Everything Everything - New Deep Lyrics

Is there something wrong with all of this?
Or is there something wrong with me?

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Everything Everything New Deep Comments
  1. Alex Coleston-Shields

    For me when I listen to this song I imagine a soldier in the first world war, in the midst of battle suddenly realising the pointlessness of it all, while around him the horrors of hand to hand combat, almost in slow motion. While shellfire land all around him. You can hear this in the sound effects at the start and the end of the music with distant explosions and shouts of injured men.

  2. EndMendFriend

    This has almost the exact same atmosphere as going home at night after a breakup- even all of the sound effects really capture it

    Mass Confusion

    I 100% feel you x

  3. Jean Luc

    They should have ended the album with this track. It’s simply beautiful.

  4. Messofanego

    There's something very foreboding and classical about this, probably my favourite song from the album.

  5. Mass Confusion

    This has to be the most underrated song they've ever made. The unique atmosphere of serenity, melancholy and acceptance is unparalleled, and it has great beauty in its simplicity.