Everything Everything - I Believe It Now Lyrics

Is this the place where all our hopes and dreams are piled and burnt?
Into the waterslide, into the flames I'm light
But they're watching us lift off as the chasms open up
It took me a century, but I'm starting with tonight

I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)

The veins of earth's the bane of us, a blur beneath me now
I take your hand in mine, you're just a ball of fire
You're the animal for me, you're the animal for me
A blade through the atmosphere and we leave it here tonight

I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)

You're the animal for me
You're the animal for me

I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)

I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eeeee)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)
I believe it now! (eyyyyy)

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Everything Everything I Believe It Now Comments
  1. - s c a r c e -

    just the right amount of eeee and asaa

  2. spiros karavalakis

    A rush of blood to the head will champion from Coldplay drumming vibes on this one .

  3. Neil Dempster

    Another brilliant track by EE! Play it once and you'll have it on repeat all day.

  4. The Winged Phoenix

    I came from everything everything

  5. jacques parpaing

    top music for top matches

  6. Sami R

    Thank you so much I looked a lot for this song

  7. Ashton Knights

    I like I believe it now it's bt sport I do it with my premier league cards my dad is a expert of making cards from normal card and I've got the 2018/19 team cards not match attax but normal write card

  8. John Ewen

    "Thanks for re-joining us at BT Sport Score where I've just had to pull apart Robbie Savage & Chris Sutton." #banter #BTSportScore

  9. Ciaran Hannan

    Bt sport

  10. Spotted XYZ

    What was the old one? I don't remember the song

    Kyle Neave

    Man utd vs watford

  11. The Caretaker

    i will be the one to say "am i the only one not here from BT Sports" even though I am really not

  12. Ryan Evans

    Check out Everything Everything, the music they produce is fantastic! Especially the song desire

    Ster Chess

    Ryan Evans I don't think soo-ooo

  13. Josh Muir

    Just another guy leaving at 'came from BT Sport' comment.

  14. Minh Cuong Nguyen

    BT Sport just ruined the song by putting the female voice, the original version (here) is better.

    Neil Dempster

    Yeah, absolutely man.

  15. koby redhead

    Wtf is with this BT?

  16. Manu Meatens

    Like si estas aquí por el anuncio de movistar plus

  17. Will Rowan

    Joe your a scumbag

    Joe Napoli

    ???? go on

  18. StackyBeats

    How can I prove to my son that football is a mans sport when this song plays every time a match goes to a break?

    Joe Napoli

    You look like 14 man


    It's ironic

  19. Mark

    What a voice from old timer.

  20. Leo Garcia

    I thought Queen sang this?? 🙀

  21. Funkybear

    This is my jam!

  22. Dylan Howarth

    Listened to this as Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-1. Premier League win???

  23. keegan forde

    is there anyone that isn't here from BT Sport? well I got here from BT Sport as well.

    The Perpetual Procrastinator

    keegan forde Just me? Am I the only one, anyone?

    Louie l59

    The Perpetual Procrastinator I think u are

    The Caretaker

    No louie

  24. CarmR1977

    Fantastic - been looking for this!!

  25. Putu Adi Kusuma Yudha

    Which better ? This or Fire by Kasabian ? #EPL

    Dave Topping

    Putu Adi Kusuma Yudha this

  26. Ashadyr

    First heard this at my dentist. Forever making me thinking of my dentist now. xD

    Joe Napoli

    I believe it now...


    BT Sport brought me here. This song is catchy

    Jj Okocha

    DON SILVA yaa been looking for it for ages its unbelievable that ive found it

    Louie l59

    Jj Okocha same

    Liam Smarty

    DON SILVA so true

  28. manuel silva

    Grande Musica.

  29. ashish vipat

    Sounds good only during a football game on BT

    Harry Jones

    ashish vipat especially after a good 3-0 win over chelsea 😉

    ashish vipat

    @Harry Jones Or after a 3-4 win over Arsenal :D. I guess now you know which team I support

    Jj Okocha

    Harry Jones 😂😂😂 oh wait Chelsea 3- 1 aresnal

  30. clive ramsbotty


  31. Elizabeth B

    I love everything everything, I'm so happy I found them. They're so different from anything I've ever heard. The new songs great as well, can't wait until they have a new album out. I'll be waiting!

  32. Evrol Gordon

    BT Sport football brought me here.

  33. Charlie Greenhouse

    BT Sport

    Jj Okocha

    Charlie Greenhouse hell yea

    Niz Kamunhu

    This tune makes me want Kane to come back 😪 COYS

  34. Александр К

    А мне нравится!

  35. Mannie Kabouet

    bt sport

  36. Travelling Kev

    BT sport brought me here 😊

  37. Cosmos Epic

    BT Sport!

    Jj Okocha

    Cosmos Epic yupp

  38. Stewart Selkirk

    I love it! Howway the lads! ;-)

  39. FranLesPaul

    needs more EE EE EEEE EE EEEEEE

  40. Khal Drogo

    BT Sport anyone

    Abdul-Hamid Mohammed

    was searching for this.....BT Sport :)


    I looking for this for ages and then I googled it and found that it was this it as such a sick song for BT Sport to be using on there EPL Matches

    Spotted XYZ

    Me, can you help me find the old one?

  41. Conor O Driscoll

    bt sport

  42. Epic games

    Absolutely outstanding 👍

  43. Matthew Leitch

    I feel the next album is going to be a bridge between Man Alive and Get To Heaven. Not as aggressive as GTH but that energy they put into Man Alive really feels like it's back in this song.

    Kat Jasper

    Or an 'Arc' :P

  44. Matthew Walker

    so Good

  45. Fraser

    Not their most creative but damn it tops a lot of their songs! And I love their songs! :D



  46. Antoine Ghioni

    Shit's been on repeat for 2 days, and I'm not even close to getting tired of it. Fucking awesome.

  47. FawltyStudios

    So glad to be hearing more Everything Everything! Great song; thanks for the upload.

  48. slipknotzxt

    How does this have so few views?

    Joe Napoli

    No idea mate. I think its banned in some countries for whatever reason.

  49. Sam Sneed

    Damn this is sick

  50. Mandy Spencer

    Thanks! Awesome x

    Joe Napoli

    you're welcome:)

  51. novababy

    aaaaaaaaaaahh!! thank you!

    Joe Napoli

    you are welcome!


    @Joe Napoli it's blocked in the U.S. now, damn. still, I can't wait for more new EE!

    Joe Napoli

    yeah, no idea why it is in USA but not other places. Oh well.

    Patrick Kilduff

    Haha move to England then

  52. Dom Cowley

    Thanks for uploading!!!