Everything But The Girl - Walking To You Lyrics

I met your boyfriend on St. Martin's Lane
and he said, "Fancy running into you again".
We talked a minute or so, then he turned to go,
and I walked into the crowd again.

And the morning was a different place,
in every passerby I saw your face.
Love leaves a lonely ghost,
with one thought uppermost
- is this the case in every case?

Am I walking to you?
Am I walking to you?
In everything I do,
am I just walking to you?

It was seven years ago to the day,
you rang my house and we met halfway.
We walked round Leicester Square and
sat through 'Being There' and every moment of it I replay.

And I was desperate for love to be pure,
though what that meant, I never was sure.
You spent your time on me,
I took it willingly,
and I made you trust in literature.

Am I walking to you?
Am I walking to you?
In everything I do,
am I just walking to you?
I just don't know what to do.

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Everything But The Girl Walking To You Comments
  1. Edward Perez

    A true love song.

  2. Tatts Kink

    Just adore bens voice so much

  3. Authentic Gay Blog

    How can there be two dislikes. I have just found this song on my ipod! I love EBTG I don't think they have done a song I haven't liked.

    Rolling Houses UK

    Jakeb Arturio Braden meh some people just don't get it I guess.

  4. mayerbee

    Love It!

  5. tarakanob

    Although Missing got all the heat, this is the song that I like best from Amplified Heart. So simple, so beautiful, so moving.

    Tatts Kink

    tarakanob it's a beautiful song they did so many though

  6. gunkittie

    I love this song.

  7. Tony Bartlett

    I saw EBTG perform this live, having never previously heard it. It was before Amplified Heart was released. Loved it then and love it still. There are very few perfect things in this world but Tracey Thorn's voice is undoubtedly one of them. This song, Straight Back To You, Downtown Train - songs that I will never become bored of hearing.

  8. airdriver


  9. pulp420

    this song is the best song on the album