Everything But The Girl - Me And Bobby D Lyrics

Me and Bobby D don't get along that easily.
You told the world, "Be free, love life".
Tell me, is it true you beat your wife?
You see, me and Bobby D don't get along that easily.
You told the world, "Skip rules fave fun".
Knocked her from here to kingdom come?
How many girls have you had today?
And how many bottles have you downed today?
And while you're on the skids, who's minding the kids?

Go to sleep Bobby D, here's a kiss,
don't worry your pretty head about this.

Me and Saint Jack K never had too much to say.
It's easy driving with your feet,
with some good ol' girl in the passenger seat
watching the road all day,
"Oh honey, what funny things you do say."
But while you're out of your head
who's making the bed?

Go to sleep Bobby D, here's a kiss,
don't worry your pretty head about this.
Go to sleep Saint Jack K,
don't worry your tiny head today

Me and old Bobby D don't get along that famously
A saviour and a seer? Maybe,
but he never meant that much to me.
Sure, I'd love a wild life,
but every wild man needs a mother or wife.
The seven seas you roam
and who's waiting at home?

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Everything But The Girl Me And Bobby D Comments
  1. lepoetress

    Got hip to them via "Driving" and bought the CD and this CD was fire!! Love their vocals and arrangement

  2. P F

    I just heard EBTG's "My Baby Don't Love Me" for the first time on a Pandora EBTG station, and was immediately struck by how much it sounded like this song, "Me and Bobby D."

    Not just because there is a notable sax presence but in overall upbeat bouncy clipped beat and musical phrasing.

    I see that it is also on the same "The Language of Life" album. I've never heard the entire album so to someone familiar with it, were these two songs supposed to be sort of musical "bookends," telling two related stories and thus the similar musical styles?

  3. Daniel Johnston

    I've heard and read that this tune was about the Kennedys? "Sure I love the wild life but every wild man needs a mother or a wife", so true.

    Randy Stewart

    The reference to "Saint Jack K"? About the Kennedy's. Who's Bobby D?

    Spencer Rakoczy

    Daniel Johnston I assumed it was about Bob Dylan! I’ve actually been looking through the comments hoping someone would know and post.

  4. aramanth

    🎹 Love this album! So underrated...

  5. cinema king

    I love this band and the type of genre they sing sophisti-pop better then all that other b.s. type of pop music cuz its for smart people

  6. Pete Santos

    Great song but sad as well. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, it's a song about an abusive relationship. Really sad.

  7. David Maholchic

    Everything but the girl gave us the best horns

  8. David Maholchic

    Fine 🍷

  9. Daniel Johnston

    This duo came along in my life at just the right moment! I saved my marriage and this CD is my wife's and my go to tunes! Thanks EBTG!

  10. Charlie Wild Fire

    No matter your music taste one of the most underated cd cassette album or whatever .

  11. James Edward

    Kinda sad tune but she and he bring it to life. Love the emotion in her voice. One of my favorite albums of all time.

  12. 4862cjc

    I first heard this song years ago on 105.9 WJZR FM in Rochester, New York. Been in love ever since!

  13. Ken Nickels

    When I hear this song New Jersey opens up like a panorama in my head and I remember everything.

    Mo Vetta

    Me too!

  14. Michael Mike 1965

    I love every song from The Language of Life and this song reminds me of my sister's husband.

    Chris Bowshier

    Every song is great!

    Randy Stewart

    Wife beater, eh?

  15. fran williams

    i like this song

  16. fran williams

    realy go good song

  17. Andrew Mitchell

    A long lost album. I originally bought on cassette! It didn't last...must buy on CD

  18. Space Is the place

    David Sandborn on Alto Sax. Nice!

  19. Belinda R

    Special place in my heart for Everything But The Girl!!

  20. Viliame Niumataiwalu

    Thank EBTG for beautiful music, classic album, "The Language of Life" one of my favourites