Every Time I Die - Revival Mode Lyrics

Thanks lord, but I don't need anymore poor advice, poor advice.

I caught in the cannon with a one way ticket.
Four riders in a town with one horse.
I wagered a sure thing,
Against what was behind the first door.
Stack the chips, ready to ride.
Out of sight, out of mind.
It's fool-proof and it won't do,
To make safe bets while I'm towing the line.

Thanks lord, but I don't need anymore poor advice, poor advice.

I had a lock on a dirty little secret,
A raging bull who was fixed to fall down.
I've been waiting at ringside my whole life but still swinging on.

I got debts piling high.
I got addictions and ex-wives
But I've stayed true, so I thank you
For bearing witness while I waste my fucking life.

I'm ready to pay the judge, to pay the judge, to pay the judge now
I need to tip the scales, some sort of bribery, I'm not waiting this out.
I'm ready to pay the judge, to pay the judge, to pay the judge.
I need to grease a palm, some sort of certainty, I'm sick of waiting this out.

I should have learned a more noble craft,
Out of the library into the lab.
And "Will the machine gunner please step forth?"
There's only room on the rescue boat,
For butchers and bakers and men with hope.
And And will machine gunners please step forth?
Will machine gunners please step forth.

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Every Time I Die Revival Mode Comments
  1. Shane Palmquist

    172 people who downed this, please get your heads examined!

  2. SpaceFiend Yandere


  3. Kody Rice

    667th comment. Ruined everything with this one.

  4. A B

    Underrated ETID single!!

  5. Daniel Curl

    Came to check out the song, stayed to see what happens in the video.

  6. Ryan Caruso

    Pregnant Whale Pain did the best cover of this song

  7. Michael C

    Anyone know why the official video for We'rewolf seems to have been removed from the internet?


    I'm guessing it had some copyright infringement with the movie references

  8. Shawn Baron

    Why does this not have more views? I've been playing this on repeat for like the last 6 years.

  9. josh debney

    such a genius opening riff, damn

  10. Michæl Cax

    Sealers wheel "stuck in the middle with you" used to be the song i'd get down to business with until I heard this.

  11. Stefan Poyet

    My beard just grew bigger and punched me in the face during this song..


    Epitaph seems recently to understand the importance of keith's lyrical genius and puts the lyrics in the description. funny to me the newer songs from "from parts unknown" "ex-lives", most have them.

  13. blakerwalk

    Just discovered this band today. Holy fuck. I've wasted the first 30 years of my life.

    Zach Rollins

    Dude!! You gotta get with the program (with all due respect). You have so much to catch up on!! Every album is a 10.

    Jacob Boone

    seriously one of the bands ever

  14. J.W. Begor

    I feel like this song was written about my life.

  15. Jack Jackson

    Favorite ETID video. Super creepy. I love all of their videos (especially "It Remembers") but this one is definitely my favorite.

  16. bane banely

    REady to pay the judge. I need to tip the scales. Some sort of bribery. Im not waiting this out
    I need to pay the judge. I need to grease a palm. Some sort of certainty. Im sick of waiting this out.

  17. Flying Medusa

    These lyrics are Keith's best by far! The "...I got debts piling piling high
    I got addictions, ex-wives
    So I stayed true
    And I thank you
    For bearing witness while I waste my fucking life!!"

  18. Matthew Dietz

    Machine Gunners? Machine gunners please step forward.

  19. Cotton Hill

    I thank you, for bearing witness while I waste my fucking life!!


    no problem mate

  20. concrete_through_a_straw

    Oh Andy, you sick fuck

  21. toolhog10

    this song is seriously kick fuckin ass

  22. Kevin Baker

    This band is just bad ass no other way to put it... They Fucking Rock... Keith Buckley is a GOD.

  23. McSpiderMan

    Such a sick song

  24. Carlos Meneses

    thanx lord...

  25. E Chap

    My non erect penis brought me here. It is now erect and satisfied.


    +Agent 00Awesome Pics or GTFO.

    Jeff Hawkins

    yaasss hard penises all around


    it must be in REVIVAL MODE


    +randyrandyyrandyyy here is the internet you won it.

    Katie K


  26. Алёна Демидовская

    gay music//// where is hardcore? damn i am tired of modern fucking idiotic post hardcore. shame on ETID


    what are you scared of good music?

    Salvatore Scarcella

    doesn't need to be hardcore to be just as good

  27. Stitch Lilo


  28. Samuel Jones

    John Christ brought me here. If you don't know who that is, listen to the first 4 Danzig albums and the last Samhain album. If you're into metal I promise you won't be disappointed.

  29. Tony Li

    Хай живуть у кожний хати хеви метал и патлати

  30. Dylan Furrow

    Just saw them and crowd surfed yesterday!!

  31. Jordan s

    hey check out my etid guitar covers you won't be let down


    No. You use too many spaces.

  32. Ryder Or Riot

    Clint margera bought me here

  33. Cory Ratliff

    Some of the best shit ever!!

  34. Jack Jackson

    My god does this song grow on you.

    Troy Wicker

    like a fungus

    James Mcdriguez

    yes it does, just heard it today and already played it 50 times

    Joseph Bastidas

    Jack Jackson That riff/chorus is just so addictive

  35. Lulú Bleu

    aaaaaaa como megusta esta banda lloro

    Jafet Violante

    Una fan hispana :0 <3

    Lulú Bleu

    Jafet Violante n_n

    Jafet Violante

    ¿De dónde eres?

    Lulú Bleu

    Jafet Violante Buenos Aires n_n


    Damn Mexicans...

    Es una broma 🙃.

  36. Mike Ray

    John Christ , (ex-Danzig ), laying down a killer guitar riff.

    Smitty of Augmented

    +Mike Ray  lmao. I was watching Mr. William's tutorial on this song and he says the same thing

  37. Mike Ray

    John Christ , (ex-Danzig ), laying down a killer guitar riff.


    +Mike Ray lmao. I was watching Mr. William's tutorial on this song and he says the same thing

  38. Smitty of Augmented

    I would refuse payment at a venue to cover this song.
    I'm also crazy, so take that however you will.

  39. Warrior Tha Witt

    Wow....2013/2014 warped tours were fucking amazing. This band, Terror/Stick to Your Guns are the best hardcore bands

  40. Frank Brazil

    the jam

  41. Sterling20073

    Heard this at a venue the other day, sik tune

  42. nathan's channel

    800 comment

  43. Tim Barham

    I really wish they would play this song live. I have seen them 4 times since this came out, and have yet to hear it. Oh well. All ETID is magicsauce. 

    Chris Rowlands

    +Tim Barham They played it for the first time last year at the Christmas Show 2.0 in Buffalo! It was fuckin intense. Look it up on the You tubes

  44. Courtney Johnson


  45. Faith Iyahen

    Its been so long

  46. Th3Gr3mlinz

    the opening guitar riff makes me want to hump everything. 


    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.

  47. Carl Simon

    I wish more bands would have such a unique sound and such an outstanding vocalist like ETID. Bands like this are hard to find. I highly recommend you to check out Pregnant Whale Pain, they just released their debut album, and it's original and heavy too, and their vocalist is insanely good. Check out their "Album Preview 30 Second Samples" video, that should give you an idea of what they sound like, see if you like it.


    Checked out Pregnant Whale Pain, and they're amazing! Really nice riffs, and the singer's vocal range is mindblowing. I streamed their entire album on youtube, and it's very versatile, which is a great (but sadly rare) thing. Thanks for sharing man, bands like this are hard to find!

    Cody Schubert

    This shit wouldn't be unique and the best if everyone else was outstanding. Praise bands like ETID for not being the norm.


    They actually have a ETID cover, a cover of this song :/

  48. Hauntsy Wauntsy

    Very "Karma Police"-esque.

  49. Siobhan Sprouse

    No matter how many times I hear this song, the fucking ending verse still fucking gets me. There's only room on this rescue boat for butchers and bakers and men with hope.

    Holy fuckin shit.

  50. Richard Franks

    How does this not have more views?!


    "cause most people listen to SHIT !!

    Smitty of Augmented

    @Richard Franks
    Because my fucking friends on facebook don't click my goddamn links, the FGTS. HAHAHAHA

  51. Mv llori

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  52. Χάρης Μπαρούνης

    This should be the soundtrack of breaking bad.I'm just sayin'

  53. Jay Decay

    Came here to hear John Christ's guest guitar work, and they screamed during the whole solo... :/

  54. Ub3rGoob3r

    I wasn't crazy about this album when it first came out, but over the couple years it's been out, I have really come around to loving this album as much as Gutter or Big Dirty.

    Joseph R

    I find most of my timeless and favorite albums are the ones that don't "stick out" immediately. It takes a few listens and some time to understand the album and they become a timeless favorite. It has happened to me with every ETID album. Even if it doesn't catch me the first play through, I listen a few times and next thing I know I got a vinyl and ticket to the next show coming.

  55. Matthew Keller

    this and partying is such sweet sorrow are the best songs on the album by far

    A B

    I love Underwater Bimbos and I Suck Blood as well. The whole album is very solid

  56. Chase Gifford

    Such a bad ass song. Love ETID!

  57. nathan's channel

    yes...clean up my ex:s blood lets go party..WTF..theres a fucking guy in a wheel chair ill push him into town
    what...the...fuck..just happen


    does that look like one of their ex's in the trunk?

  58. CathartikRequiem

    @Ian Svoboda Nah.

  59. CathartikRequiem

    @AllenBleeds what?

  60. AllenBleeds

    i agree, im just looking for new bands to listen too, i love the vocals and the sound, but the way its played is so dry and boring. i can only listen to their songs for 40 seconds or less.

  61. stall2dude911

    why does everyone have to listen to what you do?

  62. Sean Linkoln

    Not a bad Troll, I'll give you an seven out of ten, just so you have room to improve.

  63. Andrew Shideler

    Everytime I Die, all I see is women.

  64. Terrence LeBeau

    Don't worry man, this is probably one of the only "soft" ETID songs. This albums fucking schizophrenic, it's all over the place, yet organized. Kinda like The Dillinger Escape Plan's way of controlled chaos, same type of thing. This album is fucking amazing, it's better than New Junk Aesthetic in my opinion. Try Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space, Partying is Such a Sweet Sorrow, and Drag King.

  65. 3mag5num7

    A) There's nothing wrong with a garage band's intensity. B) They're lyrics are fucking incredible. Songs about esoteric depression, the nature of art, and tongue-in-cheek drinking anthems are all written with equal aplomb and skill. C) The instrumentation combines elements of mathcore with southern rock, garage rock, and hardcore punk. D) Their every song is intense.

    Those are the major reasons that I personally like them.

  66. myboybovice

    the only two i like are i suck blood and drag king. all my friends go nuts over floater but i didnt really like it.

    Kevin Mojica

    Floater is from another album, my boy.

  67. neilpeartrocks2112

    they just combine a lot of styles and are just a fun band. their older stuff is worth checking out though, its way different than this.

  68. myboybovice

    im aware, i went to the concert. no doubt people will throw down to them im just saying i can't really find the reason people like them. they sound like a glorified garage band in half their songs.

  69. neilpeartrocks2112

    yeah check out the whole album, its wack shit dont you worry

  70. neilpeartrocks2112

    people fuck shit up to this band. they have to be good and you just cant see it.

  71. B Mathers

    what goes around comes around

  72. tankerbrigade

    Do we listen Fujigen guitars here?

  73. Bobak Rafiee

    Can somone explain this music video please ? hahaha

  74. Brad Hardcastle

    This song is awesome! I don't care what anyone says. Ex Lives is an awesome album. ETID never gets old.

  75. dsid1127

    You should try listening to the rest of the album instead of commenting based on one song. Every other song is pretty much what you describe.

  76. Cessate

    God forbid bands evolve and create music that they're into nowadays; instead of making the same album 4 times in a row....

    The "new" ETID has some elements from Dillinger Escape Plan woven into these new tunes; which is absolutely great. To claim it is anything but, is ridiculous.

  77. Cessate

    They took that off the menu years ago, sorry.

  78. CathartikRequiem

    said every person about every band in existence. bands evolve. such is life.

  79. MrBeardjoseph

    Fuck you, dude.

  80. SpiraCrew

    they killed a guy who is the same guy as the guy in the wheelchair that's why he dissapeared and appeared in the car he's revived smthing like that and he's evil :P

  81. AtleastImIngoodcmpny

    Getcha some blue sky, maybe some farm land, some cornbread and a case a beer, put this album in a stereo and listen from start to finish, then rinse & repeat with gutter phenom, new junk, and the big dirty and you'll be good to go son.

  82. GrizzL GuTs

    good to see and hear a decent creepy song by them, their talent is expanding. We know they can cut sick like a bull in a china store for 12 or more tracks in a row, now lets enjoy something different but still pure by this non commercial, still slightly underground band.

  83. Roland C

    WTF is this crap! i miss old everytime i die and their fast paced guitar riffs! old school hardcore like gutter phenomenom or hot damn! never gets old. Is not enterily a bad song however, they have changed so much in the past years and they were great just as they were.

  84. ozzynujabezz

    To ETID is an amazing band no matter is its considered hardcore or not

  85. Cessate

    Their first few albums are very Hardcore, sure. But the last decade of their career has definitely been more metal oriented. Again using this song as an example; there is nothing Hardcore about it. Their entire last few albums have been straight metal, with some songs having strong Hardcore influence.

    To claim Revival Mode is a Hardcore song is a blatant lie. To claim Ex Lives is a Hardcore album is a blatant lie. Bands change and mature. They used to be Hardcore, and have now became more Math.

  86. Rosy Aceves

    well wikipedia is in fact for me a bunch of lies =D, i'm sure of what i think, and belive, and i'm not the only one, yeah they do have a math style, just think of it as a southern mathcore punk hahaha, well for me it's hardcore, i don't feel it like metal at all, and the wiki of this guys in fact it is wrong, as i said, in the main page it says that they are hevy metal, and in the albums says that they are hardcore hahahaha, so that thing is shit, anyone can edit it =D

  87. Cessate

    When I think Hardcore, I think of Ceremony, Suicidal Tendencies, Blades, Skitsystem, and hell; I'd go as far to actually claim the pile of shit Hatebreed release is Hardcore. More so than the metal stylings of ETID.

  88. Cessate

    You know what's REALLY funny? Is that Wiki is far more accurate than people assume it is; and the majority who feel like it's just a giant lie are generally those who are too scared to admit that their opinion or views may in fact be wrong, as such.

    They are indeed a Metal band, with large hardcore influence. This song for instance isn't Hardcore by any means; hell, it sounds similar to some of the less "math" songs from Dillinger Escape Plan.

  89. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    ty wikipedia
    hahahahaa you know what's the problem here that you go to the page of their albums and it is said that they are a hardcore band, fucking funny isn't it? hahaha, wikipedia sucks mate sorry, and they are not a metal band, they don't sound like metal, sorry

  90. Cessate

    "Every Time I Die is a metal band from Buffalo, New York, formed in 1998. Their musical style is rooted in technical hardcore with strong southern metal and mathcore elements, and is also characterised by their cryptic, bitingly sarcastic lyrics."

  91. Death Rattle138

    Dude, I see your point, but he's almost good enough to do it. You don't just go to that midget lady vocal coach for no good reason.

  92. Mattius Fincham

    You don't sing over a John Christ solo, WTF?!

  93. Rosy Aceves

    cause this is hardcore hahahaha

  94. Sid TheFilthyBastard

    yeah the problme here is that this isn't metal hahahaha

  95. TronPaul2012

    Buckley's probably my favorite lyricist in metal right now.

  96. Alex Angley

    So there headlining the all stars tour this year....

  97. Brittany Allen

    ran across this when i was looking at FIR, this is actully really really good

  98. myboybovice

    i went for the other 4 that were playing.