Everything But The Girl - Fascination Lyrics

I won't try to stop you
When you speak of the past
Doubt is over now
And I can join in when you laugh
Fascination makes us ask for more
Than we'd like to know
I needn't explain
I think you know

Reassure me when my hearts
Not bold enough to bear her name
If you were in my shoes
And scared I would do the same
And though I may ask
There's no need for past details
Although I may laugh alone
My courage fails
Did you know

See how I've changed now
My heads so clear
Still there are some things
That I don't want to hear
There must be so much I know
That you cannot forget
And I mustn't wish your life began
The day we met

They say as we go remind you
Of when you were here before
So you talk and tell me
You don't think about it anymore
There is something I know
Hasn't quite been left behind
So I'll ask you once again
To prove that I don't mind
To prove that I don't mind

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Everything But The Girl Fascination Comments
  1. JR T

    This does not sound like Tracey Thorn?
    Here is the better version

  2. Michael Higgins

    This song and Tracey's singing with The Style Council on the song The Paris Match are my two favorites. EBTG was truly an underrated band.

  3. Paul Heptinstall

    No doubt, simply the best EBTG track they ever recorded. Eden is a beautiful album and will always be part of my life.

  4. Georgia Rose

    This is one of my most favorite songs in the whole world. Her voice is so perfect.

  5. Hugh Mann

    "I mustn't wish you life began the day we met" <-- this is real love.

  6. Keya Sommerville

    such a sad song ;-(

  7. Arthur Decker

    I could listen to this song a hundred times in a day.

  8. Eustachio Venezia

    god only knows what "eden" would be without this song

  9. Peter Stubbs

    one my all-time favourites probably most underrated band of the 80s

    Tatts Kink

    Peter Stubbs that they are and of the 1990s too

  10. Bruno Santos

    Eden is a little jewel, I love that record.

  11. Jason R.

    The acoustic is much better...

  12. Jorg Smits'

    Perfect, in music and lyrics