowly Macarenas to this song*

  6. Tim Byles

    Anybody here from "one punch killer"???? Superb track. I worked in entertainment as a sound engineer for 25 years and can't believe I never found these.

  7. Krampus

    They are all so adorable I cannot even fathom it

  8. Daniel Buenrostro

    I feel it

  9. Marcus Godfrey

    Great song, Love how he says "Baboon" at 2:18

  10. paul wonderley

    If I could like it twice I would boss song

  11. icec man

    went to blissfields festival and saw this band it was brilliant!

  12. christina sk

    I don't want to get older either :/ LOOOOOOL nice tune thanks :D

  13. ChrisViral Vlogs

    Such a gem

  14. Gabriel Baker

    Don't know why, but this song speaks to my journey as a rape survivor.


    God bless you my friend💪

  15. Joint Juian

    I love your music so much but i dont really like your music videos

  16. stregesti

    Just pure love <3

  17. John Tate

    Like water in a desert. I was a little despairing over the current state of music when I heard these guys at Lost Village. I agree with the people saying they should be more famous; and I don't think it's somethat that should be impossible. There were the days of The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie - individuals and bands who were successful being original as well as populist. But commercialism really has drowned that out a lot more recently. You have to dig a lot harder to find the gold. The rush is over - at least for now. But this is still hope.

  18. Juan Bautista

    Es una excelente cancion lastima que no sea popular, el mundo se lo pierde

  19. Jordanna Elise

    I love this so much

  20. Kosuke Kosuke


  21. TeiubescDM

    Why is that no popular huh

  22. Lauren Thompson

    ultimate nostalgia song

  23. SpookyNooky

    That industrial look... if Rammstein would make pop, it would look like this.

  24. Matheus Albano

    Is this video influenced by Zulawski's On the Silver Globe or is it just a strange coincidence?

  25. Christian Le Surf - Music

    0:45 Jonathan's face makes me smile every time!

  26. GlitchedManatee

    Ahhh, this is so timeless. After these years it still holds its original glory! Everything Everything is such a brilliant handbag and I'm enjoying the new album as I did all the way from 2010. I regret nothing. I'd like to thank my dad for listening to this band when I was a lil' kid
    I always giggle when I see the mask a the beginning. The guitar go thurougly lobbed though.

  27. Yukich

    The song of the millenium and the next 7 millenniums.

  28. Laurynas Stankevicius

    are they filmed with IR camera?

  29. Yan Rodrigues

    meu dues do céu que bagunça é essa

  30. Lajos Winkler

    The moment I saw those freckles I knew this was made in UV and then tinted with false color. However, I don't see where near infrared was used, as it's claimed in various interviews.
    Could this be the first music video ever to be shot in UV?

  31. Sienna 420

    Underrated doesn't even begin to cover it. Raw talent, as ever, largely unrecognised.

  32. Artyom LaBeau

    @maybpl neither does your grammer.

  33. Artyom LaBeau

    @LaciesCosmoJourney just missing the see through hat lol

  34. Justin Fimmel

    Might be a slight nod to Battles with Michael's raised crash cymbal. They need to do a tour together :(

  35. int

    wow mars looks great

  36. 無知な

    I'm getting older >:(

  37. mart hayles

    If this song was an hour long it would be too short x

  38. breakspearo

    Amazing, I'm annoyed this band isn't more popular. They are great live as well.

  39. LaciesLife

    the main singer looks like a blonde version of the bad guy from fifty element.

  40. Audi Yordana

    this song is not belong to our planet

  41. john reed

    Ridiculously brilliant to state the bleeding obvious.So lucky to have got tickets to see these guys at the eEscue Rooms in a couple of weeks.Can't wait!

  42. Cecilia Ballon Ficher

    All we are

  43. Juliet Steed

    Feeling down on my birthday now :(

  44. kayleigh mangnall

    shit is radical mutha fukass <3

  45. Arif Anuar

    pretty sure the high cymbals is a Battles tribute? haahahaha

  46. Andy S

    This chorus is one of the catchiest things ever I swear. I can't get enough of it

  47. Matthew S

    What style of music would this be considered as?

    Matthew S

    I love the style but what is the style called

  48. Roddy Martin

    these guys need to get noticed #underrated

  49. Yolotl

    this video and song remind me a lot of the video and song "ambling alo by yesayer"

  50. Plutraq

    favourite track in the album yo

  51. GameplayReviewUK

    For once McDonald's radio has introduced me to a good song :D

  52. Widmouno

    I heard those guys today on tv. I guess torturing myself with listening to 99.99% of shit music that is being played on tv because you have a small hope to hear something good is actally worth it

  53. Jupiter-8

    Moderately talented IMO but they tried their hearts out.

  54. dogfriend

    the music sounds like Alphaville - Big in Japan

  55. Dustin Clark

    I don't understand very many if their lyrics

    Sonaire Sadik

    Dustin Clark they are very clever in the messages they are putting across in their songs, they disguise it by making the lyrics more comical but if you understand the message you'll get every word

    Cole is Furry Trash


  56. Helios

    dank memes brought me here lol. This band is awesome!


    Steve Clarence I can't remember.


    I officially love dank memes a lot more cause they brought me to this band.

    Diogo Paiva

    Helios but...how?

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Helios I think it's one meme that goes like spring, summer, winter, FUCK


    cant find it

  57. Ross Lewis

    I wish someone could tab out that solo at the end it's so good but too fast more me to even comprehend what's going on or what scale(s) he's using :')

    clive ramsbotty

    sounds lydian maybe

  58. Sloth Munch

    This is the best song evaaaar

  59. Stella Starr

    Thumbs up if 'One Killer Punch' brought you here?

    LB 10

    Stella Maria fuck off

  60. Billerin

    3:16 Totally hate this bit, so bad

    Stephen Wilkerson

    i see what you did there

  61. tostare

    When they play live this must feel like a bit of a holiday for them compared to the likes of "Schoolin"


    tostare boor they play both seemingly perfectly from what I seen.

  62. Temporal Tom

    These lads have a cadence that agrees with ma ears.

  63. Artur Sikora

    nice song !!! 😁 pozdrowienia z Polski

  64. Liam Gallagher

    There should be an easter egg in Fallout 4 where you just see these guys jamming in the crater of the nuke.

    Calvin Davies

    Haha that should defo be a thing 😂


    Liam Gallagher maybe somebody can make a mod for it.

  65. 최세희

    COME TO KOREA, PLZ. Want you to know you have huge fans here!

  66. Le big mac

    awesome song. plus it has word "baboon" in it.

  67. Aria Gonzalez

    I love this guys crazy voice, ie does it for me

  68. TheKaizoku19

    how hasn't this got over 1million views yet?!!? :(

  69. Sean Stott

    Anyone got chords/tab for this?

  70. Harrison Carmichael

    Trumpet dude at the beginning scares the crap out of me every time

    H Nwanety

    hahaha, Dave Sardine😂

    pizza time

    good ol dave sardine!

  71. T I H

    Why are these guys so underrated they're talented as hell

  72. Shhtteeve

    you are a theif, and a murder-er too, stole the face that you wear, from a craven bab-oon.

  73. Snehal Baghel

    they even nailed the video

  74. Ben Upton

    Great live performers and this song sounded truly outstanding in a field in the middle of nowhere. What a gig

  75. Roger Moore

    SO GOOD.

  76. Phi Alencar

    Everything Everything = an existentialist Klaus Nomi who listened too much to XTC

  77. adwach2012

    Stupid but fun :)

  78. Eugene Hütz


  79. Oletun Builds

    Great work boys!

  80. M-Theory X

    this just gets me going on a bad day. love it

  81. MazPro

    This is one of those songs, where despite it's repetitiveness, you never want it to stop. The abrupt ending always leaves me wanting for more. Honestly, this song is 10/10

    Philippa Lodge

    A solid 5/7

    Calvin Davies

    More like 33 out of 11

    Chris Anderson

    You might like the infinite jukebox: http://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html


    Don't you love it when proggy-art rocksters do a "Pop" song and it's an amazing pop song. It's like they're saying "We could be top of the charts if we wanted, but that would be boring".

    Tom Armour

    Mitch Cumstein your mama 6/10 in bed you muppet , stop hating on something you keyboard warrior

  82. Teia Ziegelman

    Ok but like can we please just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Jonathan's eyes are oML

  83. James Saunders

    love this song so good mad video great :-)

  84. inna innainna

    By the way what kind of jackets in the style of Star Wars were put to you? :) #z_tour2016 #Краснодар

  85. inna innainna

    I was shocked by your performance in Krasnodar! stunning clean sound ! Respect, guys, from Russia! #Z_tour2016

  86. Burak

    What a song..

    You are a thief and a murderer too
    Stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
    Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
    And you did it before and you'll do it again

  87. Toxic Willow

    reminds me of rammstien

    Callum Laugharne

    Lauren Thew haha good one

  88. lavamonsta86

    Anyone feel like all their videos take place in the same apocalyptic universe??

    Regret showed suicidal cults, maybe foreseeing the end?
    'Cough, Cough' had hints of excess and mass oil consumption, something that would lead to war,
    'My Kz, Ur BF' showed the end of the world through nuclear war,
    'Duet' was set in an ash filled nothingness,
    This video has the same vibe. nothing but ash and heat left.
    'Don't Try' is set in some sort of afterlife, hence the depictions of hell.
    and 'Distant Past' is set in the far, far future.

    I love that their lyrics have this dystopian, apocalyptic, sci-fi imagery.

  89. iKirsty

    fuck am i glad to have found these little musical beauties!!!!!!!!!111

  90. vivievividver o


  91. qmhiggsyful

    Checked out these guys on Deezer as they're playing a fest i'm going to, assumed this song was way bigger than >500k views. What a tune

  92. Max C

    who else come here because of my mtv:kodaline😂by the way AWESOME SONG

  93. magiccoupons

    Meh video, great song

  94. Enrique Luiz

    One of my favs!

  95. Swampie

    "A leper cant change it's spots" said this about myself before I heard this song when I developed guttate psoriasis....

  96. Milo Kuhnen

    its an very good song

    J D

    I endorse this

  97. WannaBuyAGate

    god damn Jonathan Higgs' voice is just dripping with personality. I love it

  98. Paula Ximena

    I love them ♡♡♡

  99. christine bahy

    I like their songs yeah come on everything/everything