Every Time I Die - Your Touch Versus Death Lyrics

eyes of celibates burning images worn down rotted lies lips dried peeling
eyes separate our lives dead underneath your skin this blood's not mine you
fucking whore you don't deserve my Gods you're a deified angel you leave me
sickened in prayer it's the residing disease in me that sheds it's halos for
whores it leaves my wrists cut with jaded tongues your eyes freeze my fire
of innocence whores addictions souls salvation I said it I'm so tired so
saddened I'm no coward please bury me they broke my wings in an attempt to
divide a sickness from comfort of open wounds wide eyed I died

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Every Time I Die Your Touch Versus Death Comments
  1. Joseph Connolly

    on broken wings ripped this shit off.

  2. Fake Piety

    What is that sample in the beginning?